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4 fun wedding games for amusing moments and good memories

The wedding should be perfect! And not only the beautiful bride, the decoration and the menu out. You should also think about an entertainment program that amuses the guests and provides more memories. In addition to good music, fun wedding games will provide more fun. The games can only be for the newlyweds or for the guests. It’s best to combine both. We now offer 4 funny wedding games for the guests as ideas. Have fun!

Funny wedding games for lots of fun with the guests

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Funny wedding games with the newlyweds

This wedding game is called “the promise”. You choose 12 couples/persons and ask them on the dance floor. There are two bowls. In one are 12 pieces of paper, each with the 12 year months on it. In the other bowl are 12 pieces of paper with different promises.

Each couple has to draw a note from both bowls and read aloud. For example, The man draws a piece of paper on which “September” is written and the woman pulls out a piece of paper from the second bowl, which reads: “We’re going to visit the bridal couple”. So the promise is, in September we go to visit the bridal couple.

Play games and eat cake

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Eat the wedding cake

Immediately after the wedding cake is cut open, you select three or more pairs. These compete with each other, who eats up the fastest piece of cake. But the men are not allowed to touch the piece, but the woman stands behind him and feeds him. The winning pair will be the next bridal couple.

Dancing is always fun

funny wedding ideas funny wedding games

Dance on the newspaper

This game will make all guests laugh. Pick some young couples and invite them to the dance floor. Take a newspaper and put one sheet next to each pair. Run the music and the couples have to dance on the paper. After the first song, fold the newspaper together and let the music run again. The goal is that the dancers do not leave the newspaper while they dance. And so the newspaper is folded further until a small piece remains. Finally, the men wear the women, so as not to leave the outline of the newspaper. The last dancing couple wins this game.

Increase the mood with fun wedding games and drinks

funny wedding ideas funny wedding games

For the benefit!

Set up a long table on the dance floor. Put 20 glasses full of low alcohol on this. Select 10 friends of the groom and 10 of the bride and put them against each other. The group that was the first to drink the drinks has won. But the condition is that drinking happens in a row. When the first one has finished his drink, the next one may start.

These 4 fun wedding games will bring a lot of fun on your unique day. Increase your and your guests’ mood and ensure unforgettable moments.

Hula-hoop games are suitable for both the wedding outside and indoors

wedding outside funny wedding games

This game can also be played with the shoes of the bride and groom

wedding ideas funny wedding games

Let the balloon burst

balloon games funny wedding games

Recognize the groom with eyes closed

wedding games wedding ideas funny wedding games

Think up amusing games for the wedding day

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Playing limbo is also a lot of fun for the spectators and the players

limbo game funny wedding games

The wedding photos are also part of the entertainment program

funny wedding pictures funny wedding games

Sack hopping for the wedding outdoors

funny wedding games for wedding

Pull out a promise

funny wedding games wedding game

How well do the bride and groom know each other?

shoe games funny wedding games

Make a wheel of fortune

play iideen funny wedding games

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