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18 fascinating kitchens from Marbodal

Fascinating kitchens white cabinet kitchen island stairs Fascinating kitchens of Marbodal

From a modern to a classically styled home, Sweden-based Marbodal creates kitchens with a captivating style and high-function design. Each of the 18 kitchens featured here will look so perfect both in a renovated apartment and in a spacious home.

Each is designed more for socialization than for preparing meals. Features include top models of equipment, beautiful cabinet detailing and ample storage space.

Kitchens with a captivating style and a high functional design

fascinating kitchens red wall chair dining table

Minimalism with a hint of rustic style best describes the shape-white kitchen. With its wealth of floor-to-ceiling cupboards and virtually infinite work space, this is a modern kitchen that is anything but inconspicuous. The contemporary artwork represents an explosion of bright colors in the otherwise white and gray space.

Top models of the devices

fascinating kitchens black kitchen island

Beautiful cabinet detailing and sufficient storage space

Fascinating kitchens white furnishing cabinet sink cooker

The great wall covering and the white furniture can be seen here fascinating kitchens classic wall paneling white cabinet

Highly functional and still charming peasant style shows us the Koster canvas kitchen homage. The details may be noted in the antique oval household goods, the antique-style worktops and the framed doors set in cream-white cabinets.

White kitchen equipment

fascinating kitchens white furnishings The essential island is an ideal place to eat as well as prepare for the plan menu

fascinating kitchens traditional wood furniture Cream white cabinets and black flooring

fascinating kitchen utensils white

The Ekero Birke kitchen delights with its large, open areas for work and ample storage space. It’s an exciting mix of modern function and charming European styling. The essential island is an ideal place to eat as well as for the Plan menu preparation and is also suitable to search cookery books.

The mirrored tiles on the wall next to the sink are a purple accent

Fascinating kitchens white furniture cabinet This room is a dream of the house cooks

fascinating kitchens wallcovering cooker chair Minimalism with a touch of rustic style

Kitchen sink kitchen island chair The charming peasant style

Kitchens wood furniture flooring

With its purposeful, open space layout, the shape of the Ashes kitchen is perfect for both socializing and cooking. It has plenty of storage space in the two cabinets and drawers and a large corner for pantry. The details are emphasized here by the cabinets and the laminate slate, which gives a special look to the rustic ambience.

A fresh wall covering matches the white furniture

Kitchens striped wall covering white furnishing These green bar stools refresh the kitchen design

fascinating kitchen wood cabinet green bar chair

The timeless Lindo Oak snow white kitchen will never go out of fashion. With Swedish blue and white tiles, unique showcases and laminate countertops, this room is a dream of the house cooks.

A brown kitchen island contrasts with the kitchen cabinets

fascinating kitchen brown kitchen island white

The Lindo white kitchen is a charming kitchen space with crisp cabinets, antique housewares and handy wall flaps to hold often used items in the immediate vicinity. Painted rhombus pattern Wood flooring contributes to a good mood in the ambience, just as the floral wallpaper in springlike colors does.

A traditional kitchen design

Kitchen design kitchen island cupboard

With floor-to-ceiling cupboards, generous work surfaces and stainless steel worktops, the snow-white kitchen is a classic choice for those who enjoy cooking.

Many wooden cabinets, shelves and a white table

fascinating kitchen wood furniture chair

The Ekero classic kitchen has eclectic style with richly stained wood cabinets, contemporary table and mixed style chairs. The Coffee Corner is the perfect solution for a household of Java or tea lovers.

A traditional kitchen

Kitchens rural kitchen island white



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