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Adventure and travel just go together

Weltenbummler beware! Today, our series of articles continues on beautiful holiday resorts and unforgettable travel experiences. We already have you 5 possible adventure trips and today 6 more will be added to complete your list of worth seeing destinations. If you are already wanderlust, then you are here with us right. Below we present you distant, exotic places that everyone must have seen at least once in their lifetime. We do not provide authentic travelogues here, but just want to help with clever tips and give you practical and useful advice. Since adventure and travel fit together perfectly, today’s article has selected destinations where every adventurer will get their money’s worth. There you can expect new emotions, sparkling feelings, breathtaking landscapes, lots of sun and fun. Pack your bags and do not forget to bring comfortable shoes and bathing suits. Join us and enter the adventurous world of travel!

With backpack and bike you can also explore the world.

Adventure with backpack bike traveling inquire the world

– Grand Canyon: Adventure lurks everywhere on the monumental rock formations

Who undertakes a road trip through the USA, will receive on the way a lot of thirst for adventure. If you want to travel with camper and friends to the land of opportunity, then your trip also necessarily in the US state of Arizona.


There you can admire the unique and raw beauty of the Grand Canyon. With its enormous size and majestic beauty, the Grand Canyon impresses even the most adventurous. It comes as no surprise that the monumental rock formations are among the seven natural wonders of the world. Hikers and mountaineers, mountain bikers and riders are right here, because the Grand Canyon can offer them just the long-awaited adventure and mega-strong emotions.

The Grand Canyon can be admired from every angle for a long time.

Adventure places of interest Grand Canyon Rough natural beauty

Millions of tourists visit the 450 km long canyon each year and admire the majestic rocks of the Grand Canyon. Within two million years, the water power of the Colorado River has formed this natural beauty. The Canyon is one of the symbols of the United States and is considered the American National Park of extremes. As far as the eye can see you see blood-red rocks and breathtaking landscapes. The sunrises are as adorable as the sunsets. Be prepared, however, for temperatures to rise dramatically during the day while sinking below zero at night. But that’s also part of the travel adventure at the Grand Canyon, is not it?

Unique rock formations can be found at the Grand Canyon.

Adventure Grand Canyon unique rock formations very impressive

Have you been to Buenos Aires before?

Buenos Aires Argentina


  • Buenos Aires – lots of history, religion and culture in one place

Our next destination is Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Do you also want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this metropolis? Latin American passion and classic European glamor unite in Argentina. And the best example of this is without a doubt the capital. The public squares in Buenos Aires can easily be confused with European piazzas, while the cobbled streets and vivid colors exude the Latin American charm. Stay close to the city’s historic Recoleta Village and watch the two worlds collide.

The facades of old houses in Buenos Aires are painted in stark colors.

Buenos Aires adventure travel house facades painted in stark colors

The modern capital of Argentina

Adventure modern buildings Buenos Aires Argentina

  • Pure adventure: escape on the island of Fogo!

Adventurous people know exactly where the island of Fogo is. For all other supporters of adventure travel, we allow brief information about this unique volcanic landscape. Fogo means island of fire, because the island is a fire mountain, whose face is determined by the local volcano. Fogo is one of the four Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic, which has collected many natural beauties in its small territory. If you are looking for real adventure amidst impressive landscapes and incredible wildlife, you must visit this island. Here you can hike along towering cliffs and observe majestic coastal landscapes. But maybe you also want to visit the nearby coffee plantations or discover endemic plants for yourself? On the day program on island Fogo are also many cultural events that arouse great interest among the tourists. The boredom is taboo here and every day is full of new events and adventures.

When the volcano erupts, it becomes dangerous.

Adventure volcano island Fogo landscape

Otherwise the landscape is soothing and tempting.

Adventure world island Fogo landscape quietly tempting

Here everyone can forget their everyday worries and just enjoy the peace and quiet

Adventure Travel worldwide Indian Ocean absolute tranquility

– Enjoy the tranquility of the beaches in the Indian Ocean

If you can not choose between stunning coastal landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, why not try combining them? That’s possible in Zanzibar. This state belongs to Tanzania in East Africa and is located directly on the Indian Ocean. Here you will still discover pristine beaches, impressive culture, history and architecture, as well as delicious food.

Picturesque coasts entice adventurous tourists

Picturesque coastal tempt tourists Zanzibar adventure trip

In Zanzibar, you can live right on the beach and admire the Indian Ocean for hours

Adventure beachfront living admiring the Indian Ocean

– Culinary adventures on vacation wanted? Then fly to Japan or Vietnam!

For many tourists, eating and drinking in the holiday destination is a pure adventure, if you do not know the local cuisine. But if you have enough information about it and know exactly how a dish tastes, then it can turn into a culinary delight. Such possibilities are open to you, for example in the Japanese city of Osaka. Here you can taste and love the best Japanese specialties – from sushi to yakitori and okonomiyaki. Japan’s second largest city offers an unparalleled dining experience, making it a must for any gourmet!

The far east awaits its guests!

Traveling around the world to experience Osaka

Small, chaotic and charming, that’s how you could describe Hanoi. A trip to Vietnam is worthwhile for all globetrotters who want to inquire about a new country. Hanoi’s old town radiates energy as mopeds whiz through the narrow streets, street vendors sell their goods and crowds of people flock to the streets. Explore the dynamic mix of Chinese and French influences and the amazingly cool local culture. Not to mention the culinary temptations on site. What would you like better – an Asian miso soup or Vietnamese-style pasta with eggs?

Noodles with eggs prepared in Vietnamese style

Noodles with eggs prepared in Vietnamese style

You have to taste the typical Vietnamese spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce!

Adventures travel Vietnamese spring rolls of sweet and sour sauce

Drinking a cup of Vietnamese coffee on the terrace of your holiday accommodation will certainly do you good.

Adventures worldwide travel a cup of Vietnamese coffee

A view of the Osaka fortress

Adventure view of Osaka fortress

Japan is especially beautiful in spring when the cherry trees are in bloom.

Japan Osaka spring cherry trees are blooming

Since you can do long walks in the park

Japan Osaka spring cherry trees bloom walk in the park

I hope we have already aroused your interest in an adventure trip. Only a little more we want to add to the travel information and thus conclude today’s article.

“Wherever we travel, we seek what we dreamed of, and yet we always find ourselves” Günter Kunert, German writer

In this sense, you dream and travel on, stay healthy and happy!

Inquire the world and have fun!

The world inquire a lot of traveling adventure adventures have fun

Those who love the extreme combine adventure and travel.

Tourist loves the extreme adventure and travel combine

Where is your next trip?

Travel Planning Adventure Experiences Worldwide Have fun


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