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Africa decoration in your own living room: an article for all Africa lovers

africa decoration deco african pattern home accessories

Equip the house with Africa decoration

Where does the name of the black continent come from? Do you know it? There are different theories that are disseminated in the scientific world. The ancient Romans called this continent Africa Terra. Perhaps this has something to do with the Phoenician name for dust “afar”.

Alternatively, one could also explain it with the Latin “aprica”, which means as much as sunny. Often one suspects also connection to similar named strains.

The beauty of African women

africa decoration inspiration wall decoration ideas african woman

African patterns in modern interior design

africa decoration inspiring ideas from africa textiles


Only the secrets surrounding the name of the continent show it: it has a mystical charisma. This is what makes his special charisma and unique character. This is even more compounded by the theories that one suspects humans are from here. In the equatorial areas man should have made the step to rational life. From here, then his successors have spread over the entire globe. Not surprisingly, a number of the oldest and advanced civilizations have sprung up right here.

Typical African figures

africa decoration wood deco african figures

Now, also the main question of the today’s article is called: how we transmit only this mysticism and this wonderful story after Africa decoration home?

African masks as a wall decoration

africa decor wall decoration with african masks study room

African masks and wooden figures distributed in the living room

africa deco wall decoration with african wooden masks

Be open to cultural wealth

First and foremost, you have to be aware of the wealth that prevails throughout the black continent. There are many indigenous peoples here. They have their own traditions, which have mixed up over the years. That is quite natural for the local life there. So you must not shy away from mixing African decoration of all kinds at home with you.

African cultural heritage

africa decorative deco wood painted sticks

Combine the Afro deco and furniture with the retro trend

For many years and actually for generations you love the decor African-Deco and furniture. For this reason, it would also be quite possible that the idea of ​​furnishing African details can also be associated with the preference for old pieces of furniture. You will find ancient objects with such motifs from many different ages. Take the chance to create the exotic and mystic by integrating the same elements.

Daring mix of styles

africa decoration inspiration wall decoration

Discover the adventures!

Modern man is discovering more and more freedom. It can be said that we are some of the first generations to enjoy them to the fullest. At least this is true for the society in which we live. We enjoy traveling to wide countries, the opportunity to look beyond the borders of one’s own culture. Once you get the taste out of it, you become addicted. However, this kind of adventure could be experienced anytime now, at least in some aspects, through interior design in life. This is especially true for the Afrika Deko, which always brings elements of mysticism and adventure into our home.

Animal Pattern Decoration

africa decoration deco wall decoration ideas animal patterns

Art and textiles

If you are looking for suitable Africa decoration, you should concentrate particularly on the art objects and textiles. They are lovely and give a unique atmosphere. They offer a great variety and can be found in various places in the trade. Often you can also subscribe to a context that shows a different style than the African one.

Even in the nursery fits such an approach well. What about decorative pillows with African motifs?

Bed linen in the African style

africa decor bedding african pattern bedspread

Patterns and colors

africa decoration colorful african patterns colors

Varied color combinations are possible

africa decoration basket with colorful african patterns

Dining area with wooden and rattan furniture and matching decorative items

africa decoration deco dinning room rustic decorate

Simple color scheme

africa decoration deco modern living room white

Decorative pillow with African motifs

africa decoration pillow with pattern colorful

The continent of Africa

africa decorative pillow pattern black white

The home of zebras

africa decoration cushion zebra pattern black white

Design four-poster bed in the African style

africa decor bedroom set up in the african style

Wooden pendant lights

africa decoration and home accessories pendant lights

Give the study a rustic touch

africa deco wall decoration with African wooden deco items

Minimalist wall decoration ideas

africa decoration wall decoration ideas of wood brick wall

Inspired by Africa

africa decoration wall decoration ideas masks

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