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A fascinating dream house that combines tradition and innovation

dream house modern architecture stone walls floor to ceiling windows

Best dream house design

An irresistible offer from the editorial board “MT house” – SR + B lab Rocco Borromini 79

In a dream home design, we usually start with the architect. Because its individuality gives the project its unmistakable character. This is also the case here with our example today.

Rocco Borromini is a super talented and professional designer from Italy. He has been active in this field for more than 10 years. His work is comprehensive and includes both apartments, as well as large houses like this, which we present today.

Breathtaking mountain panorama and modern interior design

dream house panoramic windows floor-to-ceiling windows sliding doors

He also successfully sets up work offices and restaurants. The experience of all these seems to flow into his successes. Most of his projects were realized in Switzerland and Italy. But in the meantime he also seems to exceed these limits.

The philosophy behind the design

Listening is the first rule the architect sticks to. He understands the wishes of his customers with a sophisticated empathy ability exactly. So the result is more than satisfactory.

Sustainable construction on a slope

dream house sustainable architecture stone walls terrace construction

In addition, it is very important that you understand what you have to work with exactly. The initial conditions are to be analyzed exactly, as well as the framework in which one has to move in the development.

However banal it may sound, many of his projects have a mix of innovation and tradition. Here, however, one can exactly see this as a result of the customer’s wishes and as the projection of their tastes.

Warm nights on the open terrace

dream house spacious terrace stone walls metal railings


Rocco Borromini proves that really good architects and designers are looking for inspiration in everything. There could be other large apartments and apartments as a source, but also only objects in nature or ordinary commodities.

There are a lot of “slumbered ideas” in your head, they are just waiting to be awakened by the right object and a certain association.

Who values ​​his work the highest?

Above all, people who love freedom identify with the style of Rocco Borromini. His art gives you the opportunity to be yourself and also many options, how to individually and uniquely plans and fills the room.

Minimalist kitchen interior with a rustic touch

dream home modern kitchen robust dining table

How to cook in the open air

dream house minimalist kitchen island matt silver

Modern open plan living with natural elements

dream house modern design open plan kitchen island minimalist armature

The details of the project

The house, through which we today illustrate the work of Rocco Borromini, rises on two floors. The following rooms have been distributed among them: bedroom, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, guest room, storage room and swimming pool.

In addition to the principles already listed, these examples also recognize others that are of fundamental importance. Rocco Borromini always works with the best quality materials. In order to achieve the best possible effect, the selected shades must necessarily be in the neutral range.

The bedroom

Let’s see how the principles just described have been executed in the bedroom.

Designer bed and modern fireplace

dream home minimalist bedroom fireplace

For the wall design mainly ash wood was used. The bathtub is especially the white marble to advantage.

The kitchen

The different rooms also create certain contrasts among themselves. In the kitchen, unlike the bedroom, one has to deal with black marble.

In the end, the architect achieves a minimalist decor, but not at the expense of comfort and interest. One of the best effects is the feeling that nature is part of the home décor.

Coarse grain and warm wood textures

dream house wood texture wall cladding floating stairs

The floating staircase leads to the walk-in closet on the second floor

dream house floating staircase wooden steps wardrobe

There is also enough room for a table tennis table

dream house minimalist interior table tennis

Ultimate minimalism in black and white

dream house minimalist bathroom rectangular washbasins

Harmonious contrast and adequate cosiness

dream house minimalist modern open plan cozy couch

The guest bathroom does not look less elegant either

dream house modern bathroom

Juicy lawn and sturdy stone wall

dream house modern design

A nightly spa feeling on the spacious terrace

dream house terrace wood decking outdoor pool whirlpool

Couple enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains

dream house open terrace outdoor pool

Minimalist, upholstered seating ensures the necessary dose of coziness

dream house terrace wood flooring upholstered seating


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