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13 mobile, modular, motorized and mini kitchens

Mobile modular mini kitchen ideas Mobile, modular, motorized and mini kitchens

If you are renovating your kitchen and have no room to prepare simple meals, we can understand you very well. Do you live in a tiny urban apartment that has no room for standard furnishings? One of the following 13 high-tech, modular, routable and compact kitchens might be ideal for your case.

The compact kitchens pack many functions in as small a space as possible and fit in such rooms, where there used to be no kitchens – offices, storerooms, converted living rooms.

Moove Folding Kitchen by Florida Furniture

Mobile Modular Mini Kitchens Red Purple Sink Cooker

No space for a full size kitchen? Two collapsible options from Italian manufacturer Florida Furniture open vertically and horizontally. Moove 01 has plenty of storage space with two large cabinets that slide out to expose the sink, stove and worktop. Moove 2 hides simple, basic kitchen functions in a small volume and looks like a cupboard when not in use.

A la carte system of city nomads

The urban nomads designers have divided the standard kitchen structure into individual task modules. Choose the features you need – including the kitchen, stove and storage – and match them together as you like. The modules have magnets, so they can be connected with the back or side surfaces.

Coin Kitchen by The Splinter Works

Mobile modular mini kitchens around wooden shelves


The British designer Splinter Works has created something very interesting from an extra-ordinary kitchen by using the spherical shape. This small workstation can be used for various things – coffee, tea, laptop station. 10 overlapping rosewood wings complete the kitchen when not in use. The idea for her came from the shiny edge of a spinning coin.

Boxetti geometric pull-out kitchen

mobile modular mini kitchens white orange fridge

A jigsaw-looking piece of furniture, that’s actually the Boxetti kitchen – a compact unit that can be opened in unexpected directions. This kitchen island turns and undresses reveal the sink, mini fridge, shelves, countertop and even built-in pop-out bar stools.

Mini columns kitchen by Adriano Conti

mobile modular mini kitchens painted black

Power supply, two hot plates and various unidentifiable appliances are in this black and white column kitchen by the Italian designer Adriano Conti. The mini kitchen has high tech looking dispensers for dishes, built-in oven and storage space.

Dining table & fridge

Mobile modular mini kitchens green table chair

The designer Petr Kubik has designed a device that looks like a modern sitting area, but actually hides a fridge. Through the frosted glass plate you can see the food stored inside. The facility also has storage space for smaller kitchen appliances.

The kitchen tree of Balin Lee

mobile modular mini kitchens white round

The shape of Balin Lee’s kitchen tree could be taken from nature, but this device looks more suitable for the moon. It was designed for the competition “A household plant for the next 90 years”. The central cone is a refrigerator and each bowl has a different function – sink, stove, storage room and freezer.

Cuisine K1

Mobile modular mini kitchen wood sink cooker

The Kitchoo K1 kitchen might be small, but this unit includes stovetops, induction ovens, telescopic mixers and sinks. You can even order a dishwasher and a waste basket. When closed, the kitchen is as simple as possible, with no apparent hardware.

ROCK-aïl kitchen & garden

A group of four designers have projected this ROCK-aïl kitchen – a combination of small personal kitchen garden and polygonal kitchen, inspired by nature. Under a sunroof that ensures the lighting and fume hood, this mini kitchen integrates all needs, even wine storage and a small built-in hose for the plants.

RuBiKa by Ludovico Bernardi

Turn and unfold the RuBiKa kitchen by Lodovico Bernardi as you wish so that it fits your space and requirements. The kitchen is made by fishery certification system – certified wood. It has pull-out worktops, hob, sink and crockery storage room.

Round Kitchen by Compact Concepts

mobile modular mini kitchens red sink around cook stove

With an area of ​​1.8 square meters, this round kitchen is built by Compact Concepts right in the middle of the room. The columnar design meets the cook’s needs in an average home and includes a microwave, dishwasher, sink, cabinets, and countertops. You could also order special kitchen appliances as an option.

Tower kitchen by Philippe Starcke

Mobile modular mini kitchen cabinet cooker sink

With two plants, each no larger than 1 square meter, this tower kitchen divides the hot and cold functions for optimum energy efficiency. In the “hot tower” is the stove, and in the cold tower are the refrigerator and the freezer. Only the sink and the worktops are missing, but you can order this extra in an additional island with a dining table.

This tower kitchen is made of wood

Mobile modular mini kitchens wooden cupboard

Motorized kitchen island, controlled by iPhone

Mobile modular mini kitchens kitchen island wood

A kitchen island can offer many functions, but many people simply have no room for it. The motorized kitchen island by Tim Thaler is hidden in the ground and pop-up when needed. Thaler has developed an application for iPhone that raises and lowers the island.

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