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30 elegant “Romantic Living” ideas with candles and lanterns

Romantic Living DIY Wind Lights Birch Bark Tealights

Romantic living: decorate your house with candles

Know the following famous quote from Dalai Lama: “The planet no longer needs successful people. The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, innovators, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds. “Never before have these words sounded more topical than now.

We need love and passion in all its aspects.

We look for her at work, among friends. We want to live romantically and we want to live romantically … Many design institutions are subordinated to this concept. The truth is that even a usual and simple room design can look romantic through the appropriate decoration. Unbeatable in this respect are the candles. They could be enough for us to live romantically.

Romantic living with subtle floating candles

romantic living decorating glass bowls floating candles orchids artificial flowers

Candles also offer plenty of possibilities for individualizing the ambience.

“Disguise the candles”

Take every opportunity to redecorate the candles. They can be decorated differently depending on the season and the occasion. Now would be the best time to paint different autumnal motives.

At Christmas you can spice it up with red and green ribbons.

Of course you can also opt for an elegant version like this one

live romantic elegant autumn table decoration

Summer mood with lemongrass

For many people, romantic living means moving into a summer mood. This effect can be achieved by the lemongrass ores, which have become so popular lately.

Painted center pieces

You can paint or plastically decorate candles. So you live more romantic and have the perfect DIY employment for the winter.

Decorate with self-collected natural materials

romantic live-Christmas Decorations floating Candles


Not all people associate their romantic thoughts with the summer. Some expect the winter impatient for its beautiful cuddly experiences. Picturesque images and beautiful crystals help you to achieve the right setting. For those who share this opinion, the icing decoration would be just right.

Special white and blue colors are perfect for your winter decoration with candles

romantic living maritime candles christmas balls

Different patterns

You can easily adapt the candles to any theme or occasion. The best way to prepare yourself! Bring many different candles and patterns to all the possible occasions you come up with. Also, buy some that are just beautiful, even if you do not know exactly what they are going to do with them. The romantic moods and living ideas need variety! These are easier to achieve if you have several different materials.

Make some creative lanterns from old mason jars

Romantic Living DIY Wind Light Einwecklgas Old Newspaper Paper

Candles in bowls

The combination of bowls and candles is one of the most romantic. We mean all sorts of variations. These may be the decorative bowls that you fill with water, rose petals and small candles. Such an arrangement would be suitable for a romantic occasion or just to warm up the atmosphere. You can put in small candles in shell or lemon peels. This art deco looks fabulous as well.

Or do you prefer more glitter and glamor?

Romantic Living DIY Table Decoration Glass Bowls Shiny Balls

Enchanting colors and scents

There are gorgeous colors and scents for the candles. Cinnamon, apple, gold and silver nuances make it a unique eye-catcher. Whether alone, as a couple or in a group – they are like an ointment for the soul and open your senses for beautiful experiences.

The scent of fresh coffee beans early in the morning

romantic live-wind-lights-are-glasses-coffee bean itself

And the beguiling romance of the candlelight late in the evening

romantic living decorate bathroom bathtub petals candles

Let your imagination run wild

living romantically diy kerzne windllichter ideas

Original DIY candles made of lemon peel with lavender

Romantic Living DIY Lavender Lemon Candles Ideas

Create imaginative lanterns easily

Romantic Living DIY Paper Cardboard Wind Lanterns Mason Jars

Cinnamon sticks are a well-proven classic in winter

romantic living diy candles ideas cinnamon sticks

Beautiful autumn decoration with candles, birch bark and walnuts for real purists

Romantic Living DIY Table Decoration Walnuts White Pillar Candles

Celebrate the colorful gifts of autumn

romantic living diy table decoration autumn candles

Your Advent wreath can be done naturally and spontaneously this year

Romantic Living DIY Table Decoration Christmas Advent

Atmospherically decorated with DIY lanterns with white beans

Romantic Living DIY Wind Lights Mason Jars Beans

Make elegant vintage candles yourself

Romantic Living Diy Candlesticks Vintage Candle Coffee Cups

Make magnificent shell candles in an instant

Romantic Living DIY Wind Lights Seashell Kezenwachs

The same goes for course with empty snail shells

Romantic living diy wind lights snails

Festive lantern idea for your summer party in the garden

Romantic living diy wind light ideas colorful glasses

Simple is often the most beautiful

romantic translucent glass bowls floating candles live

Delicate peonies and elegant pastel-colored candles – a romantic dream in May

romantic festive table decoration pastel-colored long candles

Loving and modest for Valentine’s Day

romantic red wind lights heart motifs

Refined and solemn New Year’s Eve

romantic new years eve decoration festive roses pearls stars

A touch of tart energy in the living room

live romantic pillar candles herbstdeko

“I love you” wordlessly express

romantic living tealights decorating heart shape

Add more comfort to your home with rustic Christmas decoration

romantic live nuts pillar candles fir branches table decoration

Invite your loved ones for a romantic, festive dinner

romantic live-christmas-tischdeko-candles-wind lights

Wishes come true at Christmas!

romantic live-weihnachtsdeko-ideas-candles-teaspoon-christbaumkugeln


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