Garden Decorations

111 gardening pictures and inspiring ideas for your garden

garden design ideas beautiful colorful flowers

111 gardening pictures for your garden

Do you often imagine your dream garden? A fairyland with colored corners and liveliness that offers escape opportunities!!! There you can finally be alone with yourself, relax, and relax. But it can also be the perfect meeting place for friends and family.

At the beginning of every garden, planning is many ideas and dreams. In order for them to be realized, good planning is important before the groundbreaking ceremony.

Make the world richer in colors

beautiful gardening pictures in dubai

Autumn landscape

comfortable sitting area garden furniture wrought iron gardening tree

There are a few important steps that should not be underestimated and which will ensure a satisfactory end result.

1. Planning and Measuring – Have a sketch made! You go with a tape measure in the garden and measures the main routes, so the distance from the corners of the house to the garden boundary. If it is an existing garden, you also enter all the plants and garden elements that you want to keep.

Install vertical garden

planting vertical garden shape evergreen plants

2. Set goals – After the first planning phase comes the most beautiful part: the wish list. What should not be missing in your dream garden? But please, be realistic! That one should not pursue a desire for a garden pond with small gardens, even if later only a mini version or a wall fountain is built. The same applies to luxury elements such as pergola or gazebo. There are Gardening pictures which you will be politely advised, which suits small gardens.

Beds made of lawn and evergreen plants

Design lawn beds in the garden

3. Detailed planning – now is the time to decide on a garden style. If you get a formal garden, you should grab for cut hedges and straight sidewalks. Are you a romantic, prefer to choose rose and perennial beds. A garden should also be practical. Therefore, determine the exact location and size of the garden elements. The material question, from the cobblestones to the garden fence, you should now finally decide.

Framing flowerbed in the garden

flower bed in garden shape lawn

4. Plant selection – that’s the most time-consuming. Before you start with the bed planning, check the lighting conditions. Which areas of the garden are in the sun all day long, which are partially shaded by trees. Then you can choose the plant varieties in your favorite colors.

Flower effect of mosaic

Mosaic flower effect in garden garden furniture

Now you can start. In this article, I have prepared 100 garden design images on this subject, which will show you the many possibilities only partially. If you have imagination, there are still millions of garden design ideas. Make your dreams come true!

Shaping the roof garden

roof garden design ideas planting overcrops

Jacuzzi with brick border

Modern garden design garden ideas landscape trends around

Modern garden design pictures

Modern garden design garden ideas landscape trends installation

Water features in the evergreen garden

DIY garden romantic details

Type garden entrance

inviting courtyard entrance garden design ideas mosaic

Blue-green compilation

colorful gardening blue green colors plant stone pavement

Circular formal garden

formal garden design ideas evergreen plants stone balls

Evergreen French-style garden

French garden with evergreen plants

Beautiful garden ideas for the summer

gardening garden ideas perennials plants flowers lawn

Small ergonomic garden to feel good

gardening curved lines wood garden fence round garden table garden furniture

Design your rest oasis in style

garden ideas gardening lounge pillow designer stool

Garden paradise with a Mediterranean aftertaste

garden ideas lounging pergola wood garden furniture cushions

Southern flair through perennials and gravel

garden ideas gardening perennials stone gravel summer flowers

Cute little elephant figurines for more mood in the garden

garden ideas gardening stones perennials garden plants elephant figurines fountain

