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A great wine bottle holder to make your own

Make wine bottle holder yourself step by step

Do you love challenges? Are you ready to put handmade things for your home? If you are looking for space-saving, clever ideas and are impressed by original tricks, then our proposal will definitely make you curious.

It is our intention to make a unique wine bottle holder together according to the idea of ​​the designer Karen Pham. This beauty is a great complement to any small space in our home. At the same time, it is also an interesting and practical solution for the household. It turns out that this idea is very easy to implement. Here are some tips on how to best accomplish this task.

Instructions for making wine bottle holder itself

wine bottle holder wine holder creative ideas

Prepare all required materials in advance

creative ideas wine bottle holder decorating ideas

Required materials and tools:

  • a thick board, about 60 cm by 40 cm
  • 6 leather strips with about 3 cm thickness
  • 6 wood screws with round heads
  • Leather punch
  • masking tape
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • color spray
  • Color for wood
  • String brush
  • ruler
  • drilling machine

Follow exactly the steps

decoration ideas homemade wine bottle holder


The instruction:

1. Measure and cut the leather strips. Make sure they are long enough to hold your wine bottles.

2. Take the punch and at the same time make holes in both ends of the leather strips. The holes must match each other.

Everything has to be perfect

cool craft wine holder creative ideas

3. Take the ruler and mark the desired position from the bottles on the board. Draw the marks for the leather strips with a pencil.

4.Prepare the screw locations by drilling them very lightly.

Choose a chic color

do it yourself gifts wine bottle holder

5. Paint the wooden board in a color matching the interior and let it dry for a few hours.

6.After the paint has dried, cover the board with masking tape so that only the edges remain free. Spray them in a nice color for an even smarter look. Silver and gold are a good combination to any color.

Place the holes exactly

wine bottle holder wood cool craft ideas

The cordless screwdriver is easier

weinhalter cool craft ideas

7.Take the screws and pull them through the holes of the leather strips.

8.Bring the leather straps with a cordless screwdriver to the marked positions. And that’s the end of your DIY wine bottle holder.

9.Place your favorite wine bottles between the straps and enjoy this sight.

Hopefully you are satisfied with the result. Now all you have to do is invite guests for a glass of wine. Thank you for accepting this challenge for “DIY Wine Bottle Holder”.

For the benefit!

Be proud of your masterpiece

wine holder krativideen cool craft ideas

Ensure a safe bottle stop

decorating ideas make cool craft ideas

More creative ideas to make your own

cool craft wine bottle holder wood

Design the wine bottle holder to match your interior

cool craft wine bottle holder creative ideas

Also think of the wine glasses

Decorating ideas make wine holder

Master an original wine bottle holder

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A practical and creative idea for every room

wine bottle holder do it yourself gifts

From wood you can tinker different models wine holders

creative ideas cool craft wine bottle holders

Present your wine bottles in an original way

weinhalter creative ideas deco ideas make yourself

creative ideas cool crafting wine holder

Everything is possible with a little imagination and hand skills

Creative ideas Decorating ideas yourself

You decide where to put your home-made things

wine bottle holder creative ideas cool craft ideas

Multi-function solutions are often preferred

wine holder do it yourself gifts

weinhalter creative ideas cool craft ideas


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