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30 Kamin Deko Tips for more comfort and coziness!

Tips for a really sparkling fireplace decoration!

With the winter, the fireplaces regain their central role in the living room design. The licking flames warm up and provide visual gravity in the ambience. But sometimes that’s not enough from a designer perspective. To give the fireplace even more visual gravity, designers are developing ever more original decorative concepts.

Kamin Deko – Stylish decoration ideas for the modern fireplace

decorative fireplace cooler coffee table beige carpet beautiful wall decoration

Kamin Deko – A stone wall brings more naturalness into the interior design

deco fireplace stone wall candles plants

A flat TV over the fireplace

Above the fireplace a flat TV can be positioned. This decorative yet functional idea looks modern and attractive. That’s why it’s so popular. However, you must take all safety measures for the technology and be assured by the control of an expert that all safety measures have been taken.

The wall above the fireplace offers an additional area

fireplace decoration television set living room living room shelves

Eye-catching wall design behind the fireplace

Make the fireplace even more accented by creating the wall behind it with a particularly interesting material. You can, for example, select natural stones.

In a rural living room, a stone wall would bring out the fireplace

deco fireplace stone wall living room floral pattern cozy

Create a romantic mood!

You can choose a romantic design for the fireplace. In this case, you can place a mirror on it and distribute flower vases with a lovely scent in front of it. This decoration idea works especially well in classic living rooms.

Usual decoration for the mantelpiece

fireplace decoration mantel decoration ideas living room

Create a romantic atmosphere

decorative fireplace stylish noble wall mirror candles flowers

A decorative fireplace over the real one

This is a great design idea, which works surprisingly well. For this you simply have to attach the picture of one over the real fireplace.

Picture wall over the fireplace

The wall over the fireplace is great for pictures. And from a symbolic point of view, the great family photos are just right there.

Living room decoration in any color makes the room look very fresh

deco fireplace stiff carpet blue wall

Creative ideas for the decoration of the mantel

deco fireplace living ideas living room leather sofa

A living room outside

Decorate the fireplace in the garden so that it looks like a fireplace. So the zone around them works in not so cold weather as an improvised living room.

Terrace design with natural materials

fireplace deco terrace shape stones throw pillow

Use the flame of the fireplace as a pattern in the room decoration

The flame of the fireplace has a high decorative value. It can serve wonderfully as a pattern, which can be included in various places in the interior design.

Candles over the fireplace

Create even more light by using candle holders as a fireplace decoration. These work especially well with antique or vintage design.

With candles you bring a touch of romantic mood

deco fireplace candles photos living room living room

Do you need a special visual accent in your living room? Do you have a fireplace there? Take your time for its design! Kamin Deko can make this device a real highlight and make your living room furniture look a lot more noble.

The country house style is characterized by a special coziness

decorative fireplace stones living room living room recreation area

Stone fireplace fits nicely in a traditional living room

fireplace deko stonewall decorative mural living room

By beautiful wall decoration emphasize the fireplace

fireplace decoration television set wall decoration trees

Stylish and functional living room design

fireplace decoration ideas stones tv set living room

Mosaic tiles spice up the fireplace

fireplace deco mosaic floor vases accessories

Very fresh colors for the living room furniture combine

fireplace decor murals candles living room set up

Bright yellow makes the mood cheerful

fireplace decor murals shelves carpet recreation corner

Simple living room design with TV over the fireplace and bookshelves

fireplace decor home living room colored carpet tv shelves

Living and decorating ideas for the small living room

fireplace decoration living ideas living room interior stairs

Barely decorate the mantelpiece

fireplace decor tv set up accessories carpet living room

Use beautiful decorative vases as a fireplace decoration

decorating fireplace fireplace accessories fireplace mantel

Showcase your favorite photos

deco fireplace pictures exhibit picture stone stones

Use the picture bar as a display surface

decorating chimney picture bar accessories living room set up

Floor vases are a nice idea how to bring out the fireplace better

deco fireplace stone wall mirror floor vases

Family photos and planters combine

deco fireplace family photos planter candles

Stylish living and decoration ideas, how to make the living area beautiful

decorative fireplace stones plant small living room side tables

Fireplace in niche gives the living room style and character

deco fireplace stone wall plant picture board

Symmetry ensures harmony in the interior design

decorative fireplace living room living room open shelves

Decorate with items that have a beautiful decorative value

deco fireplace living room decorating ideas stylish wall sconces


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