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An appealing kitchen design with an orange touch!

The orange color carries the aroma of winter and the color of summer. It inspires, enlightens and is associated with health and happiness. And last but not least – who does not like oranges? Therefore, we have decided to introduce you to some photo ideas for appealing kitchen design that are powerfully inspired by this fruit. You can only benefit if you need some inspiration for your own kitchen design.

Make for an attractive kitchen design

kitchen design beautiful kitchens kitchen colors

Kitchen design boldly combined in orange and coral

This kitchen is a euphoric combination of delicate coral and bright orange tones. These fill the atmosphere with color, variety and positive energy. But this kind of facility is not for everyone. Some people feel an aversion to bright colors and most likely feel fatigue or nervousness in such a room.

But if you focus on the task of using your preferences and your own ideas, the kitchen will turn into your personal “place” at home. And once this happens, you will associate that space with peace and harmony.

Achieve harmonious color combination

modern kitchen design kitchen beautiful kitchens

The modern use of the orange design idea

If you are a lover of modern design If you are looking for spacious and luxurious kitchens then you will love this proposal. Having a large kitchen is a huge advantage. But you should act with skill and make decisions that will ensure balance and freedom. A neutral base color will match the kitchen furniture in orange – dark or light gray, white. Brown or black for a fascinating and impressive contrast! Inappropriate choice would be to make the walls in the same color. Remember: you only need an orange touch and not an entire orange forest.

A warm orange color

color design kitchen kitchen design beautiful kitchens

An autumnal orange inspiration for kitchen design

What do you associate with autumn? Most likely with dry leaves that cover the whole earth in orange-brown color, with raindrops on the windows and a cup of warm cocoa, with the scent of pumpkin and fresh apples … And as much as some people do not like it, the fall does after all his beauty, or not? What would you say to integrate this incredibly beautiful atmosphere into your kitchen? To achieve this, select the Pumpkin Orange Nuance, which is closer to the brown and warmer. Decorate the shelves with wooden dishes to make it even more beautiful, and place natural decoration, such as pumpkins or fresh flowers here and there.

Introduce some of the “summer” in the kitchen

kitchen color orange kitchen design modern kitchen

The orange color can also remind of the summer!

The slightly lighter shade of orange, which tends to turn yellow, will provide a summer freshness in the kitchen. The combination with white as the main color will transform the room into a more comfortable and bright room. The decoration of plants and fruits, especially oranges, is perfect for this. The dark ones countertops in the kitchen shown above are deliberately selected, because these are more durable than the bright ones. In addition, scratches and damage are less visible.

Convince yourself of the effect of orange. Maybe this is the color for your new kitchen design.

Choose a nice nuance

bright kitchen design color design kitchen beautiful kitchen

Bring the small kitchen to shine

small kitchen set up kitchen kitchen design

A great kitchen design for autumn lovers

kitchen colors orange kitchen design beautiful kitchens

Put the orange through chairs and countertops in the kitchen

color design kitchen modern kitchen kitchen design

Even wooden cabinets can be found in this color

kitchen design small kitchen set up beautiful kitchens

The orange color is perfect for dark kitchens

kitchen design modern kitchen beautiful kitchen

This color is associated with health and happiness

kitchen ideas kitchen design orange beautiful kitchens

An orange accent

kitchen furniture orange kitchen design color scheme kitchen

The orange color carries the aroma of winter and the color of summer

modern kitchen small kitchen set up kitchen design

A great idea for fans of modern design

modern kitchen design beautiful kitchen color design kitchen

Wooden elements complete the furnishings

creative ideas kitchen kitchen design color scheme kitchen

A color combination as an example

orange kitchen kitchen design kitchen furniture ideas

Decorate in a natural way

orange kitchen furniture color design kitchen kitchen design orange

The orange also as wall paint for the kitchen

beautiful kitchens color design kitchen kitchen design

An effective and strong color

beautiful kitchen kitchen design color design kitchen

Brown or black provide a fascinating and impressive contrast!

beautiful kitchens modern kitchen kitchen design

wall paint kitchen kitchen design orange kitchen colors

Make your kitchen modern

wall color kitchen modern kitchen kitchen design

The color combination is up to you

interior design kitchen kitchen design orange


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