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101 Ideas for Creative Throw Pillows and Pillows – Ostrich Pillow Light

Extraordinary pillows for naps on the way

Since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, sleep has become significantly shorter – seven sleep hours for the Europeans, six for the Americans, and five for the Japanese.

The product here is made of viscose and Lycra.

Creative Throw pillows and pillows

Creative throw pillows and pillows travel

Aside from that, this pillow looks like a plush spacesuit, it’s a throw pillow for a short nap, “Ostrich pillow” named.

A short nap in the office

Creative Throw pillows and pillows office break

Sleep in the library


According to the users, this piece is not very suitable for public use and it can be difficult to store in a travel bag. That’s why a year later, the “Ostrich Pillow Light” pillow was launched on the market. The new pillow is smaller and you can wear it around your neck like an accessory. The designers themselves thought of it. But let’s be more careful not to fall asleep in the nightclub.

The nap is perhaps the best time for active people. And if you want to increase the quality of your short nap, buy one of these Throw pillows and pillows. Take a look at the numerous examples and images shown here and take this one that you like the most.

You can easily add your thematic suggestions for creative throw pillows to our list. Do not hesitate to leave your comment below.

Throw pillows designed like firewood

Creative Throw pillows and pillows bear wood

Pillow with a bear

Creative Throw pillows and pillow bear head

beef steak

Creative throw pillows and pillow beafsteak

Delicious bites

Creative Throw Pillows Biting Pillows

Ergonomically thought out

Creative deco pillow convenient

Knitted magic cube

Creative Throw pillows and pillow bear

Firewood and woodcuts

Creative throw pillows and firewood pillows

Cushion in the form of a letter

Creative deco elegant pillow letter

Write a letter

Creative deco writing pillow letter marks

Enormous glasses

Creative deco white black pillow glasses

Cute toast bread

Creative decorative delicious pillow bread

Chocolate cookies

Creative Throw pillows and pillows cookies

Finger ring pillow

Creative Throw pillows and pillows finger ring

Pillows for passionate fishermen

Creative Throw Pillow magazine reading pillow fish

Cushion in the form of sausages

Creative Throw pillows and pillows meat

Mountains in winter


Clumsy Cat

Creative decoration soft home textile and pillow clumpsy cat

playing partner

Creative Throw pillows and pillows green

Green hand

Creative Throw pillows and pillows hand green

Harry Potter style

Creative Throw pillows and pillows harry potter

Loving puppy dog

Creative throw pillows pillow pet dog

Creative throw pillows pillow dog

Dachshund silhouette

Creative deco and pillow dog breed

Headphones as pillow pattern

Creative Throw Pillow headphones pillow

Throw pillows in the form of heart and lungs


Carrots pillows


Cuddly cat


Lines of cat heads


Like booklets

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow kgelb

Infinite games with the stone pillows


Morning and night

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow pillowcase

Colorful striped cushion


Space suit on the pillow


Covers for laptops


Delicious baked goods

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow delicious

Luminous pillows Creative-Pillow-and-pillow-light

Sleep on the moon Creative-Pillow-and-pillow-moon

… can still serve as a beanbag


Neon-colored pillows


Compact, soft piece

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow nap



Fresh fruit


OMG! Creative-Pillow-and-pillow-omg

go online

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow online

Lie on pancakes Creative-Pillow-and-pillow pancakes

Pancakes with butter Creative-Pillow-and-pillow pfannigkuchen

Tasty ideas


POW! pillow


Cute puzzle


Oversized cassette radio of three parts

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow-radio Classic records

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow-sound recording

Pillows for princesses

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow sleep-princess

Black mustaches


Sweet Dreams


Purple squid

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow Cuttlefish

Life size pillow with imitated man


Elegant sir


Smiling faces


Funny sayings


As if these children are sleeping in the wild outdoors


Plastic stones

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow-stones-lightweight Decorative pillows – sushi


Salmon and rice

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow sushi

Natural tattoos


Bad octopus


dreams of you

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow dream

Former TV


Hug during sleep

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow hug

Pillows for nap on the go


Considered funny

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow playful

Little bird in bed


Mace decorated with floral pattern

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow warrier

Pillow with built-in clock and alarm clock

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow alarm clock

Surprising design idea – binoculars


Great bunch of binoculars

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow handy

Welcome writings

Creative-Pillow-and-pillow welcome

Snow-white, soft cloud


Ergonomic and comfortable sleep


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