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34 bamboo decoration ideas that create an organic aesthetic

bamboo decor room decorating bamboo stakes

Bamboo decoration or how we could use the real gifts of nature at home

Bamboo decoration is an example that nature already offers us everything for our lives. We do not really need artificial materials in our interior. By knowing about natural materials and innovations in their processing, we have a beautiful, modern and absolutely harmonious ambience.

Bamboo decoration in the interior design

bamboo stakes corridor decorate bamboo decor

The traditional application of Bamboo decoration is very popular in the garden and the outdoor area in general. You have to recognize the bamboo properties because it can be both comfortable and weather resistant.

It seems to be so strongly focused on the theme of landscaping with bamboo, that one has virtually neglected the possibilities for use in interior design.

But now the fashion of the Bamboo decoration with full force. You can see just about everything in our examples below. You can make a wall cladding from bamboo. Bamboo decoration can be found in the form of curtains, lampshades, flower pot racks and much more.


bamboo decoration dekotipps room divider bamboo

The bamboo decoration is very practical, not only because it is so convertible. Thanks to its texture and structure, it can serve not only aesthetic but also structural tasks. We find that some of the most beautiful room dividers have ever been made of bamboo.

The lighting and the bamboo déco

decoration articles deco bamboo decoration

The bamboo decoration is a good way to divide the room into individual zones. Partly because of the certain translucency of the exotic material. They manage to zonieren the room, to secure privacy and yet not to darken the room.

For similar reasons, bamboo lampshades are so popular. They are especially suitable for night lighting. The bamboo lampshade directs the light in a certain direction. At the same time, it also leaves a small part of the luminous flux sideways, so that the entire room is subtly illuminated. This “aura” provides comfort and tranquility.

Bamboo wall sconces are popular in the bedroom for romantic lighting.

Bamboo decoration in the spa area

decorate the room decorating bamboo sticks

The characteristics of the bamboo decoration are highly appreciated in all areas of home furnishings. But if there is a place where it is right, these are the spa and sanitation zones. Maybe this has something to do with the natural source of the material. Bamboo grows in humid and rainy regions. There, with much water and rain, it develops its properties. One has the feeling that right next to the pool, in the bath or steam bath, the bamboo decoration appears in all its glory.

Introduce herbal accents

deco bamboo sticks deco living room

A similar effect is achieved by combining the bamboo decoration with other plant accents. Bamboo decoration is great for vases and flowerpots. She can decorate a fine dinner at home or even better – on the terrace or in the garden.

Bamboo makes decoration with style. That’s why they like most people so much. Furthermore, the bamboo unfolds wonderfully the properties of light. Most valuable, however, is its property of being more alive through water, plants and other natural elements. Treat the bamboo to the touch of nature and enjoy the beautiful results that come from it.

Convince yourself of the bamboo decoration effect

decorate bamboo rods decorating room

The bamboo offers an organic aesthetic

bath decorate bamboo deco dekotippps

The characteristics of the bamboo decoration are highly appreciated in all areas of home furnishings

decoration living room bamboo decoration deco tips

The bamboo plant in the bathroom ensures full relaxation

bathroom decorate decorating room decorate

An idea that you can master yourself

decorating decoration bamboo decorating room decorate

Create a complete look in your room

decorate decorating articles deco tips

Bamboo makes decoration with style

decorate bamboo decor room deco tips

The bamboo decoration is very practical, not only because it is so convertible

bamboo sticks bamboo decor deco tips

Lamps made entirely of bamboo are popular in the bedroom for romantic lighting

bamboo stakes decorating living room bamboo decor

The bamboo decoration is a good way to divide the room into individual zones

room divider bamboo bamboo decor room decorate

A great decoration for the garden too

deco ideas garden bamboo decor deco tips

The bamboo is ideal for modern furnished rooms

deco bamboo bamboo decoration

The bamboo rods can also be used as vases

decorating articles bamboo sticks decorating decorate

Practical and decorative bamboo furniture

decorate bamboo furniture decorating room

Bedroom design in the Japanese style

deco bamboo bamboo bamboo decor

decoration articles deco bamboo decoration bamboo stakes

DIY idea for bamboo headboard

headboard bed bamboo decor room decorate

The bamboo poles are a good decoration for every room

decorating room decorating bamboo decor

An idea for wall cladding made of bamboo

deco bamboo decoration deco living room

Accentuate the bamboo stakes with directional light

decorating bamboo stakes decorate your room

Use beautiful bamboo furniture as a room decoration

decorating ideas decorating living room decorating

decoration tips bamboo decoration

decorating decoration room decorating

decorating room decorating bamboo decor

garden decoration bamboo decor bamboo stakes

room divider bamboo room decorate deco tips

bedroom wall design bamboo decor deco tips

decorate mirror ideas decorating room

bamboo decoration room divider tree bus tips


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