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A clever idea for a creative craft – national maps with beer bottle caps

creative tinker wooden map beer bottle caps

Creative crafting with beer bottle caps

We present today an interesting idea of , It’s about creative crafts with beer bottle caps. This enterprising company produces wooden maps. The unique thing is that the products have something to do with beer drinking. Especially if you are a passionate beer drinker and like to collect beer bottle caps, such a map would be a must for you.

In this original way you can arrange all beer bottle caps in the place where you enjoyed the beer. Excited? Then just keep on watching.

The basis of the maps is a thin plywood plate cut with laser. The round openings are made in such a way that each holds a beer bottle cap very comfortably. At the moment, especially the states of the USA are available. In each state is also the capital displayed and you have enough space for the bottle caps. So you can perpetuate your very personal gourmet journey. Go to the official website of the company and order your desired map. For such a smart and unique idea, the prices quoted are quite reasonable. The Beercapmaps are already very popular with many users and enjoy a big request. They are also perfect as a wall decoration. Have you ever wanted to get such a personal map with beer bottle caps? Well then, it starts.

Cool beer maps

creative crafting map usa

An original wall decoration

creative tinker wooden map usa states

Choose your own personal place

maps craft wood map map usa

Beer variety on the wall

maps craft wood map michigan

A Michigan enthusiast with beer maps

cards crafts wood map michigan fan

Passionate beer drinkers from Wisconsin

cards tinker beer fans wisconsin

The state of Minnesota

maps craft wood map minnesota

Fully filled map from USA

creative crafts wood map usa

Beercapmap as a puristic wall decoration

creative crafting card states beer

The beer map of Colorado

creative tinkering map beer bottle caps colorado

Beer trip in detail

creative crafting map wood beer bottle caps

Beer Map of New Zealand

creative tinker map wood new zealand

Casual and original – the beer map of USA

creative crafting maps usa beer bottle caps

The maps of Capmaps are available in many sizes

creative crafting map states wood beer bottle caps

If you are on maps and on beer

creative tinker card wall decoration


creative tinker wall decoration usa

A new expedition is in front of you!

creative tinker map usa continent


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