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70 examples of wall design with surprising color combinations

How to make a modern minimalist apartment unique? One possible strategy is the surprising color combinations. We will especially draw your attention to 7 such. Here we refer to the great article by our colleague from the online magazine https://www.apartmenttherapy.com , We continue to give you 60 more great role models.

What is special about the next examples is this: they have a bright character, but at the same time they do not tire the senses. They are ideally integrated into the seasonal trends dictated by the major color schools.

Ocher and rouge – a trendy combination

pink yellow brown

Wall decoration in ocher and rouge

The first design is by Marie Claire Maison. The door is made an accent in the ocher wall design. It is painted in a pink color, which is very close to the border with the red. The contrast is very invigorating, but at the same time you feel no tension in the room. The ocher contains many nuances that are emotional and full of character.

The pink color has a pastel character and thus has a neutral effect. So, despite the differences, both nuances have a lot in common and create a sense of balance.

The door in ocher serves as an eye-catcher

pink door

Salmon pink and sour yellow

Anyone interested in modern interior design must always have these wallpainting ideas in mind. In the following, they work very well as a couple. The sour yellow makes the background. The wall design is full of character and quiet. Salmon Rose has a calming effect on the senses. At the same time, the color appears very conspicuous in this context and makes a great accent.

Wall design in pea green and mint

blue green

Pea green and mint

This combination is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in mysticism, subconsciousness and intellectuality. But it also works well for the others. The combination of green and blue is very often experienced in nature. These nuances come about with very interesting light incidence. Such wall design would be modern and yet it looks very natural. In addition, the example proves that the combination of dirty color and crispy shades can lead to good results.

The wall design in ink blue is very calming and contemplative

blue red

Wall design in ink blue and neon orange

Orange always works well, in principle. But certain colors unfold their potential particularly well. In this case it is ink blue. Both colors are complementary in the color wheel. But if we use them with sufficient intensity, they can move our emotions strongly. Most people even experience too much. Here you stick with the blue at the border to the black and orange enriched with neon. The result is fresh and inspiring.

Purple and red work surprisingly well together

purple red

Purple and red

This is actually a classic combination. It was especially used in interior design in the 80s and will now be revisited. In this intensity and brightness as in the picture, it also looks quite modern.

A feminine and very stylish combination

pink green

Emerald green and chewing gum pink

Pink and green are almost always a wonderful combination. In this case, they are unusually saturated. Emerald green and chewing gum pink are immediately noticeable. They work together surprisingly well.

Gray and white can work very well in combination

gray white

Brown and gray

What is that, would many of you ask yourself? For some, there is virtually no color in this combination. Somehow that’s true. But that’s probably the most elegant and fresh combination of neutral colors. The balance between warm and cool is perfect. In this case, the effect is enhanced by adding white.

The shown wall design ideas seem surprising at first glance. Not for everyone. If you have deep experience in the field of colors, they even seem very logical. Here are the most important rules at a glance:

  • The colors enliven the room through the contrast.
  • They have enough similarities, so that no unpleasant tension arises.
  • The ornaments must reinforce each other’s appealing properties.
  • The colors are very up to date.
  • Draw inspiration from these examples and from the rules. Experiment bravely with your own combinations.

beige light pastel shades pale yellow

blue green

blue orange black

blue black

blue and gray

blue White

blue white black

blue white black purple

brown yellow

brown orange

brown orange white

brown pastel blue

brown red white

dark blue light blue

dark red brown

yellow brown

yellow brown white

yellow grey

yellow white pattern

gray on gray on white

gray brown

gray glaring accents

gray green

gray pink

gray and gray

gray white

gray white mirror

green beige


light blue white

purple brown

purple gray white

purple gray white kitchen

purple light purple

orange blue yellow

orange brown

orange yellow

purplish brown

purple gray

pink red gold

pinkish white

pink red white

pink and white

pink white brown

red green-yellow bright

red light pink white

black green

unexpectedly with brown pink

white blue gray green

white brown black

white gray blue

white red orange

like the sea


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