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8 pieces of furniture for the kitchen that you really would like

Reduce the chaos in the kitchen to a minimum through these great organizers and other time-saving, mess-free accessories

Do not spend a minute looking for any trifle in the kitchen. Instead of searching for the cutting board or the rolling pin, you could invest energy and creativity in the process of cooking.

Stowage and installation accessories can be the perfect solution for any cooking area. If everything is done correctly, you would not only gain space but also functionality through the renewal.

So you do not feel like searching for small items anymore? So let’s take a look at eight amenities for time saving in the kitchen together?

With these you need no effort and no more power to lose everything to keep everything organized and tidy.

8 furniture for the kitchen

Sink furniture for the kitchen

A drawer for the packaging

Many people know these drawers full of packaging. There is never enough space and everything seems to get stuck somehow. A separation can wonderfully dissolve this chaos. Choose a style that suits your kitchen design well and use it in one or more drawers.

The example on the left illustrates the benefits of this approach.

Enthusiastic bakers will certainly appreciate this idea

Furniture for the kitchen traditional

Create a place for the rolling pin

Enthusiastic bakers will certainly appreciate this idea. You would thus be able to attach all baking rolls in a tangible proximity. These horizontal slots have no more than 15 cm depth and you can easily bring them into any kitchen cabinet. But if you have to make them, it costs more.

A white traditional kitchen design

Furniture kitchen knows


Pedals for switching the watercourse on and off.

Turning on the faucet with dirty hands is corrosive. This only creates more disorder. The installation of the pedals in the kitchen helps to restrict the mess. Just like the doctor in practice, you can use the pedals to start and stop the water. Contact a local installer who will install the system on existing or new kitchen equipment.

A kitchen counter

Tile furniture for the kitchen

A sub-composting unit. You can gather there all the leftovers of the food and thus you do not need to fill the garden with it. Put one in your kitchen counter and it will be within reach.

Check out this original conversion of the simple shelf for the blender

Furniture kitchen wood drawer

A mixing workshop. Check out this original conversion of the simple shelf for the blender! So you have an original facility, which you can use very easily. The rolling door rises as you push the whole shelf forward.

A mobile butcher block island

Modern kitchen sink

A mobile butcher block island: Certainly, a meat preparation board will make your life easier. With the movable board below you can save a lot of space. Pull it forward when you need it and back, if not.

A drawer

Furniture kitchen gray white drawer

Handy Step Stool: With extra tall kitchen cabinets, a step up is always a very good idea. Would you install a kick stool on the floor? A very thin model will fit nicely into a moving drawer. The owner of the kitchen pictured here has placed the piece in a drawer on the floor. You can now find such drawers in most manufacturers. It’s certainly not an extravagant piece anymore!

If you order a custom-made kitchen now, ask for this accessory.

Of course, the kitchen is also the best place to feed your pets

Furniture design kitchen eclectic kitchen island

Protected pet station: Of course, the kitchen is also the best place to feed your pets. But this metal bowl always seems to get in your feet. Built-in station for the food seems to solve the problem. It also has drawers where you can lay down the bowl, food and medicine.

Are these solutions practical and easy to integrate? Even in existing equipment you can easily bring them. This makes life easier and neater. The saved seconds, minutes and hours can then be used for much better things!

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