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30 current ideas for a perfect kitchen interior in blue!

Would you like to feel comfortable cooking, baking and eating? Of course the question sounds rhetorical, but nowadays it is not so easy to design a perfect kitchen. A well-planned color combination could make any room more inviting and atmospheric. But not every color nuance looks as modern as the blue color palette in the kitchen, and that’s why our editors want to present the best 30 suggestions for your stylish kitchen in blue.

Blue upper and lower cabinets provide attractive looks

kitchen ideas blue interior

Blue color combinations

In today’s designer world, we recognize a multitude of color combinations and fresh nuances. This also applies to one of the most popular colors – blue. The well-planned basic color in the kitchen furnishing provides a whole range of advantages, such as the delusion of optical size, if you have a not so big kitchen.

Since the base color sometimes seems too neutral, there are a few possible color combinations with the blue color palette.

Combination of white and blue gives an elegant look

modern blue concept blue design kitchen ideas

First and foremost, we want to focus on the combination of blue and white, because this design is enjoying ever-increasing popularity. The two colors form a modern look that at the same time appears rich in contrast. A large number of homeowners place more value on blue furniture and combine it with a neutral wall design, white for example. Like any color, blue is a generic term and includes a variety of similar shades such as navy, sea blue, turquoise, and light blue. The colors mentioned so far can be easily combined with white and the end result is always the same: great looks.

Consider your choice of color in the kitchen well, because the natural lighting design also plays a crucial role. That’s why navy For dark, low-light and windowless kitchens not an optimal solution, but light blue and turquoise are referred to as a suitable alternative.

Light blue color palette ensures a better lighting design in the room

modern kitchen in blue tips

Pieces of furniture in blue in the kitchen interior

A lot of the best 30 ideas for blue kitchen designs is mainly focused on the stylish selection of furniture in this color palette. For example, blue upper and lower cabinets make the whole room look very attractive. Alternatively, you can design a kitchen bar or island in the blue color palette. Also pay attention to the wall design, because blue pieces of furniture and blue wall design will rather be an inappropriate combination. For this reason, you can leave the floor and wall design in a neutral color, such as white, gray and even light yellow.

Blue kitchen island is one of the trends this year

design kitchen ideas blue arrangement

Kitchen tiles in blue

If blue wall paints appear too commercial for you then there is an elegant alternative to this: blue kitchen tiles. This variant gives the kitchen equipment at the same time new Demensionen. The elegant and shiny surface will be a real eye-catcher in your kitchen. The advantages of the kitchen tiles are clear: better appearance and above all an easy-care wall design.

Blue kitchen tiles – a visually attractive design

Kitchen in blue tips

Be inspired by our 30 kitchen design ideas in blue. The most up-to-date design elements in blue can only be recommended by our editors!

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