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4 practical and fast furnishing ideas for your balcony

How do you design a perfect and attractive balcony quickly and with little effort? Yes, maybe it sounds unrealistic, but our editors have always positively surprised with creative ideas, right? In this article we would like to introduce some balcony ideas that will make your neighbors jealous. The simple tricks give your balcony a new look and save you time and money.

Your balcony could look so cozy. Everything is possible with the help of practical design ideas!

balcony ideas curtains ideas

Floor design made clever

After our editorial has recommended the artificial turf floor design for your garden, we believe that these interior design ideas are among the best balcony floors. Of the artificial turf On the one hand, it is easy to lay and able to hide holes or cracks. In addition, this floor design gives the balcony a green look that can be combined well with outdoor plants.

Another advantage of the artificial turf is that you can walk barefoot outdoors without any problem. The favorable price of this floor design is also one of the positive aspects.

Tip: Get an artificial turf mat that guarantees high UV resistance so you can enjoy the green artificial turf for a long time. It is important that this mat is designed with nubs on the back. This guarantees optimal drainage of rainwater.

Artificial grass mats create a green oasis on the balcony

Artificial lawn mat balcony ideas

Curtains for the balcony

The curtains on the balcony secure two important points – elegant look and your privacy. Each one of us knows the feeling when one draws inquisitive looks unintentionally. This problem can be solved with the help of elegant curtains that protect not only from strangers, but also from the sun! Balcony owners describe the curtains as a romantic design idea that creates a lively atmosphere. We agree with that!

tip : Curtains that maintain the air movement while preventing the arrival of flying insects are recommended. Think of the positive properties of the curtains and try cleverly to use this perfect decoration.

A beautiful balcony decoration that brings many benefits

balcony ideas ideas

Bamboo elements

When it comes to privacy on the balcony, we would like to introduce another privacy concept that has become very popular in recent months. Bamboo poles are being used more and more often to create a cool screen. The small pieces can be designed according to your taste. bamboo rods are positioned horizontally or vertically. The good news is that these parts are not expensive.

Tip: Use the bamboo poles as a beautiful and atmospheric cover of your balcony. These materials are used for many long-lived projects because the bamboo poles are naturally grown and considered to be a high quality biological material. Thus, you bring Asian flair on your balcony.

The bamboo poles provide an elegant look and protected privacy

balcony ideas bamboo sticks tips

Lighting design according to the latest trends

The balcony plays an important role in the summer season and ensures unforgettable moments. Fairy lights and vintage-inspired candles quickly create a romantic atmosphere. Strategize the fairy lights and create a visual balance. Too much light is not recommended, but quite the contrary – the lighting design should illuminate the darkness clever!

Tip: Solar Led fairy lights are becoming more and more popular and offer optimal lighting design with a full charge of up to 10 hours. Our editors recommend this kind of lighting. These fairy lights can shine on cloudy days thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery.

Give your balcony an extraordinary atmosphere

balcony lighting design

Enjoy the long summer nights

balcony ideas tips

Fairy lights and candles make a beautiful decoration

balcony ideas fairy lights

Secure your privacy according to the latest trends

balcony ideas

The bamboo poles can be easily and quickly positioned

balcony ideas bamboo bars design

A combination of fairy lights and curtains is one of the trends

balcony ideas lichtdeko lighting design

Choose a specific place for the positioning of the artificial turf mat

Balcony Design

Creating a green oasis clever

balcony ideas green oasis

Enjoy the evergreen look thanks to the artificial turf mat

balcony ideas laying lawns

Fairy lights provide a cozy atmosphere

solar lighting for house New Solar Powered Balcony Lights Work

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