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12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas That Just Work!

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas That Just Work!

When we think of the decor of the middle of the century, most think immediately of classic and elegant. However, not everyone wants a home that has been fully decorated by the middle of the century. If you are not sure whether you would like to immerse yourself in the mid-century decorative style, then consider the mid-century modern lighting style instead. There is something about mid-century modern lighting that is very chic yet trendy and at the same time elegant. Light up your home with one of these lighting ideas for the ultimate twist. Here are 12 that should put you in perspective.

Tinted pendants

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
The great aspect about tinted pendants is that they come in different shades as well as shapes. You can add several different tinted pendants in intricate shapes to give your kitchen a modern yet mid-century twist. Consider darker shades when your kitchen is filled with bright tones for a bold statement.

Fans have pretty much taken over the modern lighting. However, they have become even more trendy by tinting. Tinted pendants offer a touch of color while they are still great lights. Choose neutral tones when it comes to tinting your pendants, as this will help preserve the beauty of your current décor.

Little Glam pendant

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
A glam pendant can be found throughout the house for a sophisticated look. It’s also a great way to add a metallic touch. Metallics are very trendy, so you want to integrate them into your decor area. Consider a small pendant as it is easy to have and a mid-century feel as a larger one.

Just like tinted pendants are always a good idea, glamorous pendants are too. Giving any room a touch of glamor is always a good idea, especially if it is made by lighting fixtures. A glamorous lamp gives the room an elegant and elegant vintage touch. It’s a good idea to have a glam pendant in every room.

Chrome chandelier

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
Chrome chandeliers are ideal because they place a modern twist wherever they are placed. You can put it in the breakfast area, the kitchen, the bedroom and / or the office to turn the space from a normal everyday space into a more upscale, modern space. Chrome also makes the room look bigger and more expansive.

Chrome chandeliers are not that popular because they are a little bit difficult to decorate. The reason for this is that they are such a statement piece that other items in a room may not look enough. To decorate well with these, you’ll want to have some mirrors in the room to enhance the chrome effect of the chandelier.

Modern chandelier

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
A modern chandelier comes in different shapes, sizes and even colors. They give each room an upscale feel that can make you feel like you’ve entered a new and different space in your home, even if you’ve changed everything about your decor is your chandelier. Choose a bright, bold color or even a white tint for a splash of color.

Modern seems to be the last word that can be associated with chandeliers. However, modern chandeliers are a thing and they are extremely trendy. Modern chandeliers are ideal for any room because they are so interesting. It is fascinating to look into a room and notice a modern chandelier in the room.

Modern floor lamp

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
Just like modern chandeliers in many different sizes, colors and textures also modern floor lamps. If you really want a modern look, choose a wooden floor lamp. Wooden floor lamps not only give an edge, but also add a natural feeling.

Floor lamps are not as popular as they used to be. However, when it comes to mid-century luminaire decor, they are everything you need and more. Combine your modern floor lamp with a bold wallpaper and / or a bold wall paint for the ultimate midcentury look.

Metallic scones

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
Scones are fun because they can be placed anywhere on the walls of your home. Metallic scones add a bold accent. However, if you do not want to have completely metallic scones, you can always choose scones that have a metallic base. Scones that have a metallic base provide the color, but are less fat than completely metallic scones.

Scones are typical of the house. What we mean by that is that many homeowners who have scones prefer that they are in a particular area and in a particular color. Instead, we recommend metallic scones. Metallic scones add a metallic touch to a traditional look. This is where the mid-century era comes into play. Metallic scones add a little extra to the room.

Silver balls

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
The silver spheres are modern and at the same time mid-century, and at the same time modern, which makes them ideal for bringing a funny image into the room. You can also choose to have more than one silver ball because they look good when there are two or more in a room. It just looks more coherent, which is always nice.

If you have a neutral kitchen and want to keep it that way by not adding much color to your lighting, choosing a silver fixture is the way to go. Add silver balls to your kitchen for a midcentury upgrade that will enhance your space. It also becomes a central point in a neutral area without adding color.

Smooth and minimal

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
Slim and minimal does not mean boring. You can have a minimal lamp in a complicated shape. This gives the lamp a touch of boldness that works well in any neutral or patterned room. Consider a minimal lamp in front of a thick wall that highlights the luminosity of the lamp.

A feature that defines mid-century decor is a slimmer interior. A slim and minimal fixture can be exactly what you need in your room. A simple floor lamp can subtly make a big difference. In a room full of colors and / or patterns, a slim luminaire is the right choice.


12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
If you do not find a textured lamp that suits your room. You can pretty much create structure with any lighting fixtures you have. Buy two identical lights and place them a few inches apart to create a textured feel. This can be done in any area of ​​the house. It works great in the kitchen.

In a modern space, there can be little or no structure. However, if you want to add structure, a textured lamp can help you. The idea of ​​adding textured lamp may seem intimidating. But if done right, it can give sharpness to the space in which it is placed.

Ground Globe

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
Globe lights are great because they can be placed in several different rooms in the house, and that includes your bedroom side tables. You do not have to keep it on the ground if you do not want to. Because of their portability, many individuals choose to have several different in-house, including numerous different-colored ones as well.

Yes, you have read this correctly, we recommend and love the idea of ​​adding a floor bell as a light to your bedroom. How funny would it be to turn off all the lights and have a glass ball that highlights the beauty of the room? Not only does a bottom globe look good during the day when it’s off, it looks even better at night. You can choose to have it on the floor or even on your bedside table.

Smashing trailer

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
The complexity of a smashing trailer is unique. They work very well in a small room like a dining table. The reason why they work so well in this room is because this room of the house tends to be simple. A simple room paired with a powerful pendant gives character to a monotonous room.

Bursting pendants add personality and are a lot of fun. If you have a room that needs to be spruced up, a striking pendant will brighten a room and give it character. Bursting pendants can also be customized, which works great if you want to take that kind of aesthetics a step further and create the ultimate piece for your specific habitat.

Classic chandelier

12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideen, die einfach funktionieren!
A classic chandelier adds a touch of class to any room decor. The beauty of a classic chandelier will help to create a beautiful environment that is elegant and at the same time pulls together the entire look. Add a classic chandelier to a dining room or even to your kitchen if you want the little bit of a feminine touch.

No matter what time of the year, what time, or the century chandeliers will always remain a classic piece that can be integrated into any area of ​​a home. Especially if you have a room that lacks a bit of something to make it alive. A classic chandelier will do just that while still being a statement piece.


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