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Before the start of the summer season, we try to make our gardens as appealing as possible, so that we can spend many pleasant hours with our friends and family during the hot months. If you want to combine a real abundance of flowers with a subtle scent in your outdoor area, then you have caught the right website. We show you daily many garden design ideas that are always practical and useful. Today we want to treat a special aspect of this great topic and write about the trellis in the garden. Especially in these weeks, you need such a support for roses and other climbing and climbing garden plants that promote their growth. What other benefits does a trellis bring with it? Find out!

Beautify your garden with a trellis!

garden ideas for a beautiful garden with plants

Why do you need a trellis in the garden?

Your dream to sit in the fresh air for a long time and admire the flowers of numerous garden flowers can now easily be realized. Because there are the plant arches, which are considered as absolute must-haves in the garden for years. These can be found in specialist shops or online in various shapes, colors, and designs.

One thing is for sure: the trellises are the best trellis aids not only for beautiful, fragrant climbing roses but also for other climbing garden plants. First, choose the place where you want to attach a trellis. It may be free-standing, attached to the wall or garden fence and/or leaned against the wall. It is completely up to your personal wishes and preferences, which useful and ornamental plants you want to offer the best climbing aid based on a trellis. Such a construct also has great decorative properties.

It can help with wall greening and provide growth support for magnificent roses, ivy, clematis, or vines. With its help, you can even create a beautiful vertical garden, which ensures you freshness and coolness on hot summer days and is sure to turn into a real eye-catcher outside. To the advantages of a trellis in the garden mentioned here, we must necessarily add one more. Often this construct is attached to a garden fence, where it takes on an additional role. In this case, it serves as a perfect privacy screen and stops the curious glances of your neighbors or passers-by. So the trellis is a functional construct, which you should absolutely get if you want a beautiful and well-kept garden.

The modern design of the trellis leaves nothing to be desired

Trellis in the garden climbing roses decorate the walls

A trellis of wood or metal?

With the question asked you feel certain desperate? Which material would be better for a trellis in your garden? Before you are spoiled for choice, you must carefully consider the pros and cons of the wooden and metal trellis. So you will not lose the overview of the espalier offer in specialty stores.

A trellis made of wood must not be exposed to any weather

garden ideas with trellis garden shape ideas

A wooden trellis impresses with its natural look and it fits seamlessly into any garden landscape. But do not forget that the wood is by no means weather-beaten, so you must also consider the climatic conditions in your area before making a choice. Wood is material in need of care, so you need to pre-plan glazes and regular painting to increase its lifespan.

A trellis of wood or metal? Your decision is really a matter of taste!

trellis in the modern garden landscaping the backyard

A trellis of metal, however, is more durable and durable. Why? It is waterproof and after appropriate processing also rustproof. The metal trellis is stable, it can be placed anywhere and does not even stand up after planting. It, therefore, depends on your taste, which material you prefer for a trellis in the garden.

Build a trellis yourself

If you may not find anything suitable in the field of trellis on the market or do not necessarily want to spend a lot of money on it, then you have a wonderful alternative – build a trellis yourself! For do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, and anyone who has the skill and ingenuity, this is a Terra Nova where you can show off your skills! It’s easy to do if you have a well-thought-out project and are always moving forward gradually. On the Internet, you will find helpful instructions like these in the following video. We just want to encourage you that building a trellis yourself is easier than it first appears.

If you have already bought a trellis or made your own, you must plant it

trellis in the garden garden bench and ornamental plants

Planting – so you make for a real highlight in the garden

Now we have come to the last step of designing a trellis, namely to its planting. Here, much depends on the construction, but first, we want to emphasize it immediately, this garden support is mainly intended for gorgeous and discreetly scented climbing roses. The rose arch provides the queen of flowers a stable climbing aid so that the plant develops well and grows in the air. Inform yourself in the specialized trade about the manifold offer of rose palisades, rose arches, and trellises and choose the best that perfectly fits your ideas and wishes.

We assume here that you are well informed about the care of roses. Therefore, some aspects of this topic are not addressed here. You can find out about the most suitable varieties of roses that climb perfectly on a trellis here inquire. Do not forget that the right time for planting in early autumn. In addition to climbing roses, other ornamental plants on the trellis also come to light, for example, the clematis, which is named the “queen of climbing plants”. Also, crops such as vines develop excellent on lattice-like constructions and also have a high decorative value. Your privacy is not to be underestimated.

Discover the numerous design possibilities of the trellis in the garden and make the most of it. Your effort will definitely pay off soon! Look forward to successful garden design and enjoy every free hour in the fresh air outside!

These latticed constructions have a great decorative value

trellis in the garden beautiful garden decoration for the garden plants

A trellis planted with climbing roses transforms immediately into the definitive outdoor highlight

trellis in the garden for the beautiful climbing roses

gardening ideas with trellis garden fence decorating with plants

trellis in the garden for the climbing roses in the backyard

garden ideas with trellis beautiful decoration ideas for the garden

garden ideas with trellis for the fruit trees

garden ideas for the backyard apple tree with trellis

gardening ideas with a trellis to create a nice recreation area for the summer

garden ideas with a trellis an aural garden decoration with plants

trellis garden design ideas for the garden plants

trellis in the garden as decoration and privacy

trellis in the garden with beautiful flowers

trellis in the garden beautiful garden ideas for the recreation area

garden ideas with trellis and beautiful ornamental plants

trellis in the garden stylish and modern ideas for the summer recreation area

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