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30 cool craft ideas from egg boxes that amaze you

cool crafting egg box beautiful flowers pastel shades

Cool craft ideas for a fun home decoration

Does self-crafting interest you? Or maybe more – a passion? Maybe in this way you try to banish boredom from everyday life. Or spend your free time more meaningfully? Home-made objects not only create joy but also pleasure from self-employment.

The fun is irreplaceable! And how does it sound to you to make different things out of egg boxes? Soon you will find out what it is about!

Beautiful turtle in yellow and green

cool crafting colored turtle egg box

The DIY projects are enjoying great popularity lately. The reasons are numerous: The self-made articles are unique, original, and attractive. These can be a great decoration for your home or even represent valuable household items or even interior items. Just stick to it, and you’ll see what great inspirations and ideas we have collected for you!

Daffodil tinker by using egg cartons

creative crafting flowers making decorations idea

Bouquet of egg boxes will be an attractive decoration in your home

creative craft ideas bouquet of eggs

Often the DIY ideas are not only lovely, but they are also environmentally friendly. This article will focus on a few cool craft ideas that can be made from egg cartons. The reuse of the egg boxes can turn into a beautiful decoration, which will cause a particular stir for young and old.

Funny animals, table decoration, mirror decoration, festive decoration for Easter, Christmas, or Halloween – all these can be made from old egg boxes. Realizing specific DIY projects sometimes requires basic knowledge. In this case, however, such is not required! What you need to put into practice these deco ideas are just egg boxes, stickers, paint, and… inspiration, of course!

Flowers and floral wreaths from egg cartons

Deco itself make spring wreath tinker from egg boxes

Beautiful fresh flower wreath from egg boxes tinker, reminiscent of the coming spring

krfeative craft ideas beautiful flower wreath egg box

Create fresh yellow flowers and place them in a decorative vase. So you will create a really nice decoration

creative craft egg box flower vase

Make fun figures

Dekko himself make colored boxes out of egg boxes

Make a cute duck yourself

make your own duck yourself out of egg boxes

Make a sympathetic Easter bunny from an old egg box

cool crafting bunny tinker egg box

You have created real mushrooms!

cool crafting mushrooms beautiful deco ideas

Great snowman from old egg box created, which one dressed with a cap

cool craft ideas beautiful snowman inspirational

Have you seen sweeter penguins than this one?

cool crafting eggs box animals tinker

Mobile yourself

The decoration of egg boxes looks more original than other decorations.

cool craft ideas box of ideas

Make fairy lights from egg boxes

Make lights in the form of flowers from egg boxes yourself. This will create a beautiful lamp chain

cool crafting flowers light up egg box

Fascinating luminous flowers

cool crafting interesting candlesticks crafting flowers

Beautiful roses from egg boxes color

cool crafting egg box roses tinker

Make beautiful flowers and then pearl them decorate

creative crafting flowers decorate eggs box

How did you come to this beautiful DIY idea? The flowers have been completed with colored buttons

creative crafting egg box flower buttons

Halloween decoration from egg cartons! Just let your imagination run wild, and everything will work great!

cool crafting egg box colored figures

Do you also want to spice up the interior design in such a fresh way?

creative craft ideas colored flowers egg box

Impressive decoration for your home can emerge from the old egg boxes! Let yourself be inspired!

creative craft ideas flower pink decoration ideas

Make different flowers

creative craft ideas egg box flowers decoration ideas

Elegant table decoration made of egg cartons

creative basteier egg box yellow roses

How do you make roses out of egg boxes?

make cool craft ideas from egg boxes roses

Deco itself make flowers from egg boxes themselves

Use the eggbox as a planter

Deco itself make from egg boxes plant container

Make a real crocodile

Dekko itself make animals from egg boxes themselves

DIY decoration garland made of egg cartons

Make the decoration yourself and reuse the eggs

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