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20 creative ideas with wall mirrors in different interior styles

Of the mirror is one of the most interesting elements in the Interior design , He is often present in every apartment for practical reasons, but he can beautify the design of the interior very original. For the design of the apartment with wall mirrors there are unlimited possibilities. We all know that a mirror positioned in the right place creates a special atmosphere in the four walls. Not only does the wall mirror illuminate and expand the space, it can also be hung almost anywhere. Today we want to give you 20 creative ideas with wall mirrors. With our proposals of design mirrors, optical illusions remain in the background. These always have the goal of creating extra space and expanding the visual perspective, rather than making the wall mirror as a conspicuous object.

Functional, practical and comfortable – large wall mirrors blend well with a minimalist style room

movable mirror wall

Movable mirror wall

This mirror can meet the highest standards. He is big enough and very practical. The frame is made of metal and hangs on a rail that allows its movement along the wall. The room is decorated in a minimalist style and the mirror fits very well. Large mirrors like this visually extend the room, but they do not look good in a crowded room.

Therefore, one can say, the mirror in the picture above is exactly in its right place.

Decorative mirror wall

decorative mirror with woody frame

Wall mirror with a wooden frame

Interior-frame mirrors are often more decorative than practical. They are an artistic work and write well into this work corner. The successful and cozy ambience is created here on the basis of interesting light effects. The lamps are slightly darkened and harmonize successfully with the woody mirror frames. The mirror in turn reflects the necessary light to the home office and spreads pleasant warmth there.

Elegant wall mirror with frame in a room with a sophisticated look

a noble mirror in the bedroom


Elegant shine in the bedroom

The frame plays a very important role in the mirrors. The shapes of the frames vary from square to circle to asymmetrical. Choose a frame that matches the style of the room. Is the interior in the style of Minimalism, Lanhausstil, Nautic, Vintage or Bohemian? Are there ornaments in the room that you can imitate at the mirror frame?

Everything is tender and elegant in this bedroom. The mirror above the cabinet is very proporzionell designed. A larger mirror would not fit well here. It exudes a cold but cozy glow and the skilfully designed mirror frame doubles the elegant look.

The simplicity of the country house style determines the choice of wall mirror here

a mirror in the country style

Mirror matching the rustic style

This mirror does not show straight lines, but looks symmetrical. A wooden frame in light shades of gray is subject to all the simplicity of the country style. This mirror is an original decision for the design of the corridor. The frame resembles a flower and as you can see, you have decorated the hallway with many flowers.

Large, round wall mirror in minimalist style

a mirror in minimalist style

Circular mirrors bring variety to the interior design

The clean lines of the minimalist style need large wall mirrors. The round shape of the mirror in this case can compensate for the straightness of other elements of the room. Put circular wall mirrors where it will be empty or boring and you will definitely achieve a WOW effect.

Maritime style is present here, but comes out very discreetly

a mirror in a rustic style

Look at this mirror, which resembles the window of a cabin. Here you can barely notice the maritime style! If the room is too dark, you can quietly, as is the case here, position additional lamps next to the mirror.

In the picture gallery for this article we have given you additional ideas. Enjoy our suggestions and choose something special! Have fun browsing and in the room design with wall mirrors!

A wall mirror in vintage style

a mirror in vintage style

A large mirror placed in the hallway is convenient and visually enhances the space

a mirror in the hallway

Circular mirror with shiny metal ornaments is a real eye-catcher

elegant mirror in the hallway

Extra large mirror is the perfect solution for the small living space

big mirror in the living room

A very original, artistic combination of small circular mirrors fits the modern living room

small circular mirror for decoration

The mirror must be designed so that it corresponds to the physical size

circular mirror

An interesting idea for the wall design in the bathroom

several mirrors in the bathroom

Square mirror looks like a window here

square-shaped mirror

Designer mirror in pale pink

hexagonal mirror with a pale pink frame

Yet another designersiche decision – the mirror has the shape of the sun

sun-shaped mirror

Optical illusion, as if the wall mirror would be a door

Mirror in the frame

Mirror in the frame resembles small windows

Mirror with inner frame

The wall mirror visually expands the space

voluminous mirror in the living room

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