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30 inspiring horse pictures. With tips for the wall decoration

Horses and horse pictures have been an inspiration to many people for centuries. They are among the few motifs that always provoke fascination even in their classical form. Even in modern interior design, there are many design possibilities where this topic could somehow enroll. We regard the various photographs and paintings that we present as an object of enjoyment per se. After all, we divided them into different topics. We also give you some tips for integrating them into the interior design.

Horse paintings in such colors would enroll in many interior furnishings

brown and white horses pictures

Horse pictures and nature

The horse pictures and the nature are simply together. These animals symbolize freedom and in many cases they are the best symbolization of their powers. In an interior you can spread the feeling of freedom and openness and in some cases – even fascinating dynamics.

Depending on what kind of natural scene you choose, a picture with the remaining shades in the interior can harmonize wonderfully.

An interesting accent for the wall decoration, do not you think?

brown classic horses pictures

Fabulous lighting effects

In the next picture, nature is back in the background. However, we have a strongly stylized depiction that makes lighting a special subject of art. The horse does not seem to ride, but to hover magically. With the central composition and the lighting that would be a great accent for the interior. Similar horse pictures would be quite suitable for many classic designs.

Here is an idea for a central piece in the room

autumn on meadow horses pictures


The fascination of neutral color palettes

You think the horse theme is a bit dated for your modern interior design? Wait a bit more with the hasty prejudices! The next example is naturalistic, but at the same time different rather modern shades are combined with each other. The colors are neutral, but at the same time very bright and striking. So somehow suitable for integration into one modern monochrome interior , not true?

Example of a horse image for the modern interior design

Picturesque illustration of horses pictures

Individual details and horse pictures

Still something suitable for the modern interior are horse pictures, which focus on the details. This is illustrated by our next fabulous example. There we see a beautiful horse’s head with incredible appearance. This is characterized by noble-looking black dots on white fur. Such a horse image can also be successfully combined with other decorations in these shades.

Another wall decoration idea for a monochrome interior design

horses pictures on points

Horse pictures at the sea

Horse paintings by the sea are a very popular topic. In this case, the animals symbolize the force of nature of the water. Thus, the effect of the representations of this element is also reinforced. This has a calming effect and is therefore often used in modern interior design. Sleeping, guest or living room would be suitable for such wall design.

The marine theme is even more popular for the wall decoration with horses

horses pictures the sea is beautiful

More symmetry in the room

Symmetry and balance are sought-after features of modern interior design. With horse pictures you can emphasize these. For example, through such a trio of beautiful heads as in the following photo. Maybe you can hang that as a linchpin on a wall and combine it with other triple groups of accessories.

Images with three horses can restore the symmetry and balance in an interior

horses pictures three beautiful horses

Horse pictures and different styles in the interior

We have already mentioned some details about the use of horse pictures in the interior. With the right approach you can use them in a traditional or modern interior. But they are best suited to eclectic designs, because this theme always brings something traditional and rural with it. So she would be difficult to enroll in an ultra-modern interior design. Rely on your feeling for good taste and do not forget that horses and horse pictures always bring good associations.

The fabulous horse profiles and the symmetry make such a horse picture very lifted

Horses pictures three together

With such horse images, you can make an interior visually wider

horses pictures brown and green

Pictures with white horses are classic, but can also look very modern horses pictures frontal view

horses pictures painting while riding

horses pictures gray and brown

Picturesque depictions are more of a classic wall decoration

horses pictures gray and white

riding horses pictures in the water

horses pictures race in the meadow

Here is something for the romantic interior design

horses pictures nice tenderness

horses pictures black and white in gallop

horses pictures great brown and white

Horse pictures with details are ideal for more modern design concepts

horses pictures great eyes

Horses pictures in front of a mountain

horses pictures white splendor

Horse study as a wall decoration? That is probably the most modern variant.

horses pictures white head

race in water horses pictures

tranquil scene on the meadow horses pictures

With such horse pictures you strengthen or introduce the rural Aspket

beautiful landscape horses pictures

something like a hug horses pictures

radiant in the sun horses pictures

Or maybe you would like something as playful as this picture better?

great loving scene horses pictures

great horse horses pictures

white horses on the meadow pictures


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