12 home libraries with impeccable style

12 home libraries with impeccable style

Whether you enjoy delving into a new book, or you have the charm of having books near you – with your own library you can find your own private space where you can relax after a long hectic day. The following 12 home libraries not only offer impeccable style, but also embody everything that is supposed to gloss over a library, beautiful and even a bit dreamy.

Neutral elegance

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Neutral shades are great when working with a smaller space. Not only that, but the space seems more together and there is enough room for colorful decor. With this neutral touch, you can seamlessly add colorful key elements.

Nudes are always a good idea if you want to let your facility speak for itself. In this case, the use of neutral bits will allow the colorful changes in the books to be the focus and not your setup. Combine with several nuances of nude to have a great variety of colors that are in the same color family, but they do not feel flat in the room.

Bring the cozy things with you

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Add a large sofa for an even greater appeal that brings that cozy feeling to the room. Combine with funky pillows in unique patterns and materials to engulf the space with a classic, cozy feel.

Having a library that screams comfortably, but combines it with a sofa right in front of or at the side of the bookshelf, can convey an even greater intimate feel. Add a blanket to complete the look.

Choose shine

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Paint works well because it is shiny and modern, especially when paired with traditional decor. Traditional seating will change the feeling of space, while the glossy color gives the room a unique vitality.

If you want to bring color to your library, you can create your shelves with a high-gloss color. The color will reflect in a beautiful way while still having a natural wealth. We recommend using a dark shade such as black, navy, hunter green or even purple. These shades add a special touch to any room, while at the same time being warm and inviting.

Keep it warm

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Wood is not only enchanting, but gives every room a natural warmth. This is especially true if you work with a library area. Consider using your library room as an office for an even warmer effect.

For this comfortable, intimate, inviting charm with warm furnishings is the way to go. Use wood as the main focus and work around it. The wood will feel comfortable in the room, while the similar colors will enhance the natural, warm feeling.

Eclectic decor

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
The beauty of an eclectic library and bookshelves is that you have a unique space that radiates differences as you hold the best stories anyone can imagine. Add a comfortable chair and let the space itself be as unique as possible.

However, books may not feel as “eclectic” as they could be if paired with a classic French eclectic feeling. The key is to fill your entire wall with a large bookshelf and add a gallery wall or hanging pictures directly on the bookshelf for that eclectic sentiment. Add one or two comfortable chairs to preserve this “traditional” library atmosphere.

Cute & Cozy Nook

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Why do you have a reading nook for a person when you can have a room that allows two or more people to sit and enjoy a good book. If you have more space, you can use a specific area for reading with friends. Consider your new room as a book club meeting.

If you only have a small corner to display your books, make sure you make it comfortable. A cozy place where your books are exhibited, so extremely soothing and soothing. Add a lamp, be it a small, complicated lamp or a chandelier, the light source has a softening effect. In addition, you want to have a comfortable chair to make the look look its best.

Private retreat

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Put your own hidden area in front of a view for a nice double duty area. Not only will you have a small retreat that will allow you to focus on a new book, but you will have this unique view to give you an extra dose of relaxation.

There is something about books that tends to lead us into a new world, thinking of having a private hiding place. A small room in your library dedicated to reading books and a quiet, relaxed space.

Feminine elegance

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Combine your tufted sofa with feminine touches such as comfortable, patterned pillows, a blanket and / or an accent table that will bring your interior together in a calming yet solid way.

Nothing screams feminine, much like a tufted sofa. It’s soft, beautiful and goes well with any type of decor you may already have. Combine with soft shades like ivory or for a grand gesture, you’ll have your sofa in a pastel shade of pink. Pink is still very in.

Bring the charm

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Having old world charm works wonderfully if you have a library that occupies most of your wall, if not your entire wall. There is something very “vintage” about taking your library almost all your wall. Add minimalist decor for a touch of modernity.

Having charm is one of the easiest things you can achieve when you’re decorating a library. Look at the old world charm for a classic charm that reminds you of the good old times when it was fun and even magical in the library.

Rich jewel tones

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Gem colors are perfect if you want to add color, but want to keep the space edgy and with a masculine touch. Use the spot colors in a bold way to make sure they get the color you want. Consider painting the bookshelf of the library with a gemstone shade.

Jewel tones are great if you want a welcoming appeal. They come together nicely and have a nice, calming effect on them. Add jewel-tone curtains for a rounded note that comes back to life when you combine it with other rich, solid colors.

Go big or go home

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Whether you want one or two wall-to-wall libraries, the possibilities are endless. The key is to work them together in a room and make them almost mirror images. Consider adding a center table for a book club feel.

Wall-to-wall libraries are special because they devour a space of beauty and charm without being busy. This is great because it allows you to create this daring effect while still having a classic touch.

Warm and intimate

12 Home Libraries mit einwandfreiem Stil
Whether you enjoy the look of a fireplace or the feel of a fireplace in a room, there is no doubt that a fireplace can instantly give any room an intimate feel. This is especially true of a fireplace as it adds that undeniable intimacy without taking up much space.

Add a fireplace for added warmth and intimacy. This brings a seamless appeal to the room while maintaining an intimate, intimate aesthetic. In addition, you may want to add a rug in the room to bring the look all together.

Which of these library ideas is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts.


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