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Amazing built-in aquariums in interior design

Amazing built-in aquariums in interior design

Soothing blues and the slow motion of swimming fish feeding on a perfect artificial seabed are a sight that calms and balances life itself. While a freestanding aquarium can give your interior a little rest, there is nothing better than the built aquariums. Impressive and fascinating, they offer plenty of space for larger fish and beautiful water landscapes. There are many ways to use them in interior design for practical purposes and pure aesthetics.

Aquarium functions in interior design

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
NeMo by Phil Kean Designs

Cleverly named NeMo (New Modern), this Florida residence by Phil Kean Designs has the best kitchen backsplash imaginable. Held in a stone-clad structure, the aquarium shines in intense blue and shows a beautiful water landscape.

It’s certainly not as practical as tiles, but it definitely beats the latter in the aesthetics department. Also, what a way to compensate for a lack of a kitchen window.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Notting Hill Residence by the Staffan Tollgard Design Group

The Staffan Tollgard Design Group designed this Notting Hill Residence in London and expanded a wall storage system with an impressive wall-permeable aquarium.

If there’s a better way to disguise a wall of storage, we have not found it yet. But this incredible water tank should work well.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Teeny Tiny Apartment in Kharkov

If you have limited space, a large aquarium could be a dream. Although One Studio has created a concept for a tiny flat (390 square feet / 36 square meters), that could only give you an idea.

Placed in the bathroom under the cupboards, this aquarium concept is not only space saving, but also one of the most unusual we have seen so far.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Chicago Residence by Dirk Denison Architects

Designed by Dirk Denison Architects, this Chicago home does not offer one but two aquariums. The water features are integrated into a wall, but still stick out a bit.

The aquariums, which illuminate the room with their beautiful water landscapes, appear brave in a neutral color scheme.

Aquarium properties

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Reef Saltwater Aquarium by Okeanos Group

Saltwater Reef Aquarium by is an incredible feature. It’s not exactly a room divider, but it has a functional storage below the impressive aquarium.

While simpler water landscapes would probably cost less, reef aquariums are among the most picturesque things you’ll ever see. With such an aquarium, no exterior views are required.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Clayton Aquariums Custom Built In Wall Aquarium

Although room dividers may be freestanding, the existing walls can greatly benefit from a built-in aquarium.

This can really help to improve your interiors at least visually. Not to mention a piece of nature in your home.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Richmond residence

Aquarium Architecture creates amazing water features for every space from the kitchen to the hallway. In which the company added a TV-like built-in fish tank to the kitchen area to make it more lively.

Room dividers aquariums

Aquarium room divider is not a new concept, but it is great in many ways. Due to its transparency, the aquarium is a perfect dividing wall for modern open spaces, as it provides both privacy and keeps the room airy.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Rockwood Manor, Greenwich

This Connecticut home is stunning with views of Rockwood Lake and 13.5 acres of lush land. However, he decided to increase the luxury with a huge room divider aquarium.

Its beauty can be appreciated from both spaces that separates it. And the transparent walls let the natural light wander through the whole house.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Aquarium Group room divider

This one by Aquarium Group is a simpler, but no less beautiful design. Filled with purple and green plants, it gives the modern interior bright accents.

The divider itself is pretty minimal, which emphasizes the content more clearly. What a perfect office accessory!

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Fish Only Aquarium by Okeanos Group

Fish Only Aquarium is a relatively small divider. It is not enough to the ceiling, but separates the living room from the dining area.

Its blue water landscape matches the black and white, neutral design and brings the necessary splash of color into the decor.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Jeffrey Shah luxury house

One of luxury houses has a divider aquarium where you can feel like under water or at least in an oceanarium.

Its perfect location divides the open layout into zones that add a design element to all areas.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Cascina from Persico Studio

Cascina is a private Italian house designed by Persico Studio. Surrounded by a pond Cascina also has a beautiful aquarium that divides an open kitchen and dining room while zoning them.

