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35 table runners for Christmas – more than green, red and gold

table runner christmas decoration dining table

Table runner Christmas jewelry and protection for the banquet table

When it comes to table setting and table arrangements, the table runners play an important role for connoisseurs. With their straight lines they emphasize even more the table decoration and make the division on the table even clearer. Table runners are a must, especially on festive occasions and in fine dining, they are an important part of the table setting.

There are numerous models of it. The wide range of colors, fabrics, quality and prices, of course, depends on the needs and desires of the people.

Through the table runners, you are right on the feast

table runner christmas whole decoration

The next fitting and festive occasion for festive table decoration is Christmas. A better way to get closer to the elegance of the table runner, there can hardly be. For many people, the advent season means more than reflection, cosiness and messing. It’s a time when families and friends meet, cook together, bake together and, of course, enjoy the meal together. Tablecloths and table runners simultaneously serve as protection and adornment for the table and bring anticipation for the upcoming Christmas dinner.

The red color has a strong meaning

table top christmas corner red

The beautiful embroideries are allowed out of the drawers

table runner christmas candle discreet

This is how the banquet table can look

table runner christmas table something different

You could say that table runners belong to the table decoration and as such they have the task of creating a cheerful, festive atmosphere. Themed according to themes, they enhance the festive atmosphere and focus the attention of the guests on the table. Of course, there are typical motifs with Santa Claus, reindeer and snowflakes, but there are also modest designs and unusual fabrics. Even handcrafted, even embroidered or even painted, the table runners can also be Christmas. In our photo gallery you can even find knitted table runners or those in patchwork look.

Completely cozy passes the Christmas party, if you sit there

table runner christmas sltermnative

The enthusiasm for Christmas can have many manifestations, just as a festive decoration would be most individual and expressive. We have included many sources of inspiration for you today and hope that everyone will find what they are looking for. As you can see, there are table runners for Christmas, which contain more than the traditional colors, from which we recognize the Advent season. It depends on the overall combination of how festive (or not) their table decoration will look, not just the colors.

The main color of the table runner can always be different

table runner christmas poinsettia cozy

Create a unique atmosphere

table runner christmas happy knitted tight

And of course the reindeer is a classic

table runner christmas red nordic elders scandinavian

With textile paint you can express your own idea

table runner christmas decoration dining table

And if you are skilled in craftsmanship, knitting should not be a problem for you

table runner christmas happy knitted tight

If everything is green and red anyway, the table runners can be different

table runner christmas yellow

A piece of fabric in the Christmas colors is always appropriate

table runner christmas table decoration

Simple and effective

table runner christmas minimal

Even without a tablecloth, a table runner can look great

table runner christmas modern

Textile pressures can be surprisingly original

table runner christmas pattern example

Every patchwork work has its own individual touch

table runner christmas happy knitted example

Delicate snowflakes are loved and classic

table runner christmas flake pattern

And so could the table setting look on Hawaii

table runner christmas snowflakes hawai

table runner christmas snowflake red nature gray

table runner christmas snowflake red and white

table runner christmas stars

table runner Christmas table top underlay

table runner christmas poinsettia element

table runner christmas poinsettia gold and red

table runner Christmas poinsetted

table runner christmas poinsettia candles artfully

table runner christmas poinsettias ornamented noble red gold

table runner christmas poinsettia juniper jute

table runner christmas poinsettia juniper branches

table runner christmas poinsettia juniper tree branch karro blanket

table runner christmas poinsettia juniper branch embroidery

table runner christmas poinsettia juniper holder white blanket

table runner christmas poinsettia juniper twig white heather


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