33 Fingerprint Images that make painting an experience

Impressions of the whole hand or individual hands, fingers or fingertips are particularly popular in the design of original drawings and greeting cards. The handprint pictures we have dealt with in a previous article, today we delve into the topic of fingerprint pictures.

Are you looking for an interesting pastime for your children? Or do you want to create an atypical wall decoration for your home? Then we suggest something to you: learn to paint with fingerprints! This is a popular trend these days, which fascinates young and old and gives everyone much pleasure. If you are a crafts fan, then take some time and enjoy the creative ideas in the following pictures, which we have collected in a picture gallery! Surely, this art technique also arouses the curiosity of your child!

It’s that easy!

fingerprint pictures creative crafting ideas how to make pictures with fingerprints

Create a fancy guestbook

Creative crafting guest book with fingerprints of wedding guests

Fingerprints – a favorite pastime for children and adults

The fingerprint pictures are unique and inspiring. They remind the adults of their childhood and carry something fresh with them. That’s why adults enjoy this art technique. For example, when creating fancy guest books you use this painting technique. But children make painting with fingerprints a lot of fun! They like to spend many hours painting anyway; Using fingerprints makes the whole activity even more fun! Of course you add the necessary elements to get a nice overall picture. The fingerprint images can be made by hand, but with templates it is easier! This is even a nice way to encourage toddlers to develop their creativity.

Just let your creativity run free and it will create whimsical things!

Creative craft ideas beautiful painting with fingerprints

Different motives can be pictured

Creative craft ideas paint with fingerprint

For fingerprint prints any colors and motifs are allowed

Fingerprint images actually leave a lot of room for experimentation. This promotes the children’s imagination and also their development. The little ones combine colors and motifs and learn to be independent. Trees and cute animals are the most common motifs. Thus, one or more fingerprints can be used to create different animals and figures. The fingerprints should only be completed with eyes, ears, mouth, legs, etc. It depends on the imagination of the little ones, what creatures arise.

Paint your fingers with an ink pad and get started! How to design these unique works of art.

Fingerprinting is not just an independent pastime but can also be considered a birthday game. The children paint together and spend nice time together.

A fingerprint could indeed be everything!

fingerprint images to create different animals

Fingerprint template for kids

fingerprint pictures with template bear with balloons

Let the little ones be artists for a short time at least! Let’s see what pictures are made! However, the beautiful memories will stay forever!

Combine colors and motifs

fingerprint pictures funny ideas with a lot of color

Create scary figurines

fingerprint images creatures from a fingerprint

Ideas for the little ones

fingerprint pictures funny ideas for the toddlers

Make fascinating Easter cards yourself

fingerprint pictures funny ideas for chicks and bunnies

fingerprint pictures cute caterpillar paint

fingerprint pictures nice ideas for the little ones

fingerprint pictures nice ideas for christmas

fingerprint pictures birds on wire

paint creative craft ideas with fingerprints

Creative craft ideas with fingerprints to play a party

creative craft ideas cool guest book with fingerprints

Creative craft ideas for the youngest who develop the fantasy

make creative craft ideas for children christmas tree

Creative craft ideas make fancy flowers with fingerprints themselves

Creative craft ideas for the little ones with fingerprints

Creative craft ideas with fingerprints make a tree

fingerprint pictures craft ideas for children who promote creativity

fingerprint pictures beautiful craft ideas for children

creative craft ideas dandelion from fingerprints

Creative craft ideas heart made of fingerprints

creative craft ideas unusual idea how to reproduce favorite heroes

Creative craft ideas with fingerprints for children

fingerprint images colored balloons

Creative craft ideas with hand bridges and fingerprints

fingerprint pictures beautiful tree with embassy

Creative craft ideas for kids Christmas card with fingerprints

creative crafting ideas greeting card for christmas


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