Non-rectangular aquariums

Aquariums are often available in rectangular shapes, but custom designs can be more flexible when it comes to shape. Two of the other popular shapes are a hexagon and an oval.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Aquarium Architecture Oxford United Kingdom

Certainly it is not a real oval, but at least it has rounded corners and looks a bit different than traditional aquariums.

In addition to the oval shape, there are hexagonal aquariums, but they are usually not seen as internals, but as separate features.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Furniture Country South 2012

has the best headboard for this bed of. With an unusual shape, you can definitely believe that he or she is one of the sea creatures that doze on the ocean floor. Strangely enough, the designers have added two night lamps as part of the water landscape, but they are not functional, which is why lighting is used instead.

In wall aquariums in every room

In-wall aquariums are the most popular among built-in aquariums. They can be integrated in almost every room including kitchen and dining room.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
freshwater aquarium

Another project of Aquarium Architecture is this incredible

Although more like a room divider, its wall-like structure blends into the rest of the interior. And the water landscape looks like a work of art on the wall.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Modern house aquarium

This has many glass inclusions and statement pieces such as a black wing and a cowhide-related lounge chair.

An aquarium in the wall completes the list of impressive features that give the modern house another eye-catcher.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
freshwater aquarium

Aquarium Architecture is a case for a small dining room in wall accessory. The aquarium is small, but no less impressive. Clever built-in lighting creates a soft glow that doubles as a nightlight for the room.

Wall aquarium stripes

Bored with integrated wall aquariums? How about aquarium stripes that stretch and expand from wall to wall?

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Serene Modern Interior Housing

Waterstrips look good in every room and do not even have to be that big. White neutral walls are perfect for the striped aquarium design, but as you’ve seen above, black can work just fine.

This water strip looks particularly impressive on the neutral background. Thanks to its open layout, it adorns both the kitchen and the dining area.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
In-wall design aquarium

This thin aquarium aquarium extends from wall to wall and becomes the center of the room. A perfect accent for a modern minimalist home.

Amazing kitchen aquariums

Kitchen aquariums have become a kind of trend lately. And some designers have developed particularly bold ideas and concepts.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Ocean kitchen

Take Robert Kolenik and his, who made a lot of noise a few years ago. The kitchen consists of a huge kitchen island with a spacious aquarium.

Fish feeding may seem difficult, but the worktop lifts off at the touch of a button so it can be cleaned and fed.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Poggenpohl + Artesio design kitchen

In the background, everything seems as practical as you would expect in the kitchen. In anticipation of the floating shelf trend, the kitchen has the thinnest stainless steel shelf for dishes and spices (or maybe fish food?).

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Mark Gacesa kitchen design

This kitchen was designed by Mark Gacesa for the. Installed in wooden cabinets stands out the blue aquarium with a beautiful water landscape.

Built-in lighting accentuates every element of the interior, including a stone tabletop and a floating kitchen island.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Tamed nature of Mood Works

Domesticated Nature by Mood Works is a private residence with a surprise detail in the kitchen, a beautiful reef aquarium.

It contrasts sharply with the minimalist kitchen design, but also plays on the chosen theme.

Architectural aquariums

Architectural aquariums are something else. As an integral part of a structure, these not only look impressive, they simply do not look like this world.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
Villa with aquarium by Centric Design Group

The villa with aquarium was designed by the Centric Design Group and is located in the Netherlands. Twice as a mezzanine railing, the aquariums make the interior unique.

The glass fireplace on the ground floor is reminiscent of the aquarium, the railing and makes the room look bright and fresh.

Erstaunliche eingebaute Aquarien im Innenarchitektur
EHA Family Trust Residence by Ward + Blake Architects

Ward + Blake Architects’ EHA Family Trust Residence in Wyoming was completed in 2011 with a stunning open aquarium. The incredible function forms a dividing line between an open dining room and a hallway that leads to the rest of the rooms.

Built-in aquariums are certainly an investment. They not only require careful planning, but also maintenance. But if her soothing blue glow and light movements help you relax and rest at the end of a long day, it’s all worth it.


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