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5 reasons why the vintage bridal bouquet is a good idea!

The bridal bouquet is very important to how you feel at your wedding party. He is one of the details that make up your style as a bride. And you are the center of your celebration! A vintage bridal bouquet is a beautiful choice in many ways. Below are five strong arguments in favor. In addition, we offer 50 fabulous ideas from which you can draw concrete inspiration.

Blue in Dress – Blue in Vintage Bridal Bouquet! So stylish!

Bouquet pictures idea in blue

You can combine several colors in a vintage bridal bouquet

Try in one Vintage Bridal bouquet to weld together all the shades of your party. In the design of such one likes to take the pastel shades. That’s why even a colorful compilation still looks pretty neutral and stylish.

So you can really unfold your imagination!

Vintage pastel shades are colorful bridal look accents!

Bouquet pictures inspiration

They remain true to tradition

Even the most modern wedding should be slightly conservative and romantic, is not it? And so it is with a vintage bridal bouquet! Because the vintage style is generally very up to date, it would be wonderful to inscribe in various decorative concepts. It should just correspond to the rest of the design.

With this wedding bouquet you provide a touch of innocence and romance

Bouquet of pictures several vases


A vintage bridal bouquet looks like an accessory

Many modern brides rely on the minimalism of their own outfit and the design of the wedding party. In such a case, the accessories are extremely important. A vintage bridal bouquet with noble decoration could be ideal in such a case. Especially if he looks like in the picture below.

The pastel colors are ideal for a noble wedding party!

Bouquet idea with black accents

You can do a vintage wedding bouquet yourself

The homemade decoration is becoming increasingly popular at weddings. It makes you feel more personal and, in addition, the joy on and about the personal celebration is greater for many. Already the preparation feels like a part of the celebration. a Vintage You can do wonderful bridal bouquet yourself. You could use simple plants like these in the photo below.

Vintage and the natural style are often paired in the bridal bouquet design!

Bouquet of several colors

The vintage bouquet is a great decoration

The bridal bouquet in vintage style is a great decoration and therefore very practical. After the official celebrations are over, he can decorate a table at your celebration. The lady who gets this after the end of the celebration will certainly be able to use it as a decoration!

Through such a shower, you provide mystery and romance at the same time!

Bouquet vintage pink and green arrangement

The vintage bridal bouquet is actually one of the most universal variations currently available for wedding decoration. Details with such character can also serve as wonderful accents. A bridal bouquet in vintage style is a fitting example of this. Maybe we can inspire you with our tips and ideas to choose one. Whatever you decide, we wish you a great wedding!

Pink and white in very light shades are just right for a wedding bouquet in vintage style!

Bon Bon colors bouquet vintage

Decorate the bridal bouquet with bows as well, turn it into a work of art!

Bridal Bouquet Pictures Inspiration

Vintage paper – wedding bouquet. This is modern and environmentally friendly!

Bridal bouquet vintage bride

The vintage bouquets can be found in a variety of designs!

Bridal bouquet vintage green blue white

Bridal bouquet vintage classic dress

Bridal bouquet vintage with many white shades

Noble bridal bouquet vintage only in one shade

So natural, so romantic and so stylish – you can easily achieve this through the vintage style!

Elegant design vintage bridal bouquet

Figural idea bouquet vintage

Flash shades bouquet pictures

Big flowers and deco bridal bouquet vintage

The vintage bouquet of flowers can be wonderfully decorated with jewelry

Big flowers vintage wedding bouquet

Green-white wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Pictures Inspiration

Wedding bouquet in free form

Wedding bouquet with hanging elements

Have a big flower act as an accent and arrange others around it

Wedding bouquet with a very noble effect

Wedding bouquet vintage in a flower vase

Wedding bouquet vintage pastel shades

Wedding bouquet vintage white dress

Wedding bouquet in front of a gray background

Why do not you let the fresh green in your bouquet dominate you?

Idea for bridal bouquet pictures

Classic vintage bridal bouquet

Lying bouquet of flowers pictures idea

lying bouquet vintage

Purple bouquet vintage cascading

Simplicity and vintaage style are a beautiful combination for the wedding bouquet!

Purple white green vintage wedding bouquet

Several pictures wedding bouquet

Magnificent bouquet of vintage pink and purple

The vintage bridal bouquet could also serve as a great table decoration

Pink and brown bridal bouquet vintage

pink white bouquet

Round bouquet with silver elements

bright colors bouquet of pictures pictures idea

Cascading flowers are a trend that should always be considered!

Oversized bouquet idea

Vintage bouquet with fruits

Vintage bridal bouquet three colors

Vintage bridal bouquet idea

Vintage bridal bouquet in pink and white

This idea is very provocative, but it looks uplifted thanks to the vintage colors

Vintage bridal bouquet short dress

Vintage bridal bouquet with purple paper

Vintage bridal bouquet next to decoration

Vintage bridal bouquet of pink shading

Vintage bridal bouquet meadow

For the main part, choose bright shades and set the neutrals as accents

Vintage wedding day on a table

What the shades with green accents Bouquet vintage

White and green splendor vintage bridal bouquet

White flowers bridal bouquet vintage

Here is a monochrome design with some vintage color accents!

White wedding bouquet with lilac flowers. Idea

Delicate and big flowers bouquet vintage


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