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6 ideas for romantic bedroom design

So your bedroom design is really romantic!

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Wish yourself a romantic interior ? Soft throw pillows, four-poster bed and glamorous chandeliers – these are just three of many pieces of furniture and home accessories that guarantee charming bedroom furniture. The bottom line is that in the bedroom design you need to see that reflected in what you consider appealing and romantic.


Most people want sensuality paired with upscale style. But be honest with yourself: Maybe you want a little more shine or a touch of kitsch? Nobody should take offense, because even designers often allow this in their bedroom concepts. The main thing is, you do it moderately and preserve good taste. Many unusual designer solutions sometimes have their charm …

Bedroom Design – Antique Headboard

romantic bedroom ideas design ideas furnishing bedroom design

Do you combine romance with past times? That’s a good thing: Just take this idea in the interior of your bedroom. Design your bed with an antique headboard. Make reference to the style epoch that you find most romantic.

Female institution

romantic bedroom ideas design

Romance and femininity are involved. For many ladies, a romantic bedroom is simply the space that is feminine. It could include curtains and throw pillows made of soft fabrics, as well as subtle pink shades.

(Adult) Princess from the fairy tales

romantic bedroom ideas design ideas furnishing bedroom design


Rediscover the symbolism and charm of old fairy tales, but stay true to your adult character. This is how you create one romantic bedroom that does not seem too naive and childish. How does this work? Put on stylized romantic patterns on the wall murals or on other accessories in the interior. Choose furniture that combines traditional elements with modern materials.

Bedroom design – Different shades of pink

set up bedroom romance ideas design

At first we spoke of kitsch and many associate it with the pink color. Show them off to their best by presenting their different nuances in layers for a glamorous effect. Pink, which borders on purple, would be great for the background. For example, you can choose the wall behind the bed.

Surround your sleeping bed with curtains in all shades of the same gamma. Make a smooth transition through the patterns, which are executed in a transitional shade.

Ornamented mirrors

set up bedroom romance ideas design

The mirrors are not just for vain people. They continue to be associated with many superstitions and mysticism. Ornate mirrors simply take you back to the world of fairy tales and romance.

Bedroom design – luxury headboard

home design bedroom romantic ideas

For more romance we often just need a luxury element in the interior. Design the headboard with quite noble and expensive upholstery and execute it in a gorgeous color.

These strategies always work well if you want more romance in the interior. In order for them to work well with you, they must be adapted to your own taste and your ideas. Dare something – romance is back in nowadays!


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