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10 shade plants for the darkest corners at home

Shadow plants in the pot

Plants always provide more liveliness. Surely you want to have beautiful potted plants everywhere in the house and not just put them on the windowsill! But you always have to think about lighting conditions. That would not be a problem if you know which plant species needs a minimum amount of sunlight.

Today, we would like to draw your attention to 10 shade plants in the pot, which you can place on your desk, on the bedside tables, on the wall and even in the bathroom.

Arrowroot ( Calathea )

calatea shady plants shady

The Calathea has colorful leaves adorned with colored stripes in pink, white and yellow. This is one of the reasons why this plant is preferred as a complement to the room interior. Too much light can damage their beautiful leaves, so it is good to place the Calathea in a shady spot.

Dragon Tree ( Deacaena )

shade plant indoor plants little light

The tip leaves, which grow upwards, have a red outline. After this, the plant itself was named. Again, as with the Calathea, the light can damage the leaves. Pick a shady spot and find out exactly how to care for the dragon tree.

Bow hemp ( Sansevieria )

hemp indoor plants shady shade plants

These succulent plants with juicy leaves are quite easy to care for. More light can not hurt them, but on the contrary – it promotes growth. But the bow hemp tolerates the darkness. You should only take care when watering, because the roots rot easily when the plant is overhydrated.

The green lily ( Chlorophytum comosum )

schistlile shady plants

The adaptability and the unpretentiousness of this plant makes its maintenance very easy. And that’s why the green lily is also very popular. It multiplies very easily by offspring or also called Kindel, which hang because of their weight to the ground. These are rooted very easily. A great gift idea, do not you think?

Bromeliaceae ( Bromeliaceae )

bromeliapark shady plants shady

Surprise! You certainly did not expect to find tropical plants on this list for shade plants, right? These plants can be grown under fluorescent light and wet conditions. These properties make them the ideal bathroom plants.

The piston thread ( Aglaonema )

sphincter shadow plants indoor plants little light

As this plant is one of the most consistent indoor plants that thrives even in very low sunshine, it is perfect for inexperienced hobby gardeners.

Diffenbachia ( dieffenbachia )

Dieffenbachia shade plants indoor plants little light

The filtered light is the best for this plant. Dense drapes are needed as a barrier between the plant and the sun, especially in summer. Because the plant forms new and delicate leaves and the sun is stronger this season.

A leaf ( Spathiphyllum)

single leaf indoor plants little light

Do you often forget to water your plants? Then the single leaf is just for you. The soil should be completely dry before the next irrigation. So do not worry if you did not water the plant this week.

Shadow plants – Schusterpalme ( Aspidistra)

shoemaker palm shadow plants indoor plants little light

The tough leaves of this plant are very tolerant of low light, heat and cold. But the shoemaker palm is growing rather slowly and you need patience.

Climbing philodendron ( Philodendron hederaceum)

shade plowing plants shady

This plant of the lovers (they were called because of their leaf shape) can grow in an almost dark room. Break the leaves from time to time to keep the plant from becoming too tall.

Have you found your favorite among our 10 shade plants?

Various shade plants for more liveliness in the room

indoor plants ideas potted plants shade plants

The single leaf also has delicate white flowers

indoor plants little light plant ideas

Maidenhair ferns ( adiantum ) as a shadow plant

Female hair ferns Adiantum indoor plants little light

Do you know which plant species needs a minimum amount of sunlight?

plaice shady shady plants

Decorate your house with shade plants

kletterphiloendron indoor plants shady shadow plants

Shadow Plants – Too much light can harm their beautiful leaves

shade plants cloudwort indoor plants little light

The green lily is a preferred houseplant

house plants shady shadow plants shadow plants

Shadow plants – The bow hemp is very easy to care for

indoor plants little light shade plants

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