Design your garden in Japanese style

garden ideas landscaping flagstones boxwood pond goldfish

Embellish the sturdy stone staircase with delicate flowers

garden ideas garden design stairs stone blocks walkway stone slabs

Vertical gardens save a lot of space and look pretty effective

garden ideas garden landscaping vertical garden diy climbing plants

Plant round boxwood bushes here and there

garden ideas landscaping boxwood shrubs front yard pergola green grass

Original garden gate

garden exterior architecture gate wrought iron

bed of roses

garden decorative design bed with roses

plants vault

garden design exterior plants lanterns

Venetian blinds made of wood

garden design ideas path stone pavement plant beds blinds wood

Pond with stone border

garden design ideas stones pond plant

Extraordinary goal design

garden design ideas gate decorative design plant

Falling Water in the garden

garden design ideas water feature waaser over pebbles

Decorate with purple

Garden design of purple plants over the water

Relax in the flower garden

garden design with warm colors stone flooring garden furniture house

grass elephants

garden design elephant decoration lawn

Under the yellow vault

garden frame yellow flower vault

High plant beds

garden design evergreen plants deco ideas exterior

Decorative mini garden

garden fashion gravel plants house bank

Interior garden with beautiful decoration ideas

garden design miniature variation pebbles lawn decoration

Shadowy arbor

garden design pergola sofa throw pillow fountain

Interesting path

garden shape path concrete slabs and plants

Jacuzzi in the pool

garden design pool hearth plants candles decorating

Small garden with lawn and pebbles

garden design lawn pebbles deco plants house plant

Go over red carpets

garden design red room outdoor arbor red rugs

Round wooden seating area with fire pit

garden shape round seating area wood outdoor fireplace pool

Garden art

gardening pictures deco ideas art flower pot

Stone pavement walkway with lawn on both sides

gardening pictures deco ideas green meadow house plants

garden design deco ideas path mosaic

Stepping stones in the lawn

gardening with pictures design ideas lawn garden furniture

Under the light bulbs

gardening pictures garden furniture wrought iron round table

A fine house with a formal mini garden

gardening pictures house from the fairy tale stone pathway planting

Purple inspiration

gardening pictures purple floral planting

Cozy ambiance with sea view

garden design pictures seascape rattan furniture lanterns

Decorate green and purple

gardening pictures beautiful planting purple

Evergreen plants fit every season

gardening pictures stone pavement grass plants house

Garden design images with contemporary garden decor

gardening pictures contemporary deco ideas in the garden

Stone hearth and sitting area

garden design exterior design ideas stonework hearth

Evergreen eternity

gardening evergreen plants fountain pond

Colored elements decorate the flooring

gardening in Victorian style flooring planting

Illuminated trees

garden design in pictures of illuminated plants

Cactus garden framing

garden design cactus design ideas

Round garden design with a hearth in focus

landscaping round shaped hearth stone pavement throw pillow

garden design ideas hearth dekoideen gravel

Modern garden furniture made of wood

garden design ideas modern garden furniture dining table tree

Romantic atmosphere

garden design ideas pergola lighting garden furniture

Small round meadow

garden design ideas path pebbles meadow plant beds

Rectangular pool

garden design ideas pool concrete slabs parasol

Teich Reich

garden design ideas ponds evergreen plants

Summer garden with sea view

garden design summer house seascape plants


gardening topiari pond evergreen

Wrought iron garden gate

gardening gate wrought iron colorful plants

Decorating ideas in the garden

garden design ideas lawn concrete slabs cat plants sculpture

Built-in fireplace

garden ideas exterior design fireplace flagstones lawn

Water feature decoration in the garden

gardening beautiful decoration plants

stone tree

garden ideas stone wall art tree stones

A small pond in the center of the garden

garden ideas water feature pond plants trees

Garden design pictures from France

Garden in the French style

The pool – garden

garden in pool woodbar bar stool waterfall

Garden design from Taiwan

Garden in Taiwan

Garden walkway made of concrete

garden path from concrete lawn plants house


yellow wave garden design ideas gate lawn

Purple – green mix

green purple garden framing

Italian garden

Italian garden landscape pond colored plants

Romantic bridge

japanese garden design ideas bridge stones plants

The waterfall creates an eternal feeling

Japanese garden style arbor waterfall

Floating stepping stones

funny garden shape tees pond plant beds

House from the fairy tale

fairytale garden design pictures plant cover

From Marokko

moroccan garden design ideas garden furniture

Indoor garden with aquarium

minigames design interior design ideas pond aquarium

Outdoor sitting area

oasis in the garden water features pebbles

Yellow roses

path garden shape stone pavement yellow roses

Colorful peacock

peacock in the garden design ideas flower figures

Plant pots light up

plant rhythm overcrowded stone pavement lighting

Lush planters

Modern plant pots in the garden

A curvy walkway made of concrete

Practical garden walkway made of concrete in figures

Great glass ball

huge glass ball decoration ideas landscaping evergreen plants

Romantic ambiance

romantic ambience in the garden brick decoration exterior garden furniture

Sit under the plants

plant gently and romantically

Vertical garden in Italy

beauty italian garden shape many plants vertical garden

Made of stone and grass

stone flooring garden design design ideas blue bar pool

stone columns

stone pavement columns in the garden exterior design ideas stone plates plants

Tea Time in the garden

tea time in the garden garden furniture wrought iron colorful ceiling stone flooring

Tropical landscape

tropical landscape garden design idea pool

Vertical garden and original armchairs

vertical garden design design ideas garden furniture throw pillow

Water feature in the vertical garden

vertical garden shape water feature

stone decoration

planting waterfall in the garden steinendeko

Contemporary ball decoration

contemporary garden design deco ideas ball

A formal garden with evergreen decoration ideas

Modern garden design garden ideas landscape trends groomed

Outdoor room with pool

room outdoor gardening ideas sofa table decoration ideas

Cozy sitting area with burning fireplace

atmosphere in the garden create hearth stone pavement table throw pillow

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