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5 tips on how to choose the right napkin folding technique for you!

Would you like to decorate the table with a napkin folding technique? This is indeed a very good strategy with which you can make something special for any occasion. If you research on the Internet, you will find an incredible amount of great ideas. Yes, you could even lose something in it. The following tips will help you to find the best napkin folding technique for your occasion and personal style. We also have 50 great ideas, and some of them are suitable for Christmas and New Year.

This is a fabulous napkin technique for Christmas! And she so easy.

festive napkins folding technique christmas

Simple decoration for Christmas

Become for Christmas or New Year’s Eve Invite guests home? Then you want to make sure that, in fact, a cheerful mood prevails. Look at the simple idea for napkin folding technique in the picture above! You could just imitate these yourself.

With the right color and a little detail you have reached a small imitation of the Christmas tree. With such a strategy you will certainly impress and put everyone in a good mood. In general, it is very important to choose a thematic napkin folding technique for special occasions. There are enough ideas in the internet and we also have some of them below!

With a great napkin and DIY napkin ring you can reach wonderful table decoration!

interesting and noble napkin folding technique

Give the “usual” occasion a special character!

Some of the most memorable moments are the informal dinners with friends and relatives. Despite the tiring everyday, finding time for such is almost one nowadays luxury , And these opportunities have to be celebrated somehow. The folding technique with a DIY napkin ring at the top is ideal for those moments when you want to add a special touch to a shared meal with simple means.

The napkin technique is great and the color is the table decoration!

funny napkin folding technique new theme

Classic and playful at the same time

Do you want to show that you have good manners, but do not want to make the atmosphere in the room too reputable? Then folding techniques of the kind like the one shown above and below would be the best for you. Turn the napkin into a small envelope or fly, and at the same time it looks a bit playful, but also quite noble. This effect is also due to the color combination. The white tablecloth and the dinner sets look very classic. However, thanks to the choice of a bright color, you can create a great, eyecatching contrast. If you want to make sure that despite the playful shape, the decoration looks classy, ​​choose a noble fabric for the napkins.

Such napkin folding technique looks classy and playful at the same time!

motif for napkin folding technique

Origami figures for an artful atmosphere

Is cooking an art for you? Would you like to offer your guests pleasure for all senses at every opportunity? There are many napkin folding techniques that draw inspiration from origami art. Below is a great example of it in the beautiful dark green color. With little time you give this design a great artistic character.

Napkins can be wonderfully folded according to origami technique!

origami napkins folding technique flower

If you have to stay true to the classic

On a special occasion you always play it safe, if you stick to the classic rules. There are many interesting napkin folding techniques that give the whole thing a personal character. Choose a simple but appealing idea like this in the following picture. If you choose a fine fabric for the napkins, not even classic folding techniques will look uplifted.

You are on the safe side with white napkins made of fine fabric and such a folding technique!

simple napkins folding technique luxury

The napkin folding technique would therefore best reflect the theme of the dinner. For Christmas you can tinker around a Christmas tree or a star. You can also choose the appropriate colors. Similarly, you can proceed at other festivals. Then you have to pay attention to how far an event is official or informal. The more it tilts to the second, the more playful the variant could be. Keep to these rules, you still have plenty of room to experiment!
You can also find further orientations for the choice of napkin folding technique in the following pictures!

Everyone can make something so simple at Christmas!

matching napkin folding technique for christmas

Choose a simple folding technique and decorate the dining table!

simple napkins folding technique with a green motif

This folding technique and color are also very classic

beautiful table decoration set

That would be a great centerpiece of napkins for many Tischdekos!

napkins folding technique acorn

napkins folding techniques simple ideas

napkins folding technique happy

Such a folding technique would be perfect for the fall!

napkins folding technique autumnal

napkins folding technique classic

napkins folding technique classic idea

napkins folding technique romantic occasions

napkins folding technique fir-tree idea

This is a classic folding technique that always goes down well!

napkins folding technique traditionally funny

napkins folding technique two variations

napkin folding techbnik christmas idea

napkin folding technique simply effective

napkin folding technique easy

Maybe that would be perfect for your party!

napkin folding technique festive idea

napkin folding technique gave the nature

napkin folding technique mens idea

Choose a noble folding technique with a napkin ring!

napkin folding technique luxury idea

napkin folding symbols

napkin folding technique origami technique

napkin folding technique different ribbons

napkin folding technique visual guidance

Find simple but creative and engaging ideas for everyday life!

napkin folding technique windmill motiv

fir tree napkin folding stars

table decoration flowers and cloth napkins

table decoration festive appearance

table decoration form star

Until Easter you have time to practice this napkin folding technique!

table decoration frestlich fattechnik

table decoration for a few persons

table decoration glass napkins

table decoration idea with napkins

table decoration with noble details

Here you have a romantic heart-shaped folding technique. Maybe for Valentine’s Day?

table decoration with a romantic motif

table decoration with simple origami

table decoration with great white napkins

table decoration red napkins

table decoration deaf idea

So noble, your cutlery can be wrapped!

table decoration diaper shape

traditional napkins folding technique

Christmas table decoration beautiful fabrics

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