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5 magical lighting ideas for your garden

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With the right lighting, the garden can be transformed into a dreamlike idyll

Depending on the idea, furniture and space, the most diverse ideas can be put into action. Whether relaxing or partying, the garden is more than just a place for your flowers, if you pay attention to garden lighting with attention to detail. When planning and implementing the lighting does not necessarily have to be expected with a high power consumption.

Lighting idea 1: Stage stages

Between garden and terrace or in a garden with a slight slope, individual steps can be integrated. At twilight or in the dark, these may pose a danger. The lighting with small spots in the steps, not only provides more security, but also achieves a pretty effect. If there is a wall next to the staircase, which provides ground support and demarcation, you can also integrate energy-saving and brightness-emitting LED spots in it. This type of point lighting must not only be limited to steps and stairs, but also offers itself for the Illumination of the entire path at. Who wants to have more variety, can flowerpots provided with LED spotlights.

Lighting idea 2: pond a highlight by day and night

A pond is not only a detail in the garden for fish lovers, but also for those who want to add value to the garden. In addition u. a. Water features and attractive lighting. If the water flows over stones, you can integrate light in different colors. The same applies to the point at which the water emerges from a figure or a stone in the arch. If it is a classic pond, it can be illuminated with ball lights around the pond. Further ideas for atmospheric accents on or in the garden pond is provided by the article ” Garden pond light “By ago.

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Lighting idea 3: Effective even without electricity

If you would like to avoid the expense and work involved in laying the cables, alternative lighting options are an option. In the magazine Gartenhaus GmbH For this the topic solar is taken up. Solar lights for the garden are available in two systems. You have the choice between lights that have a small solar cell integrated and lights that are powered by an external solar network with power. Especially round garden lights attract attention. Due to their low consumption, LEDs ensure sufficient brightness into the night or until dawn.

Lighting idea 4: The lawn illuminates the night

Spotless spotlights or spotlights are embedded in the lawn during the day. It is important to pay attention to the installation height, as the use of the lawn should not be complicated. In order not to interrupt the surface visually, attention must be paid to the size of the lighting. In the dark, the effect then fully comes to light. With just a few, well-positioned spots, you can illuminate the entire surface. The classic is white light, which is not a must, especially if the light is focused on a tree or other object.

Lighting Tip 5: Candles for the special mood

Candles and lanterns that illuminate the path or illuminate the terrace in colorful glasses, paper bags with differently cut patterns or in the shape of lanterns create a wonderful, cozy or romantic effect. If you want a little more light, you should grab a pillar candle. In this way, even on the tables light can be brought. For all other places can be used as an alternative to special, windproof and robust, sometimes large and colorful or decorative outdoor candles.

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