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16 Apartment Decoration with Geometric patterns

House decoration in chevron and tartan peculiarities and distinctions

Chevron and Tartan are two examples of styles from which you can draw inspiration for geometric decoration patterns. But how can we differentiate between these and in which types of interior design are they best used?

Dynamic zigzag

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Zigzag patterns have been popular since ancient times. They were then used to decorate ceramic vessels.

Often the zigzag pattern is used for the decoration of small rooms. Accent walls can be designed and wall niches designed to be staged.

The color geometric decoration

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Most chevron patterns are executed in black and white. This monochrome color palette is suitable for many different styles. These are, for example, the African style, art deco, minimalism. They fit best with minimalist furnishing concepts.

Home Decor – Tartan

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Tartan is the famous Scottish ornament. For the first time, he probably appeared in the third century AD. This decorated the warm gowns of the Gauls.

After the English conquered Scotland, they forbid the locals to wear tartan-patterned dresses. Those who did not follow this rule could go to prison. Today, the tartan pattern is an important part of fashion and design. Characteristic of the importance that the Scots assign to the tartan pattern is the fact that there is a national festival dedicated to it. At the moment, more than 400 different species of tartan are registered.

Where is the Scottish check pattern mostly?

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The tartan pattern occurs in the textiles. You can also find it on walls in the form of wallpaper or another type of wall design. Also popular are the ceramic tiles with the Scottish check pattern.

Home Decor – Different color palettes and dimensions

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The deviations in the tartan patterns are associated with different colors and dimensions. They are very universal. Tartan patterns allow for many color combinations and pairing with other patterns.

These types of patterns can also be used in different styles of interior design. Take Provence as an example. In this case, you can select tartan patterns in a monogamous color palette with pastel shades.

Combinations of tartan and floral patterns

Combining tartan with floral patterns is an interesting mix that happens quite often. The two patterns simply do not compete with each other but complement each other in a very good way.

However, certain rules should be followed for this combination to work well. For example, if the tartan pattern is very dominant, the plant elements should be rather cautious.

Pair tartan with geometric decoration

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Positive examples are the combinations of tartan patterns with narrow or thick strokes or pea-shaped elements. Good role models can be seen in many textiles. This combination goes well with the following styles: Country, English style, Retro.

Tartan and ornaments

For eclectic interior design, the combination of tartan and ornaments would be very appropriate. In this case, the combination works best with larger sized tartan patterns. The ornaments in form and color must look as neutral as possible.

They are eclectic and have many different aspects. In different contexts and styles, they provide for different dynamics and enhance the own character of the respective design concepts.

Inspiration for geometric decoration patterns

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To date, the zigzag patterns in interior design are geometric decoration

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