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30 contemporary sofas for chic homes

30 contemporary sofas for chic homes

Contemporary sofas are not just furniture, they come in a number of unique designs, concepts and styles that make them much more than that. In a chic home, a sofa is still a focal point and the center around which the rest of the decor is laid.

Since contemporary sofas are so different, you will find many pieces that combine traditions and style elements from other eras. And if you think that contemporary designs are all the same, here are 30 designs that will blow you away.

Contemporary forms

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Chic uncle sofa

Uncle is a contemporary variant of a tufted couch with partially built-in pillows and a uniform shape. It’s every inch a familiar sofa we’re used to expect, but with a cleaner, more elegant look.

Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, it fits perfectly into a modern, chic home.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Sophisticated Savannah sofa

Savannah Sofa by Monica Förster has a contemporary clean aesthetic with its bench-like structure and streamlined rounded cushions.

Its minimalist, sophisticated look goes well with a contemporary or Scandinavian interior.

Futuristic contemporary sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Futuristic IS Sofa

In addition to the previous two forms, there are contemporary sofas in a variety of other forms such as this futuristic IS sofa by Inoda + Sveje.

Curved and streamlined, its unusual appearance can either adorn a minimalist contemporary interior or become a crowning accent of a futuristic decor.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Sleek Corques Sofa

The Corques sofa is a perfect contemporary piece for a small but stylish home. The sofa designed by Lucie Koldova is made of durable cork and a contrasting fabric by Kvadrat.

The stylish sofa is a perfect decoration for the house, which is not only well decorated, but also environmentally friendly.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Retro futuristic titanium sofa

You want to give your futuristic design something retro? Here is a Titan Sofa by Carlos Gastelum that will help you.

Its uniform shape comes with raised armrests that look like marine parts rather than armrests. Its bright upholstery gives the futuristic shape a nostalgic retro look.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Endless sofa

Incidentally, many modern sofas have uniform shapes. This Endless Sofa by

Each small section of the sofa rips together to create the endless continuation of the shape that invites and welcomes despite the cool leather texture.

Modern sofas with a modernist feel

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Modernist Emerson sofa

There is no escape from modernist design or at least its elements today. After all, everything came from the modern era with simple forms and minimal details.

Emerson by furniture maker Jory Brigham is a perfect match between subtle contemporary style and modernist aesthetics with its wooden frames and minimalist style.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Swedish sofa bench

Bench-like sofas can also look good. Traditionally in Swedish homes, a kitchen sofa was contemporary by a designer, Jacob Granat, who made it an attractive but functional thing.

Made of ash wood and upholstered with Bogesund effect fabric, the sofa unfolds into a backless table seat.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Traditional modern Oscar sofa

Oscar Sofa is a special blend of traditional and contemporary design. The sofa is made of walnut-stained beech wood and covered with Kvadrat Molly wool. It has decorative legs and curved armrests.

Its streamlined cushions give it a largely contemporary modern look, but the combination of different aesthetics ensures an exceptional finish.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Modernist Baker Sofa

The true Modernist sofa Baker was designed by Finn Juhl in the early 1950s. Introduced in 2008 by Danish manufacturer OneCollection Baker, Baker looks surprisingly contemporary.

Made from two parts, Baker’s backrest brings a bit of drama to the square. And contrasting upholstery underscores its intriguing shape.

Sculptural contemporary sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Curvy coquille sofa

Markus Johansson called his sculptural sofa Coquille, which means “shell” from the French. Fitting and actually quite descriptive, the name draws a pretty interesting picture, but the thing itself does not disappoint.

Flowing with curves and waves, Coquille looks beautiful from every side and angle; his wooden frame testifies to human craftsmanship.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Sculptural ONYX sofa

Carved carbon fiber and Volvic Lava ONYX is not an average couch or even a designer piece of furniture. Designed by designer Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab, it’s a bespoke luxury sculpture.

Volvic stone, which forms a smaller part of the piece, is only partially polished to preserve its natural state and raw appearance over smooth, smooth carbon.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Delicious marshmallow sofa

Beautifully the Marshmallow Sofa by   kamkam design studio is like your own personal candy cloud. Although its characteristic backrest is shaped like a skein of yarn.

The pale pink sofa is made of soft wool and looks almost edible. His winding back is reminiscent of a marshmallow twist.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Naturalistic Borghese sofa

Noé Duchaufour Lawrance designed the Borghese sofa for La Chance, inspired by the pines of Villa Borghese in Rome.

Using metal and wood, Lawrance created a tree-shaped structure for the sofa, using high-density foam and Kvadrat upholstery.

Small contemporary sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Small Era sofa

Era is part of a collection of the same name. To satisfy the demand for smaller furniture, the designer chose stylish, minimalist shapes that look both simple and chic.

