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33 Doorstop Ideas for more comfort and homeliness at home

doorstop retro telephone fabric etsy

Cool doorstop to cheer up the mood at home

Do you know why doorstops are so important? Firstly, you can stop the door for a long time, if you wish. Second, door stops prevent the doors from slamming when it pulls. Last but not least, they can cheer up the mood in your home.

Doorstop as color accents

In an apartment dominated by monochrome shades, doorstops can wonderfully cheer up the mood at home. The different DIY or designer solutions have this effect.

Doorstops made of colorful textiles refresh the room

door stopper fabric colorful lion

Doorstop dedicated to your favorite hobby

Doorstops, which are thematically related to a hobby, would be suitable for both the children, as well as for other rooms. You will find enough DIY and designer ideas on the net and in the furniture shops.

Great motifs of the season

You will find doorstops for almost all seasons and occasions. Now in the fall, there are some of the most beautiful. Many are dedicated to Christmas and winter too.

doorstop gray uhus crafted stuffed animals

The most diverse materials

As far as the doorstop is concerned, you should not be restricted by the materials. You have a lot of choices in this regard. Cork, metal, wood – these are great possibilities.

The surprise effect

You do not want your home to look boring, right? You want the guests to experience real surprises in between? You can certainly achieve this effect through great doorstops. You will find many suitable ideas! Doorstops look like ice, gold, animal figures, and everything else …

A fancy doorstop idea of ​​

door stopper plastic male orange

Be careful with the door stoppers for children

The creative doorstops seem to be made for the nursery. Nevertheless, caution is needed. You must remember that the little ones are less careful and concentrated than adults. Doors for the nursery should not be easy to break or have sharp edges.

door stopper baby article animal wood

door stopper chicken cuddly soft

You will find this elegant doorstop bag quite cheap

door stopper handmade fabric blue white stars

If you like it more subtle then you should join this chic leather solution

door stopper leather brown

Or do you prefer something like that

door stoppers beach bags sacks natural colors ropes

The next seven doorstop models

door stopper monkey stuffed animal

door stopper colorful palstik nails oversized

door stopper dog greenery fabric stuffed animal

door stopper fabric flowerpot flower door stopper fabric house vintage

door stopper dog vintage design stuffed toy

door stopper plaid stuffed animal cat

Natural colors and elegant stripes on line

door stopper linen fabric striped natural colors

And we discovered this doorstop variant in the form of a banana on

door stopper banana yellow plastic

Get as desired an oversized felt pear

Doorstop felt fruit green pear fabric madepeachy

A cute gray dog ​​as a doorstop is available on

door stopper gray dog ​​long

Just like a fabric pear with houndstooth patterns

doorstop fabric pear houndstooth green heart

Let your creativity take over your mind and body

doorstop jute sack insect pattern embroidery work

On you were really creative

Door stopper checkered fabric pyramid

Sweet discreet cat with points at

doorstop cat dotted gray white stuffed animal

Pink toad with filigree floral patterns at door stopper toad pink vintage

And these two beautiful foam door stops can be found on doorstop plastic striped blue eco door stopper plastic foam turtle striped eco living org

Quite simple in rope look on

doorstop leather rope

Metal male in silver gloss

door stopper metal male silver gloss

Fancy doorstop idea with plastic toes

door stopper plastic foot toes

Handmade doorstop with ethnic patterns

door stopper fabric checkered rustic hand made

A cute idea with a dog on

door stopper stuffed animal dog brown beige

Just in time for Christmas

door stopper christmasman felt figure

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