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44 wall design ideas how to liven up the room

Wall design ideas for your brand new living room

The wall design is a theme that is mostly recommended in relation to older homes. Often you are looking for creative ways to refresh the already existing look or you would like to discover a successful temporary solution for your rented apartment. However, the wall design is also a question, which is also of fundamental importance for new installations. It is important that you decide on a wall design that will make the most of the existing space and at the same time please you for a long time. This article is about how to choose the best solution for your own new home.

Wandgestaltung Ideen – Spice up your living room with wall stickers

living room wall design white sofa wall stickers plant

Wall design ideas – mirrors make the small living room seem more spacious

wall design ideas living ideas living room colored carpet wall mirror throw pillow

Frequently asked questions

We start with a list of wall design issues. If you can recognize yourself, the answers that follow are also very helpful to you.

Wall stickers can bring the desired flair to your living room

living room wall design wall stickers favorite cities white corner sofa coffee table

Leave messages on the walls of your living room

wall design ideas living ideas living room messages

One wonders what to place behind the table, behind the sofa or on the shelf, because these items usually attract a lot of attention. Accordingly, the wall behind it must be highlighted particularly well.

World binders are a trendy way to set accents in the living room

living room wall design red sofa black wall stickers world map plant

Combine patterns with each other

wall design ideas wall wallpaper living room sofa floral orange

Then there are a number of questions related to the way of decoration. Should one decide on a single beautiful color and paint in it all walls? Should you prefer to use wallpaper? Is it a good idea to put a large mirror on the wall? Or should one reject all these ideas and opt for an artful creative wall design?

Orange accent wall captivates the eye on itself

wall design ideas accent wall orange green carpet plants home living room

Rethink the wall color carefully

wall design ideas light yellow walls white furniture living room living room

Living room wallpaper with floral pattern makes the room appear alive

wall design ideas living room floral pattern shelf wall bright furniture tv

Purple living room walls are attractive

living room wall design purple walls candlestick white carpet

Should not one rely on a monochrome appearance, but using the different nuances of one and the same color? Would you like to design an accent wall? But does that bring any practical benefits?

Let’s start by answering these questions one by one …

The wall behind the table

In a modern living room we often have a higher table. Do you want to highlight the wall behind this? Would you also like a room enlargement? In this case, this is probably the right place for a mirror in the room. You will visually enlarge the dining area, the seating area and make the whole room more inviting. In this case, it is highly recommended to place a pendant lamp above the table. Her glorious appearance is dominated by the mirror and the room is more luxurious.

The patterns in the luxurious living room harmonize nicely

wall design ideas wall wallpaper luxurious noble sofa living room stripes pattern

Large wallpapers behind the seating area or media wall

If you choose an accent wall, it can also be placed behind the sofa. Incidentally, it can also be wonderfully combined with the mirror next to the table. Behind the sofa, you could spice up the wall with a great wallpaper.

Several round wall mirrors on the wall behind the sofa are real eye-catchers

wall design ideas living room elegant sofa wall mirror

Through mirrors you create beautiful effects in the room

wall design ideas mirror brown sofa striped carpet

Put on a functional wall decoration

Living room wall design wall clock black leather sofa chandelier

Dark walls for a dramatic look

wall design ideas living room orange curtains fireplace black accent wall

Create an accent wall around the TV

wall design ideas accent wall behind tv red plant

Wooden wall panels are a beautiful wall design idea for the modern living room

living room wall design wall panels wooden areas secrete

Another suitable place for the wall wallpaper would be the area behind the TV. We would choose one of the two. More than a specially decorated wall is just too much in one and the same room. If you want to artfully make more than one wall, then it works well almost only if you have a window or a mirror on one of them.

The practical function of the wall design

If you decide on the type of wall design, you must consider whether you give this a practical function. It can be the first to emphasize one dimension in space more than another. Furthermore, you can use the wall design to separate different zones within the same space clearer from each other.

Make the living room walls alive

wall design ideas living room tv chimney accent wall

Colored frames give the mirror an attractive look

wall design ideas orange frame mirror open plan

The questions and answers listed here should be enough to make a successful individual wall design. The guidelines are not much, but it takes a lot of time and patience to apply them perfectly. The task becomes even more difficult when you have a modern apartment that combines many functions within a room. Or maybe you live in a house that shows an irregular floor plan. But just in these cases, the basic rules are very important if you want to achieve comfort and uniform look at home.

Design the living room in gray

wall design ideas gray tones living room

Beautiful wall decoration dispels boredom from the room

living room wall decoration wall decor white sofa brown reading chair

Single area by the wall design

wall design ideas light brown accent wall black carpet attractive lighting

Shelves are also a way of designing the walls

wall design ideas bin ideas wall shelves accessories

Avoid a boring wall design

wall design ideas red wall white throw pillow mirror surfaces

Crisp striped patterns do not remain unseen

wall design ideas stripe pattern wall wallpaper dining area chandelier

Oval wall mirror combines great with the floral wall tattoo

wall design ideas victorian style living room wall mirror

Rustic wall design gives the living room its own character

wall design ideas wood panels living room blue sofa

Bring the world map to the living room wall

wall design ideas wandsticker gray sofa weltmappe colored throw pillow

Design the kitchen walls creatively

wall design ideas dining area creative wall

wall design ideas living room shelf wall gray corner sofa

living room wall decoration wallpaper wall shelves flower pots wall decor black armchair

wall design ideas wall mural elegant gray light carpet mirror

wall design ideas white walls spice up pictures plants

living room wall design white walls colored elements open plan

living room wall design green walls orange curtains red carpet

wall design ideas living ideas living room chic furniture fireplace pictures accents

wall design ideas living room living room stylish blue walls mirror surfaces

wall design ideas living room blue walls accents orange elements

wall design ideas living room wall panels dark furniture coffee table storage bin

living room wall decoration wall stickers triangles small living room set up

living room wall design dining area secrete wall wallpaper

Living room wall design wall panels wood orange accents

Living room wall design mirror stone wall carpet

living room wall design white wall panels mosaic white sofa


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