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19 playful DIY tents for children

playful tents for children colorfully patterned Playful DIY tents for children

Give your children space to build their own fortress. It is important that children spend a lot of time in their fantasy world. They are fascinated by tents and canopy. They like to set up camp at home. Design a tent yourself and delight your children.

Put the tent in the nursery

playful tents kids colorful carpet

It takes creativity to create different tents. For example, your fortress can be leaves and clotheslines. Attach the tent with wires.

Floral motifs adorn the fortress of your children

playful tents children floral red yellow

Children like to read in the camp.

Colorful hearts set the accent here

playful tents children heart chair toys

Children connect the tent with mysterious things. Here they create their own world and want nobody to worry them.

Light the tent

playful tents for children lighting

Where can you set up the warehouse? For example, in the nursery or in the garden.

An original tent with a red ceiling

playful tents kids garden red white

Patterned fabrics have a positive effect on the mood of the children. Colorful colors encourage them to play.

playful tents children's nursery patterned

Take care of the decoration of the tent. Floral motifs, as well as dots and good lighting turn out to be breathtaking ornaments.

playful tents children dotted red

Children dream of fairytale objects, so you should decorate the tent with golden and pink elements.

playful tents kids fairytale canopy pink

If you want to use canopy for the warehouse, also put lights in it. At night, the child likes to play here. Do not forget to put toys and small chairs in the tent. Keep the happiness of your children.

playful tents for children canopy

What do children love most? Of course, their own games! Delight them with beautiful tents! See these ideas! Have fun!

playful tents for children playful tents for children flowers

playful tents for kids floral yellow playful tents for children green canopy garden playful tents for kids nursery green pillows playful tents for children chandeliers
playful tents children playful tents children's nursery playful tents children red canopy

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