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5 helpful ideas for your summer party in the garden

The summer is here and brings a funny summer mood. Experience the best moments by celebrating outdoors! You should know that summer parties are also subject to fashion. You do not want to fall out of the trend in this direction, right? Then we could help you with our 5 ideas for the summer Party help in the garden. From the organization to the smallest details, here you can get very specific hints on how to organize your next summer party in the garden. Now let’s start! …

Preparing for the summer party is important

Preparation for the summer party

1. Organize!

When organizing a summer party you have to have a clear plan for the number and the number of guests. Do you have a smaller or bigger party? Do you have a theme or leitmotif? Will you celebrate a birthday or other party? Will the summer party be in boho, retro or Chinese style?

Adapt these circumstances to the preparation and organization of the party! If, for example, a family party with small children is planned, then one should think of the entertainment of the children. You can be inspired by the pictures attached here!

Colorful decoration for a summer party with toddlers

Colorful decoration for a summer party with toddlers

Small pools for the entertainment of children

Toddlers party in the garden

Why not put a trampoline so that you keep an eye on the little ones while talking to the guests?

Toddler trampoline at the summer party in the garden

Trampoline for the toddlers

Celebrating birthday in the open air

birthday party

Summer party in Hawaii style

Hawaii style

Summer party in the Chinese style

Summer party in a Chinese style

2. Choose weatherproof materials!

If you have decided to have a party outside, you need to be aware of the weather forecast. Wind and rain could cause some property damage on your deco, so choose weatherproof stuff to avoid weather surprises. It applies to both the furniture, as well as for the dishes. Garden chairs and tables, side tables for eating and drinking, dishes – practically you should think of everything! Today there are many items that are made of weatherproof fabric. Materials like melamine and bamboo for the dishes and rattan for the furniture are perfect.

Rattan furniture stays stylish even after the summer party

Garden furniture made of rattan

Dishes made of melamine are weatherproof and come in many different colors

Dishes made of melamine

The box made of bamboo offers different nuts

Crockery made of bamboo

3. Decorate!

If you want to make a special impression on your guests, then choose plates, cups, napkins and more. in the same design. Why not use a light, summery style? Choose a main color and possibly a secondary color and develop the main idea!

Garden deco in pink for your summer party

Table decoration-in-same-Design

For decoration add different details like flowers, colored fairy lights, candles, scented candles or colored garlands. Choose subtle and diffused lighting – so create a fun atmosphere!

You can also design discreet lighting yourself

Subtle lighting

And if you have a manicured lawn, your guests could be sitting on the floor right away. But do not forget the little carpets!

Sit on the floor at a summer party and feel the connection with nature

Situate guests on the ground

Decorate your table with lush flowers!

Floral decor idea for the summer party in the garden

Table decoration with sunflowers

Table decoration with sunflowers

Unfold your imagination and make the garlands yourself! The main goal is that you and your guests celebrate together in the best of moods.

Colored garlands for your unforgettable summer party

Colored garlands for the summer party

Or why not combine flowers with candles and let them hang from the tree branches? It is original and undoubtedly trandy.

Combine flowers with candles!

Combine flowers with candles

No matter what your garden looks like – if you feel like it, you can do something great!

Another idea for the summer party

4. Outside in the shade

For your summer party you also need awnings or umbrellas. A party in the day or in the evening – in both cases you need umbrellas for a good protection against sun and / or rain. The umbrellas differ in style, choose those that best fit your garden style!

Big umbrella for your little summer party

Great umbrella for your little summer party

Umbrellas in Asian style

Umbrellas in Asian style

Umbrellas in a romantic style

Umbrellas in a romantic style

Parasol in Hawaii style

Parasol in Hawaii style

5. Do not forget food!

At a summer party, it’s always about the delicious food. The food is varied, depending on the taste – grilled meats, cocktails, fruit ice cream with fruit, finger food u.a. Make sure the food meets the taste of your guests. Ask your guests in advance according to their preferences, so that no one remains disappointed!

Various cocktails refresh in the summer

Cocktails refresh in the summer

Combined grilled dishes always taste excellent!

Combined barbecue

Offer different types of ice cream with different aftertaste

Ice cream in many different tastes

Finger food is still trendy

Finger food on trend

After you have finished the preparation part, the time comes to welcome your guests. The most important thing is nothing else than that you irradiate the party with a happy smile and good mood!

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