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50 ideas on how to make the little terrace

Living in an apartment has its drawback, and one is forced to forego a large terrace where one can get a breath of fresh air. There is also a small terrace where you can enjoy your morning coffee and croissants on warm days. We showed you lots of ideas for the small balcony, but this time we decided to do some interesting examples to give as you can make the small terrace. With little money and a little effort, you can turn it into one of your favorite places in the house. You still have some time to turn the terrace into a small oasis before the warm spring days come.

Nice and practical ideas on how to make the little terrace

Small patio shape balcony set up

Framing the small terrace with a “green” wall

A vertical garden on one of the walls is a great idea to get closer to nature. Choose beautiful and climate-appropriate plants and make for an interesting design. The terrace oasis becomes all the more wonderful if you put several and different plants and flowers there.

Enjoy something delicious on the terrace

Small terrace decorating the terrace

Barbecue for the small terrace

As impossible as it seems, but it is completely feasible to prepare a barbecue on the small terrace. For this you should only buy a small grill, which is the size perfectly suited for the particular place.

Always have fresh herbs at hand

Design patio furniture for small terrace

Herb garden on the terrace

If you are a passionate cook and like experimenting with cooking, then you will surely be the one fresh herbs appreciate that you always have at hand. The railing is a good place to hang several pots of herbs. The alternatives for a rack are enormous, and if you’re a bit handy in your craft, you can do it yourself. Plant basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, etc., all the herbs you like to use.

Achieve a practical patio setup

prkatische terrace furniture small terrace framing

Practical terrace furniture

The small terrace should be well organized, so you can move freely and at the same time has a nice comfortable seating area. Folding tables and chairs are always a good idea for limited spaces. These are always at hand when you need them. little one rattan furniture , such as two-seat benches with storage space are also very suitable for the small terrace.

The interior design ideas for the small terrace are numerous. We have collected 50 image ideas for you to serve as inspiration. Take a look at them and plan everything. Start now to be ready for the warm spring days.

Refuel vitamin D on the terrace

decorating terrace small balcony framing small terrace

With a little money and effort you can transform the terrace into your favorite place

balcony design small terrace design

Enjoy your morning coffee on the small terrace

balcony furniture for bran balcony small terrace shape

The closed terrace can also be enjoyed in winter

Balcony furniture for small balcony gesatalten small terrace framing

A small herb garden for the terrace

balcony furniture ideas small terrace shape

Create a corner to relax on the small terrace

balcony furniture ideas terrace decorate small terrace shape

A green screen for the terrace

balcony furniture small terrace shape furnishing ideas

Decorate the small terrace romantically

balcony small terrace shape small balcony

Colourfull textile provides for more mood

colorful decorating small terrace frame

A comfortable reading area

decorating balcony small terrace shape small balcony

decorating flowers for the balcony small terrace design

decorating small balcony frame small terrace

Hang up a newspaper rack

decorating terrassa balcony furniture small terrace design

Terrace furniture in this year’s trend colors

balcony decorating small terrace shape

decorating terrace small terrace design

furnishing ideas balcony furniture terrace furniture small terrace design

The many plants provide a holiday feeling

interior design deco ideas terrace shape small terrace

furnishing ideas small terrace shape balcony furniture

Move the dining room outside

interior design terrace small balcony set up

A small vintage terrace

furnishing ideas terrace framing small terrace

Framing a summer kitchen on the small terrace

design ideas terrace framing small terrace

Everyone should design the patio oasis according to their preferences

Branches balcony shape framing small terrace

A carpet makes everything even more comfortable

small terrace shape balcony furniture small balcony

small terrace shape balcony furniture

Small but nice!

Small terrace decorating balcony furniture for small balcony

small terrace decorate deco ideas terrace design ideas

small terrace shape small balcony

small terrace shape terrace decorate small balcony

Small terrace shape terrace decorate

Two small sitting areas on the small terrace frame

small terrace shape patio furniture

Put on the terrace flowering plants that smell nice

small balcony shape small terrace framing

Sky blue chairs and a table add color

small balcony small terrace framing

Also pallet furniture can be found on the small terrace

creative decorating small terrace frame

Enjoy the cold drinks on the terrace

furniture for terrace framing small terrace

Upholstered furniture for the terrace

modern furniture balcony furniture small terrace frame

A thriving oasis

plant ideas terrace furniture small terrace design

carpets make a small terrace

decorate terrace decorate small terrace

terrace design small terrace shape

Use Euro pallets as a railing and privacy fence

Terrace decorate balcony

Even the cat feels good

terrace ideas small terrace frame

Put on colored furniture

terrace furniture ideas small terrace frame

Take care of yourself for your comfort

patio furniture small terrace frame

Even for the smallest balcony there are practical solutions

patio furniture small balcony shape small terrace frame

Think of a patio roof

patio furniture rattan furniture terrace branes terrace gestaltwn

patio furniture terrace decorating small terrace frame

Natural wood for the small terrace

living ideas small terrace shape decoration ideas

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