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29 children’s rooms with sloping ceilings – great ideas and inspirations for you

children's room with sloping ceiling beams natural wood bed cabinets sisal carpet pillows

Chic interior design ideas for the nursery with sloping roof

Attics have it all. Do you remember how fascinated you were when you first played there as a child? Everything looked different somehow – more enigmatic and magical. Even the walls and the windows, everything. It makes it easier to think imaginary worlds and to settle into a fairytale role.


And the very lucky ones of you, who had a nursery with a sloping roof, know it perfectly well. Loving childhood memories come up. It was easy to imagine being a pretty princess, or why not being a smart magician, always thinking up new wonders. On Nursery in the attic has a lot of potential in the game, but at the same time is a real challenge for the interior designer. The conventional pieces of furniture do not always fit here and the proportions are not right in most cases. The light is different.

The children’s room with sloping roof playfully set up

nursery room with bevel bed bed niche wood house gray blue open floor joist green high pile carpet

Are you wondering how to set up the children’s room with sloping ceilings in your own home? Then you are right with us. Today we have 29 stylish and clever interior design ideas for you. Maybe you can choose the right one Inspiration for your nursery Find. You’re probably into chalet chic or shabby chic. Then you will discover here some really great examples of furnishing and decoration, which you can implement completely or only conditionally. Above all, open beamed ceilings are very popular with these styles. For example, throw pillows in natural colors and home accessories in pastel colors are often preferred. Patchwork textiles, quilts and cuddly soft blankets as well Vintage furnishings with intentional Nutzspuren of course also included.

Nursery with sloping ceiling in a rustic style

children's room with sloping beds bedding natural colors pillows rustic

Send DIY ideas for the nursery with sloping roof

nursery with sloping cradle mobile diy headboard nursery rug colorful


It may also be that you like it a little more modern. There you will find further furnishing solutions. Create contemporary designer furniture for the children’s room, which not only look good, but also provide optimal ergonomics. It is of course not excluded that you set everything up puristically or minimalistically. As far as the ambience remains comfortable and your children feel comfortable there, the interior design style does not play a big role. Do not forget that materials and shapes should be child-friendly. Shoot out any harmful substances and hazardous substances and avoid too hard surfaces and sharp edges. Pointy objects and highly flammable objects have nothing to look for in the nursery.

Just take a look at all 29 interior design ideas and decide which of them might be suitable for your children’s room. Have fun and success in planning and setting up!

Optimal ergonomics in the attic

children's room with sloping niche bed curtains round table poufs armchair

Maximally exploit every centimeter

children's room with sloping beds throw pillow graphic pattern wall shelves wall wallpaper stars

More joie de vivre and dynamics through fresh colors, dots and stripes

children's room with pitched bedside desk desk chairs window blinds wall decoration air balloon

For true fans of minimalist style

Children's room with sloping floor bunk bed toy green curtains

Delicate purple and snow white – a perfect color duo for the nursery

children's room with sloping roof purple wall paint nursery rug white wardrobe

Every little Indian feels comfortable there

children's room with sloping bed heating stove dresser white wall shelves attic loft

Decorate the walls with funny stickers or wall tattoos

cuddly corner playroom cuddly animals balloon balloon wallpapers clouds

Compact alcove with plenty of storage space

children's room with sloping bed niche wall shelves drawers

Cozy purism in the nursery

kids room with bed white fabric garland round rug white shelves table

Oval edges and soft furniture

children's room with bevel bow lamp floor lamp room divider television shelves pouf magenta

Girlish comfort in the attic

children's room with pitched attic beds attics attic roof windows rose stools

Chic nursery in a charming cottage style

children's room with pitched attic loft desk bedside wall shelves

Schabby Chic Lightheartedness in natural colors

Children's room with sloping roof beam wood wall decor hats wicker bed vintage bedside cottage style

Rustic children’s room furniture with Scandinavian touch

children's room with beveled ceiling natural wood cot sheepskin wicker basket dresser vintage nursery

Old dining tables become comfortable desks

children's room with roof pitch home decor desks chair wall decoration wall decals tree

Be creative and bring nature home!

nursery with sloping roof wardrobe driftwood natural wood jackets rocking bed stuffed animals

Modern boy’s room in fresh shades

children's room with sloping accent wall wall shelves round high pile carpet gray

Dreamlike Indian world in white

children's room with sloping wooden ladder walls leather pouf indianerzelt babybett

Tents and cuddly toys have always been very popular with children

children's room with sloping ceiling cuddly corner play area cushions soft toys

Noble natural materials and bright colors

children's room with sloping leather chair yellow-green sideboard colorful children's carpet

Your child feels safe and content

children's room with pitch girl room showcase white bed seat cushion diy pendelleucthe

English coziness with warm wood texture and sleek textiles in pastel

room with sloping roof rustic furnishings striped carpet bed chair bedside table vintage

Hammocks and seats are the classics

children's room with sloping bed sofa hanging seat braided white poufs table toy carpet

Likewise swing rings

children's room with sloping playpaltz children open ceiling joist pendant lights industrial

Adorable nursery design with maritime charm in white

children's room with sloping two beds drawers built wall shelves findings


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