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55 inexpensive decorating ideas with fairy lights for every season

In the past it was still the classic incandescent bulbs, today it is almost just the LEDs that fascinate us as fairy lights and give our four walls a cozy light. They are reminiscent of fireflies and are always popular with young and old. It is therefore no wonder that decorative lights with fairy lights are among the best ever. Because with little effort, great effects can be achieved quickly. In addition, there are numerous variations of fairy lights that are suitable for every occasion and every location. So you can use the energy-saving for indoors especially lights use on the terrace when barbecuing or on the beach wedding the battery-powered and on the summer party in the garden with solar fairy lights round off the atmosphere fairy tale.

Romantic decoration ideas with fairy lights

canopy decoration with fairy lights bedroom

Decorative ideas with fairy lights provide more comfort

LED fairy lights are not only beautiful and atmospheric, but they are also quite energy efficient and versatile. Depending on taste and occasion, fairy lights can be used in different ways as decoration ideas. You can hang them not only on the Christmas tree, but also on trees and shrubs, on the wall or above the kitchen table.


With the discreet little lights, almost any object can be beautifully staged and each room transformed into a dreamlike landscape. Very original and popular are the deco ideas with large glass bottles or classic Ball Maison Mason jars , Full of fairy lights, these are not only in the living room an undisputed eye-catcher. In every other room as well, fairy lights create a more festive atmosphere and bring that certain something with them.

Especially balloon bottles look full of fairy lights just stunning

light chains deco ideas dresser glass bottle round hydrangeas

Important when buying fairy lights

Although most products are fairly safe on the market, you should still pay attention to quality and safety certificates when buying fairy lights. Especially the CE marking speaks for a good safety according to the European standards, but also the additional GS mark is a desired guarantee, which comes from specialized, technical inspection bodies. You should also decide before buying whether you prefer a light chain with cold or warm white light. It is just as important whether you use the string of lights with power connection or would rather take mobile – with battery or solar module. And if you want to hang your fairy lights out on the balcony or in the garden, then it is very clear: These should have a hundred percent outdoor suitability, so they can optimally defy splash water and moisture.

Very original are fairy lights, inspired by Edison’s light bulb, but equipped with LEDs

decorating lights. decoration, lightbulb, apartment

Make fairy lights yourself

And those of you who still have not found the right fairy lights or just like to experiment, you can make your own fairy lights yourself. We have a few suggestions and fresh ideas for you here that will hopefully serve as inspiration. DIY fairy lights are a simple crafting affair that is a lot of fun and immediately produces the optimum effect. Of course, upcycling is also an issue here, as egg cartons, paper cups, tin cans, etc. can be quickly converted into beautiful fairy lights and designed as enchanting decorations.

Making fairy lights is child’s play

DIY String Lights Deco Children's Room


DIY fairy lights as color accents for the wall decoration

colorful diy fairy lights deco ideas wall decor

Take a look at all the other deco ideas in our picture gallery and decorate your home with atmospheric lights to your own taste and personal preference.

Chocolates or muffin cases can also become lampshades for the DIY fairy lights

Make a small decoration for the window itself make Christmas decoration itself collected on modern decor ideas too

Fabric, paper and old cans are the perfect crafting materials for colorful decoration ideas with fairy lights

colorful fairy lights make deco ideas wall design yourself

diy string lights deco ideas colorful wrapping paper carton

diy fairy lights cardboard berry fabric decoration ideas

Decorative idea with wire and fairy lights for advanced

diy fairy lights craft ideas deco ideas to make yourself

Pompons are also perfect as a decoration of the fairy lights

deco ideas wall decoration with fairy lights pompons

Fairy lights made from colored textile balls

light chain deco ideas dresser lantern

A fairy lights for more mood in the study

office room decoration with fairy lights

… or for more cosiness in the living room

living room decorate led fairy lights decoration ideas

decorate deco ideas romantically with led light strings

lichterkette wall decoration deco living room

vintage deco ideas with crochet feather rocking chair floor lamp

vintage romantic deco ideas with chains

Living room decoration with fairy lights

In the bedroom, the fairy lights are irreplaceable

Decoration ideas with fairy lights in the bedroom wall mirror

decoration ideas with fairy lights living room decorating lantern

glass bottle diy decoration ideas with fairy lights stars

lightbulbs fairy lights deco ideas romantically decorate

making heart deco ideas with fairy lights

light chains deco ideas bedroom vintage style

decorating decoration lights bedroom wall mirror

Les 25 Meilleures Idà © es De La Catà © gory Guirlandes Lumineuses Suriname Noà «« l Decoration Chambre Enfant Avec Tendance Deco Chambre Adult

bedroom children's room decoration deco ideas with chains

mirror decoration with fairy lights bedroom

And in the nursery, the little “fireflies” are a real classic

heart wall decoration with a necklace deco children's room

nursery deco light chain led wall decor moon

children's room decoration ideas wall decoration string lights

children's room decorate decoration ideas with fairy lights

fairy lights decoration children's bedroom

origami diy fairy lights deco ideas wall design

wooden swing bed deco ideas with fairy lights

An effective photo wall is created in no time

decorating your own ideas with fairy lights

decoration ideas with fairy lights small light bulbs photo wall

Photo wall itself make string lights deco ideas

Or you want to stage your old wooden ladder with delicate lights as an eye-catcher?

old wooden ladder decorating fairy lights deco ideas

And what about your houseplants?

decorating lights. decorating

indoor plants decorate deco ideas with fairy lights stars

ball maison glass deco ideas with fairy lights

lichterketten dekoideen bedroom cactus sukkulenten

summer deco fairy lights deco ideas

Just let your creativity run wild when decorating with fairy lights!

LED String Lights Table Decoration Romantic Deco Ideas decoration ideas with fairy lights fabric balls

romantic decorating wall design with fairy lights

DIY String Lights Deco Living Room Bedroom

fairy lights decoration deco vintage

fairy lights deco cheese cheese bells dresser

fairy lights in the hall decorating living ideas

staircase corridor decoration ideas with fairy lights

fairy lights stars deco ideas lantern table decoration

copper wire decoration ideas with fairy lights

stars string lights deco ideas antique statue dresser decorate


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