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Antique decoration ideas for your elegant and upscale interior design

When and how can we use antique decoration ideas in the interior design? In how far and in what way do they have to correspond with the rest of the decoration and design? We have selected some ancient items that you will surely fall in love with! By the way, you will surely feel motivated to take a closer look at the questions just mentioned!

The rustic design is beautifully spiced up by the vintage telephone

inenndesign antique decoration idea

Enrich your interior design with antique objects that you really love!

How do you even decide to integrate an antique object into the interior design? Mostly one has to do with two types of motivation. Often one has an emotional connection to certain objects. In other cases, one would rather like to show a certain level and sense of style.

In all cases, however, you should really love the antique items that you incorporate! Decoration with such kind of articles is tricky and only a very good feeling for their use can bring great results. So get out of the house of your grandparents or from the flea market only things that really fascinate you!

The antique style offers a lot of variety in decorating

Furnishing with antique objects

Antique decoration ideas and different styles

Practically all kinds of “nostalgic” interior designs are predestined for enrichment antique decoration ideas , Especially suitable for this are the vintage design, the industrial interior design, the shabby chic, and of course the colonial style. Some retro styles or Pop Art would be rather difficult to combine with the antique decoration, despite their beautiful character. For one good eclecticism If one needs a certain amount of correspondence in colors, themes or forms and between some stylistic directions, such common characteristics are difficult to find.

Accent wall with antique decoration is a stylish and original idea

inenndesign antique furniture and frame

Weld the antique objects in harmony with a theme

If you have a few antique items as decoration, you can weld them together using a theme. In our examples you will find illustrations that perfectly fit into an artistic workspace, in the kitchen or in the living room! So with the antique deco ideas, your interior design could tell a story. If you succeed well, then you can do practically nothing wrong!

Such great decorated antique scales would be a simple idea for everyone, right?

inenndesign decoration for the kitchen

Other helpful tips

The rule of thumb when using antique decoration in the interior is thus the following: This should give the interior design a deeper meaning. He should be enriched by a story or symbolism. A prerequisite for this is the good knowledge of their origin. Ask your relatives or the seller in detail about your purchase. In what kind of Inenndesign was it originally used? Try to use this information in decoration effectively.
In addition, you strive to match the rest of the interior in shapes and colors! So you can achieve a harmonious overall effect at all levels despite a very individual concept.

You can decorate a corner with different antique “findings” and enrich the interior design

inenndesign deco ideas old printing machine

Decorative ideas with antique serving sets are not only effective, but also practical!

inenndesign golden objects

Do you love the video art? Then such decoration ideas would be ideal for you!

inenndesign ideas for films

Even such items would be a good basis for antique decorative ideas for the outdoors

inenndesign great dishes

Such decoration spread nostalgic holiday mood in the interior design

inenndesign wall idea retro

Would such an accent wall register somewhere well in your home?

inenndesign wall decoration decor ideas

The rust can look very noble!

inenndesign petite great storage space

Antique stoves can be used as storage space

pram idea inenndesign

The antique Christmas decoration is usually very charming!

star decoration ideas inenndesign

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