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The casual style of patios and decks is popular with many people. But in hot weather, the uncovered open spaces are not so pleasant, especially on the southern part of the house. Then you definitely need something to shut off the sun.

The type and style of the cover of your sun terrace depends on the style of the house, the orientation of the space and your budget.

See if some of these options are right for you.

Shade tree. Before building the porch and deck canopies we should not forget that the trees provide the best natural sunscreen. Especially deciduous trees are very effective and after the hot summer days they start to lose their leaves. In winter they are naked and do not disturb the poor sunshine. This cyclical pattern is a gift of nature that always surprises us.

But not everyone has the opportunity to build a porch under an old tree or wait decades for the tree to grow big enough. Then you should plant trees and now find other solutions for more shade and freshness on your veranda. For example, some umbrellas or a pergola would definitely help you a lot.

The simplest solution is a freestanding parasol

Porch stylish canopies traditional umbrella table chair

Parasol. The simplest solution is a freestanding parasol. If combined with a table or armchair, the parasol secures shade during lunch or morning coffee. A bright and colorful parasol can bring a splash of color or a lot of charm in a free space in addition to its functionality. Many of the offered umbrellas are simply built into the table. But I would recommend floating umbrellas so they can block the sun at any time.

One of the advantages of parasols is the price. For a few hundred euros you get a decent quality that can last for years. You could integrate LED lights in the parasol so that the table surface is beautifully illuminated.
You need to adjust the shade according to the direction of the sun. The freestanding umbrellas are stuck in tables or are umbrella umbrellas. The sunshades are height adjustable, transversely adjustable and controllable in different directions, so that the shadow comes right. Ampelschirme are suitable for larger spaces, since the foot can be away from the table and chairs, the patio or deck are freely accessible.

Parasols are usually made of aluminum or wood and there are many fabric options. However, you could consider the following criteria when purchasing: easy care, durability, lightfastness, UV protection, mildew and water resistance.

Here you feel in an outdoor room that has plenty of air and is open to nature, but is still part of the house

Porch stylish canopies exterior house


pergola , In contrast to the removable and loose umbrellas, pergolas are built structures that are available in numerous sizes and prices and in various styles.

The traditional pergola features columns, purlins and rafters. This is how you feel in an outdoor room that has plenty of air and is open to nature but is still part of the house.

The prices of such a system vary depending on style, size, finish, etc., but be ready for a 5-digit budget. And do not forget the requested building permit.

These facilities need constant maintenance, unlike the umbrellas, which are simply taken away after the season. With easy-care materials such as acrylic plates, fiberglass columns and Brazilian walnut and redwood wood you can enjoy the space without having to clean, scratch and paint.

Unlike the traditional pergola, the Lattenwerk system has thinner elements

Porch stylish wooden roofs

laths , In a more contemporary home, a pale-plant-like covering would fit well. Unlike the traditional pergola, the Lattenwerk system has thinner and simpler elements that form a rectangular structure. For such structures, the durable wood is the most important thing for their long life. The cedar wood is fine, but the higher price of redwood or teak pays off for years.

Teak is actually among my favorites for open space wood, especially weathered silver gray. Of course you can grind and varnish the teak once in a few years, but also enjoy the patio just like that.

The Lattenwerk plant with fabric can control the shade even better, so it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Veranda stylish canopies patio

Material. A detailed and expensive attachment is shown for a simple sail-like sunscreen. You can spend thousands of euros on complicated systems, but even with just a bit of wire and cloth you can get a really nice sun protection option at a great price.

One should also research the selection of materials here well. Also check if the fabric can be pulled up easily so that the rainwater can drain off. Otherwise, it would be stored in the middle of the sail and because of the weight, the fabric would rupture or the whole plant would collapse.

The fabric should be fastened so that the sail can be easily removed, especially in climates with ice and snow in winter.

Porch stylish canopies swimming pool

A completely integrated system. If your budget and architecture allow it, consider a totally integrated system in the design of the house – a system that continues the shapes of the roof and simply eliminates the perimeter walls.

This is certainly the most expensive version, but under good conditions is usually satisfactory. And the best part is that the room under the roof always remains dry and habitable regardless of the weather.

Do you have a covered porch? Take pictures and send them to us as a comment below!

Ron Yeo, FAIA Architect, Bud Dietrich, AIA, Chang + Sylligardos Architects, ALTUS Architecture + Design, The Ranch Mine, Bernard Andre Photography


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