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60+ ideas for bookmark making in various styles

Nowadays you read fewer and fewer books and that has different reasons. Of course, we have everything online and on various electronic media available. Furthermore, we are distracted by the TV and other media from reading. So you have much less time to read than you did years ago. But that’s what makes this job all the more valuable. Reading books becomes a special moment of rest and opportunity to come to. Do you agree? Do you also want to make something special out of reading? You can do that through creative bookmark making. There are many examples of this, and we’ve put together just over 60 fascinating ideas for you!

Bookmarking should preferably be dedicated to a favorite topic

bookmark tinker ballerina ideas

Bookmark – crafts – topics for children

The ballerina theme is popular with children and especially with girls. Such patterns and ideas will certainly be a motivation for reading exciting stories and novels. Already looking at the reading will have something fairy-tale about it and it will attract the attention of young readers.

Such little tricks can do wonders and get your little ones to go to the world of books. But maybe your child has another hobby? Then the bookmarks should also suit this and meet its interests, so that a good effect is achieved.

For bookmark making, you can use subtle, yet stylish ideas

bookmark tinker books and car

Playful design

Modern bookmarks are more attractive because they show a playful design. Such as the black retro car, which notes the pages in this great white book. The stylized appearance makes the whole thing super attractive. Actually, this idea would be quite suitable for children, as well as for teenagers and adults. Also at this point we would like to repeat the suggestion to pick a motive that suits your own ideas and preferences.

Bookmarks with traditional motifs are more in line with classical literature

bookmark tinker owls theme

Traditional symbols for classical literature

The playful bookmarks are somehow not quite suitable for the classical literature. You need something there that suits your special character. The owls are a traditional symbol of manifold importance. They would be quite motivating and appropriate for classic novels. Other types of animal faces would also be a good idea that fits in wonderfully in such a context.

Fried eggs bookmarks make for a cookbook, why not?

booklet tinkering baked eggs

Bookmark the subject of the book

What would be the best bookmark for a cookbook? How about pictures of many deliciously prepared products? This approach is very clever, motivating and super playful at the same time. What do you think of these fried eggs? Would not they keep getting you to open the associated cookbook? We think that everyone would give in to this temptation!

On which topic would you make such a bookmark?

bookmark crafting fish idea

Simple and very stylish DIY ideas

Prepare mentally and mentally for crafting great and simple bookmarks! It does not have to be complicated. There are many great but very simple examples that ultimately make reading a much greater pleasure. Origami, painting small cardboard strips and spicing up with homemade tassels are just a few of many possible ideas!
Well, do you want to make reading as an action in itself something special? That depends entirely on you and your creativity!

The tassels make the design of bookmarks particularly playful

booklet tinker different beige nuances

Robot bookmarking would be a great thing for many teenagers

bookmark tinker gold shades

, for the Star Wars fans

bookmark tinkering golden legs

And here are matching bookmarks for novels with many dead or zombies …

bookmark crafty scary hands

And another bookmark-making idea for cookbooks

Bookmark tinker ham food

There are many ideas with a playful 3D effect

bookmarks make great dogs ideas

You can make the bookmarks from many different materials!

bookmarks make great shades

And another great idea out of paper and fabric!

bookmark tinker different colors

bookmarks make different materials

bookmark tinker beautiful eyewear

The bookmarks can also have a very modern design!

bookmark making great animals

The sights are a pretty popular topic. For books and for bookmarks.

attractions ideas bookmark tinker

And this idea is elegant and playful at the same time

very simple idea bookmark tinker

animal pattern ideas bookmark tinker

great idea bookmark tinker

Many homemade bookmarks are made with stains

Watercolor idea bookmark tinker

colorful ties bookmark tinker

shape of a heart bookmark tinker

There are also many origami ideas for bookmark making.

tinker heart for the corner bookmark

tinker bookmark tinker

indian theme bookmark tinker

For which topic would you choose such bookmarks?

smiling faces bookmark tinker

Laughing and sad face bookmark tinker

You can make such bookmarks yourself with your children or not?

bookmark tinker apple theme

Bookmark also tinker as a deco

bookmark tinker painted ideas

Watercolor bookmark tinkering idea

Here we have a great vintage motif that you can imitate yourself!

bookmark tinker painted pattern

bookmark tinker blue dress

booklet tinker pattern

Even with a simple Kulli, you can make or personalize a bookmark yourself

bookmark tinker fish skin

bookmark tinker graphic in black and white

bookmark tinker indian inspiration

A few great and original children’s motifs!

booklet tinker origami

bookmarks tinker multicolored hearts

bookmark tinker metal buttons

bookmark tinkering with botanical ornaments

Metal wires are also suitable for crafting bookmarks

bookmark crafting ornaments

bookmark tinker red heart idea

bookmark make great design

Or maybe you have some unnecessary newspaper?

bookmark tinker news paper

bookmark making great buttons

Bookmark crafting great animal eyes

For more fun, you can choose your bookmarks in subtle, but modern shades!

bookmark tinker different great colors

bookmark tinker vintage idea

bookmark tinker vintage theme

What do you think about great bookmarks in ethnic style?

bookmark tinker folk ideas great

bookmark tinker water pattern

tinker red heart bookmarks

bookmarks crafting red hearts 3d

With a little effort, your bookmarks can look just as noble in this way

retro idea bookmark tinker

beautiful landscapes bookmark tinker

The dramatic look is perfect for the poetry book

black white ornaments bookmark tinker

make great flower bookmarks

And these bookmarks we can call small works of art

make great boxes bookmark

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