Inspired by the functionalism of the 30s and 40s, the furniture looks so elegant that it fits in any room.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Elegant Simone sofa

Simone is an elegant sofa inspired by the grand piano of the famous musician Nina Simone. The piece consists of a quilted wooden frame backrest and a single-cushion seat and rests on four wooden legs connected by metal bars.

The idea was to emphasize the backrests, which are more visible on a simple seat. And it’s just beautiful with a quilting pattern that adds dynamic to the piece.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Floral Julius sofa

the sofa a different look. The Julius sofa was designed with the special wood carving of the designer duo and has three separate backrest “petals” that are joined together at the seat.

With a cover attached to the wooden frame, the finished piece looks as if it were made with thick stitched leather instead of wood.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Tender pink TOWARD sofa

Anne Boysen’s TOWARD Sofa is a curious combination of organic shapes and a modern, minimalist mid-century aesthetic.

Available in a variety of colors and textures, the design looks very sculptural thanks to its rounded cushions.

Dramatic contemporary sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Dramatic Wingback Sofa

Sometimes there is no chic without drama. Take a look at Tom Dixon’s Wingback sofa – a statement piece. Inspired by a gentleman’s club seat, the two-seater got the modern look of clean lines and sleek shapes.

Although created to impress, Wingback is a perfectly functioning piece that can accommodate even smaller homes.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Luxe Vamp Sofa

Pretty much every one

Vamp sofa is one of the more modest designs, which is also purely contemporary. Curved and rounded, it is a refined couch that emphasizes other accents.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Ombre Glider Sofa

If you look at it, it’s hard to imagine the designer basing his Glider sofa design on a discarded mattress. Instead of building a traditional piece with armrests and all the other common parts, Arad turned a single piece into something completely different.

Dyed with a trendy ombre technique, the sofa is ultra contemporary and cool. In addition to the bright red and purple Glider, there is also a stylish black and white version.

Creative sofas and sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Artistic Doodle Sofa

transformed her design meeting into a current design. Talk about productive way of working.

Doodle Sofa is a truly artistic piece of leather and folded from a single cover-like piece. The steel-framed beauty may seem like a perfect complement to a home office, but it’s soft and tender enough to find its place in a living room.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Stylish Ligomancer sofa

Ligomancer sofa is a strange but intriguing piece of furniture. Made of numerous elastic support straps   Wrapped around a copper-colored stainless steel frame, the sofa looks more like an exhibit.

Designed by CTRLZAK, the design studio designed the unusual design concept of a sofa, created from images described by English artist and author Alistair Gentry.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Creative Minosse Sofa

opted to maintain the traditional shape of the sofa and pillows, but with a completely different, creative setting. The resulting Minosse sofa is a modern installation combining functionality.

However, you will not see these smooth, decorative back and armrests from the front. So be sure to use Minosse in an open layout living room.

Minimal sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Simple tiptoe sofa

The modern sofa of the Sancal seems to float on its delicate legs and seems to be almost floating. In the truest sense of the word, tiptoe (in the truest sense of the word) stands out against a rainbow of colors and textures that match every style of decor between the sea of ​​contemporary sofas.

Thanks to its minimalist appearance, the sofa can also be equipped with many unusual cushions of every shape and design.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Streamlined Valentim sofa

The Valentim Sofa by

The sofa cushions are decorated in beautiful turquoise and sit in a walnut wood frame cradle that has a distant resemblance to a balustrade.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Fascinating Chopin sofa

Tomek Rygalik presents an unusual sofa that challenges traditional standards. But not only the asymmetric backrest catches the eye, especially at second glance.

For example, its angular shape looks strict only from the front. From the side it seems to be rather soft and round. And his cut body is not an illusion, but a functional element that, when separated, creates a second seat.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Minimal Deco sofa

Autoban Design Studio opted for a simple frame for their deco sofa that they designed for De La Espada. Each frame section is attached to the two large, spacious cushions that hide a seat structure.

Roll cushions add to the extraordinary style of the sofa and make it both contemporary and chic.

Unconventional contemporary sofas

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Unconventional sofa Ruché

Inspired by swing seats, Inga Sempé designed a sofa for Ligne Roset that looks familiar and fresh.

Made of beech wood, the bench-like frame offers the softness of a bright quilted mattress that bothers in another version of the sofa on the side to provide a side table surface.

30 zeitgenössische Sofas für schicke Häuser
Bohémien sofa

Bohémien not only in the name of this sofa is a real treat for the

Taking the best of both worlds (traditional and contemporary), the sofa gets a dramatic and imposing look.

Numerous and different contemporary sofas can not look like their traditional self. They also come in familiar shapes with current trendy tweaks. But regardless of style, they always make a big focus in a living room.


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