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12 creative garden ideas with bicycle

The most beautiful garden ideas for small gardens

Be smart as your smartphones and do not throw away old stuff without thinking about it! First, think about it and you may find it reusable for something you no longer need. Such thoughts and projects are sustainable, save money and bring you an unexpected enthusiasm that will allow you to get more creative ideas.

Sustainable and creative garden ideas

Creative garden ideas bicycle lavender

colorful and life affirming

Creative garden ideas for little gardens

For today we have prepared something romantic, which will beautify your garden and enrich your imagination. Surely you have a bike in the shed or in the basement, which does not drive anymore, but it means you are unlikely? Get it out of the dark room quickly and put it in your backyard or patio. So you can fully live out and even improve your special relationship to the bike. And here are our garden ideas for it!

Create future visions

Creative gardening ideas for small gardening bicycle

In harmony with the colors

Creative garden ideas for little gardens. Bicycle. Pink

Colorful and life-affirming is exactly the right decision in the summer. If the bike has lost color over the years, you can spray it easily and quickly with paint. The warm color scale between yellow and violet lends itself well and corresponds perfectly with the flowering plants in the garden.

Get more beauty

Creative gardening ideas for small gardens. Bicycle. Brown

Choose light shades consciously

Creative garden ideas for little gardens. Bicycle. White

Use the bicycle basket, luggage rack, and steering wheel to attach or hang flower pots or lanterns. Of course you are free to create everything else according to your taste and needs. If the bicycle has a fixed place in the garden, you can use it as orientation for your gardening. For example, the bicycle could be the border between the flowers and the vegetable patch or the absolute center of the garden.

Quietly look at the Dutch

Creative gardening ideas for little gardens. Bicycle. Colorful

Set up your little oasis

Creative gardening ideas for small gardens. Bicycle sign

Fastening bicycles to the fence certainly saves space and is one of the garden ideas for small gardens. In this case you should make sure that your bike is well attached to the fence or to the house facade.

sun Salutation

creative gardening ideas for little gardens yellow bicycle

By bike define a special place in the garden

creative gardening ideas for small gardens bicycle wicker baskets

In your garden design, it depends on how important your bike is for you. It could be completely entangled or placed like a valuable sculpture on the garden path. Turn up your imagination and realize your ideas!

An interactive sign for efficient farmers

Creative garden ideas for little gardens

Creative garden ideas bicycle

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