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10 cacti species that impress you

Cacti species – 10 of the most attractive cacti species in the eye-catching

Are you impressed by the special beauty of cacti? These make the home appear very individual by setting a striking accent in the room. But have you ever thought about how many types of cactus there are? Here’s the answer: a lot!

Cactus species – A variety of home decorating ideas

cactus species plant flat decorate

Not everyone has a green thumb, but everyone appreciates the beauty of the plants. If you count among these people, consider cacti as a fitting room decoration. The cactus plants are some of the most interesting plant species. Living room, balcony and terrace get a fresh flair through the use of cacti.

But what we really like is that you can choose from a variety of cactus species in your room decoration.

Cactus species for every taste as eye-catching room decoration

succulent species cacti opuntia

The ball cactus looks extraordinary

succulent species Echinocactus fancy color

Have you ever suspected that cacti can look like this?

succulents species indoor plants ideas

Some of the most attractive cactus species are the following:

Bishop’s Hat (Astrophytum)

Robustness and beauty in one

cactus species Astrophytum flowerpot flowering

Cacti always catch the eye

cactus species Astrophytum deco ideas

Dwarf Cereus (Chamaecereus)

Somehow chaotic, right?

cactus species Chamaecereus indoor plants

Something worth knowing for these cacti – The young shoots resemble peanuts at the beginning of their growth

Cactus species Chamaecereus flowering


And that’s supposed to be a cactus ?! Yes, the Christmas cactus!

cactus species Schlumbergera interior design ideas

The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) is also suitable as a hanging flower

cactus species Schlumbergera fancy purple flowers


Rhipsalis in flowerpot – a perfect eyecatcher in the room that makes hanging sprouts

cactus species Rhipsalis plant pot deco

Cacti and succulents are great for the room decoration

cactus species Rhipsalis succulents species


The Parodia blossom has a beautiful look

Cactus species Parodia yellow flower

The stems change from spherical to cylindrical

cactus species Parodia beautiful flower succulent species


Cacti make a fabulous figure in the garden and living room

cactus species Opuntia failed

Wart Cactus (Mammillaria)

The warts cactus is easily recognizable because it forms groups

succulent species Mammillaria cactus

Warts cactus with tiny flowers

succulent species cacti Mammillaria


Cactus with magnificent flowering astonishes everyone

succulent species Hamatocactus beautiful flower

Ball cactus (Echinocactus)

The ball cactus and its hard spines

succulent species Echinocactus plant pot

Silver candle (Cleistocactus)

The silver candle can be seen at once. These are slim, tall cacti

succulent species Cleistocactus beautiful cactus

Garden decoration ideas with cactuses

Succulent species Cleistocactus backyard frame

Even if you think cacti do not need any care, it’s not quite true. But it is much easier to maintain their beauty for a long time. All in all, if you want to shoot off the bird with a fancy decoration, count on cacti! You have to choose from a rich variety, so you can find the right eye-catcher in the room! Some cacti have flowers that are as beautiful as the flowers themselves, others fascinate by a strange appearance. The decision is yours!

The cactuses experience a huge variety of forms

Cactus species Rhipsalis plant pot hanging

Cacti change the exterior

succulent species Echinocactus cacti

Many cacti have beautiful delicate flowers

succulent species Mammillaria fraileana flowers

Suspend cactus

cactus species Rhipsalis pentaptera

Hardly is this cactus differentiated from a flower

cactus species Schlumbergera flowering succulent species

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