Terrace Decoration

A vertical garden on the veranda

vertical garden on the wall

Transform the wall of your veranda into a vertical garden

The picture here shows a wall in an apartment in some skyscraper. We are on the seventh floor. Even in such an ambience you can grow a vegetable garden, as you can see. You only need a modest know how, grid and off you go.

Used in this house products for healthy nutrition.

Then came the idea to create a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Vertical garden with fresh herbs

simple idea for the porch

The structure

The structure itself is made of wood (0.80 x 2.30 meters) and was attached to the wall. The patina effect comes from the blue painting over the white background. Then you have also applied transparent paint, which protects the wood. Mostly the boards are placed at a distance of 40 centimeters from each other. All these were attached by screws to the slats.

For more safety and attractive appearance, the inhabitants have made holes at the tops of the boards. Through these run now ropes with 60 centimeters thickness.

Firmly attach to the wall

vertical garden structure

It has been here for a colorful and varied appearance. So the boards have been executed in different shades. This changes every day through the plants that you put there. It depends heavily on the development phase in which they are located.

Actually, you can develop this idea even further. This can make a great DIY project. The boards, the pots, the paint and even the rope can be obtained from old objects.

You can actually find elements of DIY ideas anytime, anywhere. For example, in the middle of the project, a bag of tools was installed.

Further ideas

colorful pots for the plants

The garden appears within the whole terrace appearance and the view from here is quite harmonious. The grid-shaped design corresponds to the net, which was attached to the front. The vertical alignment seems to reflect the surrounding skyscrapers in a great way.

Sit comfortably next to the plants The porch is beautifully painted with a vertical garden

wooden frame

small porch with a vertical garden

For pleasant evenings

comfortably furnished veranda

White flower rack

small garden on the porch

Also an interesting idea

great idea for vertical garden

To grow vegetables

veranda with vertical garden


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