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28 home ideas for timeless and classic furnishings

Timeless trends, classic living and furnishing ideas

There are trends in furnishing ideas that are already out of date after a few months or seasons. Others come to be loved for generations and to be in high demand. It is of course much more practical to select them from the second group. So your apartment will look more current, even if you can not always make renovations and refurbishments.

But how do you know if one Wohntrend temporary or with potential for classical music? Today, we offer you the following approach: Take a look at some trends that have developed over time, that have become classic. They were news once! Take a closer look, analyze them. In this way, most people get a real gut feeling for which trend is innovative, but unstable, and which furnishing ideas will find even the next generations as modern and up-to-date.

Below we have some ideas for you. The list we offer, however, has no claim to verbosity. This is a start, but if you want to have a wide variety of timeless trends in mind, then you need to continue them yourself.

Living ideas – terracotta floor

Wohnidenen Wohntrends furnishing ideas apartment

The terracotta floors always return to fashion. They owe this to their warm charisma and the favorable price. They continue to spread a Mediterranean flair for which you will obviously always feel a certain longing.

Striking floral and interesting plant patterns

Wohntrends Wohnideen Einrichtstipps Einrichtungsideen

The current tendencies in both fashion and design are proof that floral and plant patterns are always up to date. There are certain variations in the way they are interpreted. But to be honest, many old textiles and furniture that contain such patterns look super modern in 2018 as well. It would be difficult to distinguish them from the new modern pieces.

The monochrome black and white palette

room design ideas home living trends


Certainly, even the largest furnishing experts will have difficulty remembering a particular season in which the monochrome black and white palette was out of date. The duo is a classic, it is surprisingly versatile and adaptable. A current trend is the modern kitchen design in black and white. They are often enriched with metallic accents and geometric patterns and accent furniture.

Decoration in purple colors

Einrichtstipps Raumgestaltung Ideas Wohnideen

If you’ve already read one or more summaries of the latest fashion trends and interior design ideas for 2018, then you’ve probably noticed that blue and pink are used extensively in the decoration. But this trend then follows a recurring approach in design. It’s about the purple color, which had established itself as a classic tendency.

Furnishing ideas in the Mediterranean style

flat decorating home living trends

In the presentation of the first classic trend, namely the terracotta floor, we have already mentioned the preference for the Mediterranean flair. This is a permanent trend in itself. The Mediterranean style dominates our homes again and again, and we do not seem to be sick of it.

Are you interested in classic trends? Or maybe you have a retro or vintage look in mind? Have you noticed how certain tendencies return again and again? If you would like to create a list yourself, which classical furnishing ideas would this contain?

The simple Scandinavian institution will stay up-to-date for a long time

furnishing ideas furnishing tips room design ideas

The white interior color is timeless, but it looks a bit boring

furnishing ideas living furnishing ideas

Complete your classic interior with modern lights

furnishing ideas apartment design living trends

The black and white duo is a classic

Einrichtstipps dining room furnishings Wohnidenen

An exuberant combination of modern, retro and do it yourself!

furnishing tips room design ideas living trends

The brick wall design is an eternal trend

Einrichtstipps Wohnideen Wohntrends Einrichtungsideen

The low living room furniture is good looking and comfortable

Einrichtstipps Wohntrends apartment

The vintage furniture and furnishings will always be trendy

furnishing tips apartment design living ideas

Dining room furniture ideas room design ideas

The living room wall made of decorative stones is a great room accent

design ideas home decorate dwelling

A current trend is the modern kitchen designs in brown and white

k├╝chengestaltung living ideas furnishing tips

Introduce a current color by lighting and decorative items in your interior design

modern apartment furnishings furnishing tips living ideas

A living trend for classics

interior design ideas furnishing ideas living ideas

Get a great color balance

interior design ideas home trends furnishing tips

This floral pattern ensures romance in every home

home decor apartment furnishings room design ideas

bedroom design furnishing ideas apartment

home decor kitchen design room design iseen

Wohntrends room design ideas Einrichtstipps

living trends interior design ideas home ideas

living trends room design ideas living room ideas

flat furnish room design ideas home ideas

flat design living ideas furnishing tips

living room ideas furnishing tips living ideas living trends


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