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15+ DIY and Inexpensive Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Toilet roll holder isn’t the most glamorous fixture in the bathroom, but it’s undeniably necessary. Most people just put the toilet paper on a standard spindle holder that is mounted on the wall with two brackets.
To add a little more style to the bathroom, you can make your own toilet roll holder using the following ideas.

Fabric toilet paper holder

originelle toilettenpapierhalter textil badaccessoires

Great solution for keeping extra roles in the small bathroom! If the apartment has no storage space for toilet paper, towels, cleaning products, this idea can be used. No need to worry that the roll is “almost gone” and forgot to balance another roll on top of the old roll or stack a couple of rolls on the back of the toilet. The holder is attached by a couple of ties, exactly on the current dispenser and hangs directly under the current roll of paper. So easy!

Industrial toilet paper holder

wc papierhalter industrie design

If the bathroom has been renovated, you probably don’t want to make holes in the new vanity and you will prefer something that is on the floor.

Dinosaur toilet paper holder

dinosaurier toilettenpapierhalter

A dinosaur bathroom for little boys! All it takes is a long neck plastic dinosaur, spray paint (shade of your choice), and a newspaper to put under the two. The dino is sprayed with two coats of paint (let it dry between coats) and once dry it can hold the paper!

Toilet paper tree

badaccessoires toilettenpapierhalter baum

It adapts to all temperatures and does not need water. The “PQtier” designed by Presse Citron is a metal tree where the toilet paper rolls (up to 14 rolls) can be hung. This metallic tree with several branches can also hold towels in the bathroom, towels in the kitchen or used as a hanger in the hallway. A very original and decorative object!

Coat hanger toilet paper holder

kleiderbügel toilettenpapierhalter

All you need is a wire hanger. At the beginning, the hanger is stretched in a circle. Then the circle is made into a square shape. After that, the hanger is bent into a 6 x 6 square shape on 3 sides, then on the last side, a half oval shape is bent into the inside of the square.

wc papierhalter aus kleiderbügel

zwei toilettenpapierrollen halter

werkzeug toilettenpapierhalter

badezimmer accessoires zweig toilettenpapierhalter

rustikal toilettenpapierhalter

wc papierhalter gestricken

klorollenhalter aus holz

wc rollenhalter zweig

treibholz toilettenpapierhalter

diy einfach stahlrohre toilettenpapierhalter

badzubehör aus seil

holz toilettenpapierhalter

toilettenpapierhalter maritim design

badzubehör selber montieren toilettenpapierhalter

kreativ diy toilettenpapierhalter handschuhe

badzubehör toilettenpaprierhalter aus holz

preiswerten ideen für toilettenpapierhalter

wolke toilettenpapierhalter aus beton

industrie rohr toilettenpapierhalter

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