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42 impressive table decorations in blue

table decoration blue blue anchor marine theme Blue tablecloths for special occasions

Special occasions deserve something special in stylistic and decorative terms. At these you can not do without a special table decoration. If in doubt, so if you have no time or inspiration right now, you would have to access something secure.

The color of honor, trust and elegance


Stylish and a little extravagant

table decorations ink indigo blue

The table decoration in blue is usually a universal solution. She always looks classy and special – even more than maybe gold and white, which are also especially popular for special celebrations.

Pleasant for the eyes

table decoration blue

Blue has the property to calm down

table decorations blue peaceful

Create high contrast and courage

table decorations blue patchwork table decoration

Blue emphasizes the celebration of your event

table decoration marine teal

In addition to petrol blue should be neutral colors and fabrics

table decorations dark blue flowers

Other great advantages of the table top in blue are the universally popular character and the fact that they never seem exaggerated or tiring. We owe this to the fact that blue is basically associated only with positive emotions – sea, sky, horizon, etc.

The naval print is suitable for wanderlust and sea voyages

table decoration blue blue anchor marine theme

Refreshing at Easter with baby blue and purple

table decorations-blue-purple

The different blue shades

Did we name the variety of nuances among the advantages of table top in blue? They are more original and tasteful than the other. A typical choice for festive table decorations are turquoise, sea blue and light blue.

Paper flowers show enough style on the cobalt blue ceiling

table decoration blue sky blue blue paper decor

Aquamarine gives the entire decoration a delicate presence

table decorations gorgeous

Combining different nuances can contribute to an exciting monochromatic appearance. Otherwise we would offer couples with garish accents.

Bright colors create mood at the party

table decoration blue sky blue blue and green

Less is more

decorative table decorations

Cool blue is considered the color of honesty

table decorations blue hyacinth

Open your eyes to the many ways to introduce blue elements into the table decoration

When they say “table decoration”, many people think the tablecloths, napkins, flowers, etc. Open up the possibilities for the many other possible forms of decorating. Dishes in blue look particularly noble and can complement the decoration in this main color.

Determine the colors of artificial flowers yourself

table decorations blue flowers

Painted glass – a possible DIY project by the way, is also very appropriate in this context.

Even pale colors look strong when the crowd is right

table decorations blue floral

Delicate table decoration in blue

Would you like a delicate and romantic table decoration for a special occasion for two or in a tight circle? Choose turquoise or any shade of light blue. In spring, we would complement with small branches with delicate white flowers.

The effect of the different blue nuances

table decoration blue blue anchor marine theme Alternatively, you can use gently decorated paper napkins with plant patterns. Small white candles would give the finishing touch.

Blue is the color of infinity

table decorations blue flower

The effect of a color depends on the accompanying color

table decoration blue sky blue blue and yellow

Porcelain and some glitter effects would make such delicate table decoration in blue something festive.

Blue-white looks different than blue-yellow

table decoration blue sky blue

Blue table decoration in rural style

With blue you can make the table decoration more natural. That would complement the charm of a rural ambience. You should use basket details, linen and fabric abundantly. For the rustic table decoration, you can take darker nuances such as petroleum and navy blue.

table decorations blue flowers

A “heavy” appearance can be achieved by flowers in blue, green and white. You will experience the flair of nature with such rustic table decoration in blue also inside the house.

table decoration blue ambiente

To show a high level

Blue is generally associated with high social status. That’s why you can easily make a good impression and point to a high social status. Enhance this impression by one or the other particularly noble detail. What do you think of silver or decorated with gemstones napkin rings?

table decorations blue baby blue

table decorations blue flowers

table decorations blue rose

table decorations blue glass

table decorations blue sky blue blue

table decorations blue blue white

table decorations blue organic

table decorations blossom

table decorations blossom

table decorations birthday
table decorations ceramic blue

table decorations confetti blue

table decorations marine ice queen stones

table decorations net blue sack

table decoration marine ice queen

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